KCB101 Assignment 2 Storyboard


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Our storyboard for women's perfume, named Bliss.

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KCB101 Assignment 2 Storyboard

  1. 1. KCB101Assessment 2 - StoryboardAndie Wilson, Emma Sweet, Diana Geaboc
  2. 2. Bliss – Women‟s PerfumeBottle Logo
  3. 3. Bliss Portraying the certain lifestyle associated with theideals of a perfect day. Joy, happiness, perfection Making the buyer feel empowered and flawless – blissfullife.
  4. 4. Target Audience and Price 18 – 25 year old females $30 – affordability toencourage people to buythe product – build upbrand loyalty New trend of thoseseeking society‟sperception of beauty Large bottle size
  5. 5. Branding “Think of the brand as the core meaning of the moderncorporation, and of the advertisement as one vehicleused to convey that meaning to the world.” Naomi Klein Create a world or meaning attached to that product andmake it something people want to be. Bliss is associated with perfection
  6. 6. Storyboard Young girl, 20, wakes upwith frizzy hair and a largeblemish, Rough day, nothing goesright, The scenery is dark, rainy,sad On her way to universityher heel breaks
  7. 7. Storyboard As she‟s leaning down to fixit, a car splashes her whiledriving through a puddle onthe road, She fails an exam later onin the day Leaves her phone on thebus on her way home. Sees a billboard for Blissand purchases it as a wayto cheer her up. (10 sec)
  8. 8. Storyboard The next morning, sunny,birds singing, Puts on her new Blissperfume, Turns to look in the mirror,all of a sudden istransformed into MirandaKerr.
  9. 9. Storyboard Her day from here isperfect, Finds money at the busstop, Bus driver hands her backher phone, She finds out exam markswere a mistake,
  10. 10. Storyboard Receives flowers from asecret admirer. Back to the mirror athome, she is herself, Fade to bottle on the chestof drawers, and the phrase:„for your Blissful day‟. Feminine writing toemphasise target audience
  11. 11. Bliss Bliss will break through the„clutter‟ of the advertisingindustry with the inclusionof a famous face. „Celebrity endorsementbrings values and starpower to products andbrands.‟ StephenHarrington
  12. 12. Miranda Kerr Model Face of Victoria‟s Secretand Kora Organiccosmetics. “home-grown hero” She brings her public imageto branding.
  13. 13. Bliss Icon – the product, signifier, smells like, the signified. Signified – physical presence, the perfume Signifier – what is evoked in a person. Bliss – happiness, perfection and beauty. Sign and meaning „The Linguistic Sign‟ – Schiarto and Yell
  14. 14. Celebrity Endorsement Clear presentation of the bottle Transformation into Miranda Kerr. Conclusion to the blissful meaning of the product
  15. 15. Framing Intertextual framing – „text that depends on similar onesto effectively convey its meaning‟. MacLauchlan andReid. Bliss – female character‟s life is changed Celebrity endorsement – typical to the perfumeadvertisement genre. Perfume and cologne advertisements are some of thebiggest users of famous faces to sell their products andbrands.
  16. 16. Genre Genre is created through intertextuality Genre – „A way of classifying its text through its style,form and conventions‟ Stephen Harrington Celebrity endorsement as a convention, improved lifethat comes with the possession of the product. Seduction – a technique often used to emphasise thealluring scent of the product Miranda receiving flowers, staying within the genre