Guideline for managing social media for YAQ


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Guideline for managing social media for YAQ

  1. 1. Guideline for managing social media for YAQ YouTube Channel log in User name: Password: willadsen2010 You will see this page and you just have to click ‘Do this later’. To start, click ‘My Channel’
  2. 2. Upload videos 1. Press upload on the top of the website 2. Select the file from the computer to upload 3. Change the details of the video (Title/ tags/ descriptions)
  3. 3. Change the cover page of the channel 1. Choose ‘edit channel art’ in the pen shaped button 2. Upload or choose the photos from gallery
  4. 4. Edit the information of YAQ 1. Choose ‘edit links’ in the pen shaped button 2. Edit the links and description of YAQ
  5. 5. Add a section (playlist) on the home page 1. Choose ‘add a section’ on the front page and edit the content
  6. 6. Edit uploaded videos or list 1. Channel Setting 2. Video Manger: Uploads - Manage uploaded videos (edit basic info, change thumbnail, add effects and captions and edit audio & annotations), check the statistics, and publish date of the videos Playlists – add/ delete play lists, edit playlist (add/delete videos, edit title and description of the playlist) Tags – Search uploaded videos by tags Search History, Favourites, Likes - the records of own searching history, favourites and likes
  7. 7. Pinterest log in User name: Password: yaq2013 Adding new boards 1. Go to ‘Your Boards’ 2. To create a pin board, press ‘create a board’ and edit the details of the board
  8. 8. 3. If you choose ‘Yes’ in the ‘secret’ part when you create a board, the board will become a secret board which will not be showed to the public. 4. There are only maximum three secret boards per account.
  9. 9. Editing or delete exist boards 1. Press edit on the bottom of the blog 2. Click the delete button for deleting the whole board and the pictures on the board. By adding other’s email, others can add pictures to this pin board.
  10. 10. Purpose of each board 1. Inspiration board Any pictures are related to youth arts and cultural development in Queensland that is inspiring young people in the creative industry. 2. Arts in the office All art pieces that have been putting in the YAQ office 3. Artist of the week The profile picture or the art products of the artist of the week 4. Advocacy Pictures of the advocacy events or related news 5. Young people creating Queensland It is a board for all young artist profiles on the YPCQ website. Adding pictures on any pin board 1. Choose the ‘+’ button on the top of the page. Upload a pin = upload a picture from the computer Add from a website = add a picture from a URL
  11. 11. Updating YAQ information 1. Press the pen shaped button 2. Edit information of the company
  12. 12. Searching other pin boards, pinners or pins by category or key words
  13. 13. Follow uses – after you follow the users, their new pins will appear on your first page
  14. 14. Repin – put the other’s photo to your pin board 1. Enter their board 2. Enter their photo
  15. 15. 3. Click ‘pin it’ 4. Choose different boards and press ‘Pin it’