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Geo charvat enviro_grids_zk


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Published in: Technology
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Geo charvat enviro_grids_zk

  1. 1. From EnviroGRIDS BlackSea towards Buildingof Global Mobile SDIKarel CharvatCzech Centre for Science and SocietyHelp Service Remote Sensing
  2. 2. Motivation
  3. 3. Motivation
  4. 4. Motivation
  5. 5. EnviroGRIDS BlackSea• The scientific aim of the EnviroGRIDS projectwas to assemble an observation system of theBlack Sea catchment that will address severalGEO Societal Benefit Areas within a changingclimate framework.
  6. 6. Habitats• The HABITATS project focused on theadoption of INSPIRE standards through aparticipatory process to design and validateenvironmental geo-spatial data, metadata,and service specifications with Europeancitizens and businesses.
  7. 7. EnviroGRIDS Architecture
  8. 8. How to avoid it?• For end-users operating services are crucial– Availability– Quality – service / data / metadata• Preparing catalogue of „clean services“ toensure availability• First step - only WMS
  9. 9. Technology behind the CCSS GeoportalWeb ClientHSLayers(JavaScript)- OpenLayers- ExtServer proxyProxy4ows(Python)- Mapserver /MapScript- Gdal / Ogr- OwsLibOWS ServersMapServerGeoServerInterGraphArcGisWMS++WMSWMS-TWFS, FESWCS...
  10. 10. URM GeoPortal
  11. 11. URM GeoPortal
  12. 12. URM GeoPortal
  13. 13. URM GeoPortal
  14. 14. Establishment of the SuperCAT• Harvesting existing catalogues• Catalogues CSW 2.0.2 ISO AP 1.0• Only services (type=service)• Periodically (P1D)• Sources– GEOSS registry– INSPIRE geoportal– Catalogues we know about• Problems– No central catalogue / we don’t know about services– Classical search engines did not succeed– Many catalogues do not response
  15. 15. Harvested catalogues• ISPIRE national nodes: Austria, Belgium, Czech republic, Finland,France, Germany, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia,United Kingdom• CIDP• EEA SDI• ENVIROGRIDS• EuroGEOSS• GEOSS• Habitats• One Geology Europe• Plan4all• WHO
  16. 16. Testing services availability• If Capabilities document is available and valid• Periodically (P1D)• Not valid services are set “hidden”, not erased• Tools for service provider feedback– RSS channel– Automatic mail notification– “Heartbeat” record
  17. 17. „Heartbeat“ protocol
  18. 18. Results• 2222 services harvested• serviceType (all / valid)– WMS = 96 / 88– OGC:WMS = 1418 / 1351– view = 343 / 190– View = 1 / 1– VIEW = 2 / 2– View Service = 76 / 76• All WMS : 1860 / 1632 (87 %)
  19. 19. Problems– poor service metadata (missing abstract etc.)– viewer or web page address instead of service– no mandatory thematic classification in INSPIRE– operatesOn broken links– serviceType not clear
  20. 20. Connection to different clients
  21. 21. HS-CAT
  22. 22. Come and See Us••••••• @ Black Sea Catchment - the solution was achieved with financial co-fundingby the European Commission within the Seventh Framework Programme with registrationnumber 226740 and name “Building Capacity for a Black Sea Catchment Observation andAssessment System supporting Sustainable Development”HABITATS - the solution was achieved with financial co-funding by the European Commissionwithin the Competitiveness and Innovation framework Programme with registration number250455 and name “Social Validation of INSPIRE Annex III Data Structures in EU HABITATS”