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Winecooler chase


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Winecooler chase

  1. 1. Winecooler ChaseConnect & CombineCrash Course inCreativity, 11/12/12Kim Falk
  2. 2. Combine 2 Household Items Winecooler Stoppers + Ice Cubes
  3. 3. Come up with a new sport Winecooler Chase:  Prepare your field:  Put down a garbage bag or something slick on a flat surface  Slime the surface with oil
  4. 4. Winecooler Chase…  Prepare your shooters:  Choose ice cubes with a flat surface  Prepare your targets: winecooler stoppers
  5. 5. Winecooler Chase… Prepare your partner: Ready set go!  You must start at the same line  If you start early before the time call you lose 5 points Whoever hits the stopper first wins the round (10 pts.) Ten extra points if you knock the stopper over! Ten point deduction if the cube leaves the playing field First person who gets to 20 points wins!!