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Port may public library


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Port may public library

  1. 1. Port May Public LibraryNew Programs for Adults 2011 Kimberlee C. DeWall LSC 521 Public Library Services University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Library & Information Studies December 5, 2010Port May Public Library is fictitious. The statistics used in developing the following program plan are based upon data collected for a Community Inventory done for Falmouth, Massachusetts.
  2. 2. Outline of Presentation• Introduction• Programs for Adults• Programs for those 18 to 29• Programs for those 30 to 45• Programs for those 45 to 60• Programs for S e rs nio• Programs for Unique Populations
  3. 3. Introduction The ultimate aim of Port May Public Libraryadult programming is to uphold the Library’smission in providing services that promote andsupport independent learning andenlightenment, literacy, and cultural enrichmentfor all members of the Port May community,regardless of background and physical ability. Through research, inventories, and datacollection, the PMPL strives to developprograms that are relevant to the needs andinterests of the community-at-large. Aside fromthe highly successful and established adultprograms that remain on-going, the Library isalso dedicated to developing innovative libraryservices.
  4. 4. This year’s inspiration for programming is basedupon John Perry Barlow’s concept of information:information is an activity, a life form, and a relationship.*New programming for 2011 will exhibit that, likeinformation:THE LIBRARY is an ACTIVITY, a LIFE FORM, and a RELATIONSHIP By promoting relationships with, and amongst, thecommunity, and by offering the Library as the center ofcommunity activity; the Library strives to illustrate thatlibraries are not only vital, but alive, and that they are theultimate agency and conduit for sharing information andknowledge. *
  5. 5. While the Library seeks to improve,expand, and update all adult programsand services annually, a special focus isoften given to specific populations. Overthe course of the past two years, thePMPL sought to appeal to the young adultpopulation by completely redesigning theYA Room, as well as updating YAServices. It was a success!
  6. 6. Hoping to achieve a similar result, PMPL will begin to shift the focus upon engaging and serving adults between the ages of 18-45. While a seemingly large task, statistics reveal that these combined groups are currently a vulnerable demographic on Cape Cod:• substance abuse between the ages of 21-45 is highest*• career opportunities are low / unemployment rates are high• cost of housing is high / housing options are limited• cost of living prevents many from partaking in constructive social interaction Thus, PMPL introduces a solution… *
  7. 7. Café Stacks Based upon the popularity of the coffee house andthe café, PMPL will introduce Café Stacks as a venue formany of the library’s new programs. Although intendedfor adults of all ages, it is the express hope of PMPL thatCafé Stacks will exemplify the targeted population’sinclination to congregate, or “network,” in relaxedatmospheres. A moveable café, Café Stacks may be easily set upand taken down in the Kilduff Meeting Room, whichallows for a capacity of 195. Tables, chairs, and stoolswill transform the meeting space into a moreunstructured layout. Pi Bakery will sell baked goods atvarious events, as well. Moreover, the technical capabilities of the KilduffMeeting Room are current due to the Library’s completerenovation in 2008 and will, therefore, allow foraudio/visual and internet access needs.
  8. 8. Estimated Annual Budget for Café Stacks• Table Cloths from Christmas Tree Shop 10 @ $5.99 $ 59.99• Light Sticks for Tables from Ikea (LED, Battery operated) 20 @ $1.99 $ 39.80• Stackable stools from Ikea / Marius 60 @ $5.99 $359.40• Refreshments $100.00• Prizes $150.00• Entertainment/Presenters $4000.00• Mileage $100.00• Misc. Program Supplies $100.00 --------- $4909.19
  9. 9. Programs for Adults
  10. 10. Port May Adult Population Data from the 2000 U.S. Census & 2006-08 U.S. Census Community Survey• With a total population of 32,749 (that triples in the summer); 27,174 of the population are over the age of 18.• While primarily a middle class community, 19% of households receive some form of public assistance.• 95.1% of the population graduated from High School.
  11. 11. National Library Week@PMPL April 10-16 Port May Public Library will celebrate National Library Week by conducting a collage of pod cast interviews all week that ask the American Library Association’s National Library Week theme question: How does your library help your community thrive? The public is invited to participate at a dedicated pod cast station inside the library all week, while a librarian will visit off-site locations, from schools to supermarkets, to video responses all week, as well. The collage will run continually on the Library’s website and on the Information Board in the Library Lobby.Rationale: Promotion of librariesStaffing: Staff to man the pod cast station during library hours of operation. Adult Service Librarian and/or IT Librarian to conduct off-site interviews.Budget: .43.8 miles per gallon for staff travel.Schedule: on-going for one weekSpace: pod cast station off of the main lobby; off-site interviews
  12. 12. Summer Concert Series Saturday Evenings at 7:00 p.m. on the Library Lawn Have a picnic! Bring blankets or chairs! (Refreshments also available at local shops and street vendors.) July 9th The Adam Ezra Band (Acoustic Rock) July 23rd Classical String Quartet (from Cape Cod Symphony) August 13th Symphony Swing Band (from Cape Cod Symphony) August 27th 5 Alone (Acappella Band)Rationale: In support of the local merchants’ efforts to promote Main Street as a vital and stimulating shopping and dining destination for residents and tourists alike, the Library will collaborate with the Port May Chamber of Commerce by sponsoring a series of summer concerts.Staffing: Adult Services Librarian and a Chamber Representative to coordinate.Budget: Estimated cost is $1,000.00 per band. Cost to be divided between the Chamber and PMPL.Schedule: 4 concerts over 2 monthsSpace: The large lawn in front of the Library is centrally located in the center of town on Main Street.
  13. 13. Flash Mob on the Library Lawn Sunday, July 17th @ 2 p.m.Through social networking tools, participants will be invited to bring a book or any reading device, to sit down on the library lawn, and to read peacefully for one hour.Rationale: Promote the Library and reading through social networking.Staffing: Adult Services will promote the Flash through social networking tools. (Appropriate agencies will be notified in advance)Budget: NoneSchedule: One eventSpace: Library lawn
  14. 14. Young Professionals Brown Bag Lunch Bring your lunch and network with other young professionals. (A collaboration with the Port May Young Professionals) @ Noon every second Wednesday of the monthEvening events feature monthly guest speakers including a variety of young local leaders & entrepreneurs, etc. (times and dates vary)Rationale: Promote the Library as a place to network “in person” for young professionals.Staffing: Adult Services Librarian and representative from PM Young Professional to develop list of speakers.Budget: coffee & bottled waterSchedule: monthly (12)Space: Café Stacks
  15. 15. 18 to 29
  16. 16. The 18-29 demographic not only reflects the lowestpercentage of the Port May adult population, but thegroup also poses two challenges that the PMPL attemptsto address:1. Developing programs that are appealing enough todraw this age group into the library and sustaining therelationship by offering engaging programs.2. Getting the word out! Because of the close proximityto the local community college, PMPL will work with theCollege in promoting events & services. PMPL will alsopromote programs through social networking.
  17. 17. Team Trivia @ Café Stacks 1st & 3rd Friday of the month 7 p.m.-11 p.m. PRIZES! PRIZES! PRIZES! Team Registration Required.Rationale: Team Trivia promotes learning in a casual way.Staffing: Adult Services Librarian and 1 staff member.Budget: coffee & bottled waterVendors: Pi BakeryDonations: Gift cards from local merchantsScheduling: bi-monthly (24)Space: Café Stacks
  18. 18. Silent Library Night @ Café Stacks Attention College Students on Winter Break! Saturday, January 15th, 7 p.m. First Place Prize: 6 $25.00 Gift Cards A MUCH MILDER version of the MTV Series Silent Library, the PMPL will host a contest where team members must remain silent, while unlucky team members must endure silly pranks purposefully meant to make them all laugh out loud and thus be eliminated or “asked to leave the library!” Teams of 6 must pre-register.Rationale: Promoting the library as a source of fun for all ages.Staff: Adult Services Librarian, 3 staffBudget: $150.00 for Prizes ; game suppliesSchedule: One eventSpace: Café Stacks
  19. 19. Open Mic @ Café Stacks 2nd & 4th Friday night of the month 7:30-10 p.m. Attendees are invited to play musical instruments or read their poetry, essays, short stories, or passages from their favorite book--even ad lib! Performance sign-up upon entrance. Free Coffee/tea. Baked goods available from Pi.Rationale: Age group has platform to express ideas.Staffing: Adult Services Librarian, 1 staff member.Budget: Coffee/tea, bottled waterLocal Vendor: Pi BakerySchedule: bi-monthly (24)Space: Café Stacks
  20. 20. 30 to 45
  21. 21. The 30-45 year old demographic is another segment of the community that is difficult to engage. Ironically, this age group represents a segment of the population that is an integral part of the community: parents. The PMPL supports community efforts in helping build strong and healthy families.• 16.1% of Port May students qualify for free or reduced lunch, traditional aid or food stamps, which indicates that local families would benefit from free library services, especially parents since their children are provided services through the school system.• 10% of single families are led by female householders, indicating that community networks and support systems are vital resources.
  22. 22. Indie Date Night @ Café Stacks Free Independent Films Ideal for Young Parents First Tuesday night of the month @ 7:30 BYOPS (bring your own pizza & soda) Popcorn on the house!Rationale: Cost of going to the movies is prohibitive for many. Library has a large DVD collection of Indie films, as well as cult movies, pop documentaries and mockumentaries.Staffing: Adult Services LibrarianBudget: Umbrella License included in overall Library budget ; PopcornSchedule: Monthly (12)Space: Café Stacks
  23. 23. Coffee Talk for Parents Drop in and share a cup of coffee with other parents while your kids enjoy story time and explore the Children’s Room. Saturday Mornings 9-11:30 a.m. Children’s Program Room Babysitters available Free coffee/teaRationale: Parents need social networking in person, too. This is a great way to form playgroups, share babysitting, and explore other forms of support.Staffing: 1 staff member, High School Students volunteer baby-sitting services.Budget: Coffee, teaSchedule: weekly (50)Space: Children’s Program Room is separated from the Children’s Room, but has a window for parents to keep an eye out.
  24. 24. Mommyoga Drop-in Yoga with Gunjan for moms and moms-to-be Thursdays 10:00 a.m. (wear comfortable clothing & bring a mat) Juice bar after class!Rationale: Teaching moms-to-be and young mothers how to relax.Staff: 1 staff memberBudget: $2,000.00 Yoga Instructor for 35 sessions ; JuiceSchedule: weekly (except for school vacations)Space: Harbor Meeting Room, capacity 35.
  25. 25. 45 to 60
  26. 26. Those between the age of 45-60 represent a population that is prominent in the community and influential in the direction of its future. As Baby Boomers, this generation may be aging, but they are also youthful. Very concerned with political and social issues, they will lead and see the community through serious transitions, including environmental and economic changes.• The median age of the Port May resident is 45.
  27. 27. Soap Box Saturday for Boomers From historic Hyde Park to contemporary Trafalgar Square to Port May Public Library… Get up on the soap box! Saturdays June-August @ 2-4 p.m. Outside by the Library Statue (Cancelled during inclement weather) Participants have the option of pod casting their speeches, which are updated weekly on the library’s website. --Sign up required— Moderated by the PMPL Adult Services DepartmentRationale: Promote members of the community to share ideas.Staffing: 2 Adult Services LibrariansBudget: noneSchedule: weekly during summer months (12)Space: Library Statue
  28. 28. Dinner Club @ Café StacksDesigned especially for “empty-nesters” who love to cook and miss sharing the dining experience with others! Bring a pot luck dish & a recipe to share. Learn about cultural dining traditions. Second Thursday Night of the Month @ 6 p.m. Ask for our list of monthly culinary themes. Free Coffee/tea & Bottled WaterRationale: Promotes cultural exchanges and sharing the love of cooking and good food.Staffing: Adult Services Librarian.Budget: coffee/tea, bottled waterSchedule: Monthly (12)Space: Café Stacks
  29. 29. S e n i o rs
  30. 30. Seniors account for over ¼ of the Port May population. Very active in the community, seniors comprise a large portion of library users.• According the Department of Veterans Affairs, there were over 2 million WWII veterans in 2009. This generation provides our community with a wealth of historical knowledge. However, new programming for seniors must reflect their new, emerging roles within society, as well:• 34.1% of the Port May senior population are responsible for their grandchildren.
  31. 31. Local Heroes Wednesday Nights during the school year @7 p.m.A Port May High School student will interview a local senior citizen on selected topics. --Public Welcome-- A PMPL collaboration with Port May High School and Port May Community Television Live interviews will be taped and posted weekly on the library website and seen on Port May Community Television weekly.Rationale: Connecting Generations, preserving local history.Staffing: Adult Services LibrarianBudget: noneSchedule: weekly (38)Space: Kilduff Meeting Room
  32. 32. Raising Our Kids’ Kids (ROKK) Round table and support group for seniors raising their grandchildren. First Tuesday of the Month @ 10 a.m.Rationale: Growth in local statistical data.Staffing: Adult Services Librarian and representatives from Port May Human Services, and/or Port May Public SchoolsBudget: Coffee/teaSchedule: monthly (12)Space: Harbor Meeting Room
  33. 33. UniquePopulations
  34. 34. Focus for 2011• Port May benefits culturally from the Woods Hole scientific community, as many students and scientists from other countries visit regularly. Aside from a high representation of the Wampanoag culture in the neighboring town of Mashpee, there is a growing trend in Brazilian, Slavic, Irish, Asian and Jamaican immigrants. PMPL offers a popular ESL program.• PMPL also collaborates with the Port May Human Services Department in offering assistance to residents in need. Port May has a large substance abuse center, with 2 substance abuse homes; several half way houses; a homeless shelter; a domestic abuse shelter; and a day center for those with mental illnesses.
  35. 35. ESL Mixers First Thursday of the month @ 7 p.m. Practice conversational English in a social setting! Free coffee & tea / Baked goods available from Pi (Formed in conjunction with the PMPL ESL program)Rationale: Providing the opportunity for ESL students to practice conversational English through social interaction.Staffing: Adult Services Librarian & Volunteers from ESL ProgramBudget: coffee, tea, waterVendor: Pi BakerySchedule: monthlySpace: Café Stacks
  36. 36. Port May 1-2-1 Off-site, one on one reference services through the collaborative efforts of PMPL and the Port May Human Services Department Visits include the Alden Treatment Center, The Independent House, and The Haven HouseAppointments scheduled through the Port May Human Services OfficeRationale: Outreach Services to those in needStaffing: Reference LibrarianBudget: .43.8 miles per gallon for staff travel.Schedule: as neededSpace: off-site