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Back to School Professional Development Day for Librarians 2013


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Panel discussion on Street Lit

Published in: Education
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Back to School Professional Development Day for Librarians 2013

  1. 1. Street Literature and the School Library A Panel Discussion Chicago Public Schools Librarians Back-to-School Professional Development Event Arturo Velasquez Institute 8:00 am – 3:00 pm #cpslib August 22, 2013
  2. 2. For Your Information… Tweet your comments about today’s session/conference at: #cpslib This presentation will be posted to the Dept. of Libraries Wikispace #cpslib
  3. 3. Chicago Vocational Career Academy Tamela Chambers University of Illinois @cvcalibrary #cpslib
  4. 4. Currie Metropolitan High School Carmen Adams University of Illinois #cpslib
  5. 5. Hirsch Metropolitan High School LaVonna Williams Chicago State University @lavonnawoodfork #cpslib
  6. 6. Phillips Academy High School KC Boyd Chicago State University @boss_librarian #cpslib
  7. 7. Street Literature – Reality based stories about the streets that are authentic, unapologetic and truthful. The genre is location specific and depicts tales about the daily lives of people living in lower-income city neighborhoods. “The Reader’s Advisory Guide to Street Literature” by Dr. Vanessa I. Morris
  8. 8. #cpslib
  9. 9. When did you begin circulating Street Literature books? #cpslib
  10. 10. What type of response have you received from the students, teachers and parents? #cpslib
  11. 11. What types of challenges have you experienced while maintaining a Street Lit collection? How have you prepared yourself for a challenge? #cpslib
  12. 12. Have you experienced any issues with incorporating the adult Street Lit. books in your library collection? #cpslib
  13. 13. What reviewing sources do you use when selecting books for your library collection? Are you an avid reader of Street Lit.? #cpslib
  14. 14. Which titles in your Street Lit. collection have the highest circulation? #cpslib