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Habitats mobile full


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Published in: Technology
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Habitats mobile full

  1. 1. INSPIRE in your pocketIs it possible to Integrate Stepan KafkaSmartphone’s and Karel CharvatTablets with INSPIRE Help Service Remote Sensinginfrastructure?
  2. 2. Two worlds ? ? ORDIN ARY PEOPL E TS P EREX
  3. 3. Ideas• INSPIRE is not commonly known among “people”• For government …• „Heavy“ formats (GML), complex standards, … X• INSPIRE data may be wide used• Portal is not everything• Need of special apps• „Social“ apps may contribute SDI !• Mobile technologies may help to increase usability
  4. 4. Specific approachSimple UISpecial apps from market rather thanweb pagesOFF-LINE / ON-LINE data Formats JSON, KML, … INSPIRE infrastructure SOAP, CSW, WFS, GML …
  5. 5. Methods of usage1. Bring data to existing apps • Server processing, push to users • KML, RSS, social networks, email2. Creating special apps for access SDI
  6. 6. KML format
  7. 7. KML format
  8. 8. RSS / AtomHarvest report Flood portal warning
  9. 9. Existing mobile SW and maps• Strongly dependent on providers (Apple, Google, …)• Licence problems• Proprietary• Alternatives ? – Support of standards – User maps – Cached maps / off-line use
  10. 10. Access to INSPIRE servicesDefinujte vlastní zkratky!
  11. 11. Cadastral parcels
  12. 12. Mobile data capture• Automatic (e.g. car tracking)• On demand• Update – On-line – Off-line – Batch sync
  13. 13. Thank