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13 Great Reasons Planners Tweet


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13 Great Reasons Planners Tweet

  1. 1. 13 Newbie Great Reasons Why Planners Tweet "I find 10 articles a day through Twitter. People are good at culling information. And Jeff Wood what they think is interesting is more interesting than what news people think is interesting." @theoverheadwire An interview with Jeff Wood, Chief Cartographer for Reconnecting America, about the value of Twitter is here: Because you learn +++ more on Twitter To stay connected to other planners & I really value the communities that than through professional development issues important to planners. More than form on twitter...@HilaryPerkins opportunities. Twitter facilities free I’ve learned a lot about planning efforts To help others learn what I know & to Simple: to hear how cities & spaces do across the country, as well as grant and learn from people smarter than me & don’t work for people... @counti8 funding opportunities. It’s fun, too! @skcopelandI follow people who know more than I News junkie;access to awesomedo. I get best practices, lots of stuff to #1 Reason Planners Tweet: “It Makes professional community sharing &read & think about. They make me Us Smarter” @cubitplanning learning from each other @minbostratussmarter. @eclishamTo reconnect w/ past colleagues & find Engage a younger demo that doesnt ...we get information out to our Chapterfuture ones; follow fun events & people; participate in town halls and other members...quickly. @apa_virginiasee what planners are reading/doing traditional forums @CenTXAPA