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Saddleback Publications - 2013


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This presentation was created by Tim McHugh, Saddleback Publications and presented to the staff of AUSL Wendell Phillips Academy High School on August 21, 2013

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Saddleback Publications - 2013

  1. 1. “If you want a child to read, give them a book they want to read”
  2. 2. Give the Reader an Accessible Reading Level Engage Student’s Interest with Enticing Covers 2.0 3.0 3.5 Hi-Lo Publishing
  3. 3. Know the Reader’s Learning Style Pure Text Graphic: Non-Comic Graphic: Comic Auditory Learning Style Differences
  4. 4. • Urban Fiction • Hi-Lo Fiction and Non Fiction • Graphic Novels • Abridged Classics • Lifeskills • Supplemental Curriculum • Interactive Whiteboard Activities • eBooks • Audio – CDs and Playaway Devices Saddleback Product Overview
  5. 5. Lockwood Lions™ Series
  6. 6. Gravel Road™ Booklist, July 2013: Screaming Quietly, “Like other titles in the Gravel Road series, this tackles a tough issue while keeping a speedy pace and driving toward an important message”
  7. 7. ―I can already give you feedback on the "Urban Underground" series, as I keep replacing these books each cycle—they "disappear" when the cadets graduate. My favorite comments from them are: "I've never read a whole book before" and "Can you hook me up with another book like this one?" Even the artwork and pictures on the covers draw the students in.‖ —Teacher, At-Risk Facility, California Urban Underground® - 35 Titles
  8. 8. Hi-Lo College Fiction for Girls Reading Level: 3.5 | Grades: YA Ronette Bradley — Good on standardized tests, a mess on her report cards. With high school over, and her boyfriend going away to college, she is stuck cleaning hotel rooms. Until one fateful telephone call changes everything … Campus Confessions
  9. 9. Coming Home - 3 Titles Low-Level Urban Novels Reading Level: 2.0 | Grades: YA Will has left his troubled teen years behind. He’s seen the world. Now he’s coming home. No one could be more thrilled than his mother, Nia. But old family secrets keep them apart. And one shattering event may destroy everyone’s shot at happiness.
  10. 10. Coming Home - 3 Titles
  11. 11. Hip-Hop Biographies - 10 Titles
  12. 12. Astonishing Headlines & Disasters
  13. 13. Graphic Novels
  14. 14. Award Winning Series! 21st Century Lifeskills™ Handbooks Winner: Academics’ Choice Smart Book Award Finalist: AEP Distinguished Achievement Award!
  15. 15. All Saddleback Titles are Correlated to Common Core Standards Common Core
  16. 16. ―They have changed my low reader's lives — I have never seen investment or reading comprehension growth like I have this year since using Saddleback books. They are fun and engaging and age-appropriate for low-level readers! LOVE Saddleback Books!!” — Literacy Director, New Orleans “So incredible. I can't tell you how game changing you guys have been for our students. GAME CHANGING.” — Asst Principal, Urban Middle School, California Feedback from the Field
  17. 17. Tim McHugh (714-640-5233) ―Do you have any struggling students in your school?‖ Leader of High-Interest, Low Reading Level Materials for Young Adult Reluctant Readers