PR 3.0 The New Frontier


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Kevin Dinino, President of KCD PR discusses the role of PR, Marketing and Social media aka "PR 3.0" in today's financial services companies. Learn best practices, PR tips and more about KCD PR, one of the country's best financial PR firms.

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PR 3.0 The New Frontier

  1. 1. PR 3.0: The New Frontier Kevin Dinino, Founder & President KCD PR
  2. 2. Why Public Relations?  Valuable tool for gaining recognition for your business  Helps to differentiate your business from the competition  News coverage serves as objective third party endorsement in attracting new clients and strengthening existing relationships  Cost-effective means to help build awareness and brand equity  Marketing value: search engine visibility for web presence  Marketing value: search engine visibility for web presence 2
  3. 3. Understanding PR 3.0 We exist in a 24/7 news cycle News spreads faster than ever – Twitter breaks news We are living in an SEO (search engine optimization) world Your audience likely reads news on mobile devices News actively shapes public opinion and prompts public action 3
  4. 4. PR 3.0 Dynamic 4
  5. 5. The Social Media Landscape What is Social Media? Interact with your clients and prospects Captive audience Low cost/high reward THE FUTURE of Marketing/PR integration 5
  6. 6. Social Media Usage  Facebook has over 901 million users. For context, there are more Facebook users than cars in the world.  Twitter has 555 million registered users.15% of U.S. Adults Online use Twitter.  LinkedIn has 150 million registered members and finance is the 2nd most popular industry/career (over 9,600,000 users).  Social networking site usage has grown among Americans 45-54 years old—55% of them now have a social media profile, making them the fastest growing segment. 6
  7. 7. Financial Advisor UsageAmerican Century Investments recently published a study called ―Financial Professionals Social Media Adoption‖ which showed that ―over half of advisors have moderate to extensive experience with social media; 27% of advisors use social media daily.‖73% have Facebook accounts, 62% have LinkedIn accounts, and 27% have Twitter accountsLinkedIn surpasses all other mediums for business useMost (89%) have a business or personal profile/accountSocial media usage and experience among financial professionals is still continuing to grow 7
  8. 8. Why Social Media? ―I Need to Drive Prospects/Customers to My Business‖ Massive awareness machine – integrated with PR, distribution platform Build a reputation, manage news flow, etc. It’s FREE, regardless of budget Take advantage of slow adoption Those who are using social media have positive experiences with it Prospects will Google you –what if they don’t find anything? 8
  9. 9. Content is King and it’s EverywhereI created my profiles, now what? Content is King and everywhere. Use compliance pre-approved content Link to an interesting article or white paper Leverage your newsletter – get it online Niche related Local issues Videos work as well Client events, seminars, etc. Spend 1-2 hours a week yourself or find a professional to manage for you 9
  10. 10. Content is King and it’s Everywhere Update monthly to stay relevant – if you want weekly, develop a few month’s worth of content ahead of time. Create a deliverable calendar to see your plan of action. Develop a message – if you have a niche –market it. Retirement Planning? Opinions on Bear Market? Use Social Media to Market/Interact with Retirement Planning topics. Make sure your content is INTERESTING and CONCISE and easy to ―share‖ with others. Add value and a unique perspective to target your audience. 10
  11. 11. New Social Media TechnologyNew technology helps make social networking easier Many broker/dealers now offer real time monitoring solution for social media E-Newsletter software Constant Contact, MailChimp link to all 3 social media sites Tweetdeck or Hootsuite allow you to see and manage your social media on one dashboard – plus see ROI and analytics Google Analytics is a must have – see where social media takes visitors to your site Creating an external blog page is always a great idea – tools like Blogger or Wordpress make it easy 11
  12. 12. Social Media Best Practices: Blogging 12
  13. 13. Social Media Best Practices: Blogging 13
  14. 14. Social Media Best Practices: Facebook 14
  15. 15. Social Media Best Practices: Facebook 15
  16. 16. Social Media Best Practices: LinkedIn Use LinkedIn to join groups – HUGE way to network with prospects Add value – post news/trends/events Add to your network Create a company page as well as an individual page Have people follow your company –promote via personal profile. 16
  17. 17. Social Media Best Practices: Twitter  Another great tool to discuss your value proposition or opinion on current events.  Great PR resource – Follow media on Twitter – news breaks via Twitter FIRST.  Nice way to meet reporters – have compelling ―Tweets‖ and introduce yourself.  Another PR 3.0 tool – Twitter feed can link to your web site so clients/prospects can see your tweets in real time.  Resources: Sites such as Twellow, etc. make it easier to locate people on Twitter. 17
  18. 18. Final Perks SEO value – these sites resonate very well in search results PR 3.0 – social media takes your marketing/PR efforts to another level and new audiences Easy to do - should become a habit, not going away 18
  19. 19. Thank You!For more information on today’s presentation Contact Us: 2760 Fifth Avenue, Suite 215 San Diego, CA 92103 Phone: (619) 955-7759 Email: 19