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Free LEP Statistics Tool for your Limited English Proficiency Plan


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I put together a quick handout that walks you through exactly how to use the free LEP Baseline Report to get LEP statistics for your limited English proficiency plans and other projects. Visit to get more info.

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Free LEP Statistics Tool for your Limited English Proficiency Plan

  1. 1. Other Data Included in the LEP Baseline Report Are: • Percentage of adults who lack basic prose literacy skills • School District data with percent of English Language Learners & Migrant Students • Top Five Languages Spoken by the Adult Population • LEP groups that exceed DOJ's Safe Harbor threshold of 5% or 1,000 persons Ready to get a LEP Baseline Report for your next Project? Step-by-Step Instructions on the Back!
  2. 2. Steps to Getting Your LEP Baseline Report 1. Get a free Cubit account in 30 seconds at 2. Draw your area of interest on the interactive map. Save your drawing. 3. Click on the Socio-Ec Report button. Scroll down. Ta-da! Youʼll get cut-and-paste ready text and charts about limited English proficiency populations in your area of interest. For more information about Cubitʼs LEP Baseline Report, go to Questions? Ideas for Improvements to the LEP Baseline Report? I want to hear from you. Let me know what you think. Kristen Carney, Co-Founder Cubit Planning 512-563-8377 Twitter: @cubitplanning