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Example of Completed Dual-Column Script (Morning Routine)


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Example of Completed Dual-Column Script (Morning Routine)

Published in: Education
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Example of Completed Dual-Column Script (Morning Routine)

  1. 1. Broadcast Writing Template Title: Morning Routine Writer: Mary Stewart Length: 2 mins VIDEO AUDIO INT. House-Bedroom- Early Morning Completely dark room with only a slither of light escaping from behind the curtain. Cell phone alarm goes off. CU of phone MARY’s hand is seen turning the alarm off. MS- Mary turns on side table lamp. Light slowly floods the room. LS of Mary getting out of bed. TRACK Mary leaving the room walking down the hall and opening a door. INT. House- Kaidyn’s Bedroom SFX-Loud ringing from cell phone Yawning SFX-Music heard from the other room MARY: Hey there big boy! Ready to get up?
  2. 2. VIDEO AUDIO CUT to LOW ANGLE CU of KAIDYN smiling. OTS-Kaidynraising his arms to be picked up MS- Mary picking Kaidyn up and taking him to the bed to change his diaper. TRACK Mary and Kaidyn as they walk out of the room and down the hall to the stairs. INT. House-Downstairs CUT TO LOW ANGLE Mary and Kaidyn coming down the stairs CUT TO ZOOM OUT TRACKMaryand Kaidyn walking to the trash can to throw away his diaper. FADE OUT KAIDYN: No MARY: Did you sleep well? KAIDYN: No Kaidyn jabbering