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Apps4 europe 2


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Apps4 europe 2

  1. 1. Turning Data into BusinessKarel Charvat
  2. 2. Apps4Europe• Turning Data into Business will create a thematic networkto organize competitions for using open data, stimulate thewinners to start business ventures and maximize the socio-economic impact and overall benefits of open data.• It will contribute to the open data policy of the Commissionand stimulate the reuse of public sector information fromgovernmental, scientific and cultural sources.• It brings together 19 partners from 10 countries that have abackground in hosting and facilitating open datacompetitions, providing data and supporting businessventures.• A4E consortium will build on and align 20 existing local andnational open data competitions held over the next twoyears by the partners and stimulate the participants to turntheir inventions into viable businesses.
  3. 3. Apps4Europe• The project will develop a new, transferable and testedprogramme that will increase the business knowledgeand potential for success of participants in open datacompetitions: The Business Lounge.• The Business Lounge educates developers in creatingand commercializing apps with market potential.• Participants enter their prototype app, including abusiness model into an annual EU Open DataCompetition.• We will organize two Pan-European competitions thatwill bring the best of the local and nationalcompetitions into an European limelight and introducethem to a business network that will increase theirpotential.
  4. 4. Apps4Europe• The categories of this EUopen data competition are:– Government– Science– Culture.• The best local and EUcontestants are invited topitch their plans during aPitch & Prize event for– Investors– Incubators– International companies– Entrepreneurial nonprofits– social investors.• It spawns 5 support actionsin themes that areidentified as key areas ofimportance to organizingsuccessful open datacompetitions:– Business and Policy– Data and Licensing– Media exposure for start-ups– Technical tooling– Community Building.
  5. 5. Partners• Stichting Waag Society• Vlaamse ICT Organisatie• Open KnowledgeFoundation Belgium• iMinds VZW• Czech Centre for Scienceand Society• Forum Virium HelsinkiOy-radio- JaTelevisiotekniikanTutkimus RTT• EURECOM• Open KnowledgeFoundation Deutschland• Consorzio Top-IX - Torinoe Piemonte eXchangePoint• PT Comunicacoes SA• Rooter Analysis SL• Fundacion Esade• Stichting Open StateFoundation
  6. 6. Partners• Stichting NederlandsInstituut Voor Beeld EnGeluid The Netherlands• Stichting NederlandKennisland TheNetherlands• Stichting Europeana TheNetherlands• Open KnowledgeFoundation Limited LBGUnited Kingdom• Nesta OperatingCompany LBG UnitedKingdom• Futureeverything CIC
  7. 7. Apps Contests
  8. 8. Benefits contests• They can be fun – participantsenjoy using their knowledge toresolve a communal problemor are happy to meet eachother and be together duringhackathons or awardceremonies.• They can work towardstransparency, catering tocivilians and non-governmental organizations.• They can facilitate innovationthat gives rise to newbusinesses or other forms ofeconomic activity.• They can benefitgovernmental institutions andcivilians who want bettergovernment services.• They can provide developerswith exposure amongstpossible future employers orcustomers.• They can benefit students byintroducing apps developmentand open data in real-worldsettings.
  9. 9. Drawbacks contests• A problem that is encountered over and over is thesustainability of the resulting applications.• The contests work well for the initial proof-of-conceptphase but the supporting structures for taking the ideasforward after the app contest are currently not very welldeveloped.• Because there are so many contests and the number ofpossible participants is small, they might run dry of newideas and applications.• There needs to be collaboration among the contestorganizers• There needs to be more focus on capacity building amongstfuture developers.• Developers need to find sustainable models for themselves,as one cannot make a living by only participating in thesecontests.
  10. 10. What GI Open Content• Do we have Open GI?• Is INSPIRE really way to Open Content?• What Copernicus and GEOSS?• Past activities 4th Way• Experience from EnviroGRIDS BlackSea andHabitats show some possibilities• Currently key activity is Plan4business.• Future INSPIRE@Pocket
  11. 11. The role of CCSS• Promote Open content towards politicians• To support Open Content and innovation inOpen GI content• Organize events and competition in centraland eastern Europe.• In reality CCSS project region is biggest fromall partners.
  12. 12. Thanks for• More info• LinkedIn groups:– Geoportal4everybody– Habitats– Naturnet– Open Agriculture DataWorking Group• Facebook