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Surveys & Qualitative Data Capture & Analysis

Sample of slides from presentation on Survey Design best practices, for the International Institute of Business Analysis Professional Development Day (April 23, 2012).

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Surveys & Qualitative Data Capture & Analysis

  1. 1. Capturing & Analyzing Qualitative Data in Surveys Karen Carleton, MEd, MS www.performcorp.caInternational Institute of Business AnalystsApril 23, 2012 © Karen Carleton 2012
  2. 2. An ounce ofanalysis is worth a pound of objectives –Joe Harless
  3. 3. OrganizationalPerformance ImprovementRSVP ApproachResults-orientedSystems thinkingValue-addPartnerships focus
  4. 4. SurveysThink-Pair-ShareWhy might youconduct a survey inyour organization?
  5. 5. Organizational ResearchMETHOD DESCRIPTORSurvey/ Collects topical data from a representativeQuestionnaire populationFocus group Discussion-based group interview, noting ideas, themes & non-verbalsInterview One-on-one questioning (structured to unstructured)Document Background info, context (e.g. jobreview descriptions, stats, annual report)Observations Note details observed – situations/ behaviours (e.g. procedures)
  6. 6. Organizational ResearchMore than 1 method (technique)Triangulate
  7. 7. Organizational Research More than 1 stakeholder group Triangulate Example: BPI
  8. 8. Target Audience Example Select participants  useful/relevant input Representative Sample  Determine precision needed
  9. 9. Best Practices Informed consent  Purpose, confidentiality, results Organized, consistent Know audience & resources
  10. 10. Survey Types In-person Phone Web-based
  11. 11. Considerations Target Objective Audience Resources Data Types
  12. 12. Intro. MessageObjective/PurposeThankResultsConfidential; anonymousVoluntary
  13. 13. Latte ExampleQuantitative Qualitative 12 ounce mug  Medium; see- 7 “ mug height through mug Serving  Steaming hot temperature 150ºF  Pricey drink Cost: $4.95  Robust aroma  Frothy; Delicious
  14. 14. Qualitative DataRecommendation:Couple quantitative(numerical) & qualitative(descriptive) data“Confidence”, “Rigor”,“Reliability”, “Validity”,“Consistency”, “Truth”
  15. 15. Question CritiqueUnder what circumstances Negative phrasingdo you not submit yourweekly project hours? Overtime still in progress Unknown factors NA OtherDo you like our Double-barreledEdmonton and Calgarybranches? Yes No
  16. 16. Question TipsAt start, interesting questionEasier before difficult onesAt end, personal & demographicConsider analysisHave others reviewPretest Why?
  17. 17. Data AnalysisQuantitative Total responses, frequency counts, distribution, averagesQualitative Pre-determined or emergent categories
  18. 18. Communicating Results Honesty about findings Timely results  4-6 weeks  = TRUST Act on findings or what happens?