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Published in: Education, Travel
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  1. 1. 07:00 Arrival Approximate the magical town of Xilitla. 08:00 Breakfast in the center of town in el Restaurant Keys. 10:00 trip along the Garden of Sir Surreal EdwarJames. 13:00 Salidarumbo the Hotel in the Town of Aquismón, whereafter assigning rooms, eat and then the trucks came to take us to sótano de swallows, one of the 13 Wonders of Mexico and the third basement lessthan the world.16:00 Check in redilas vans to visit the basement of the swallows. 17:00 Access to the basement 19:30 Return of the basement 21:00 Time for dinner and endless activities.
  2. 2.  2 nd Day 6:00 Call to initiate activities.7:00 Departure to the People of Tanchachin, where we have breakfast and then tour to the waterfall of Tamul. 9:00 Boat Tour to visit the highest waterfall in our state, Tamil, during elrecorrido visit and swim in the cenote or cave blue water. 13:00 Return to the village of Tanchachin have lunch. 14:00 Time for food 15:00 Departure to the village of Tamasopo 16:30 Visit to the waterfalls of Tamasopo. 19:00 Departure to the Hotel- 19:30 Allocation of rooms. 20:00 Time for dinner and endless activities.
  3. 3.  3 rd Day 6:00 Call to start activities.06:30 Departure towards the cenote Bridge of God, an experience most placentas delas Tour 7:00 Join the Cenote bridge of God. 10:00 Return to the Village for breakfast. 10:30 Breakfast at the restaurant the Parish. 11:30 Free time 12:30 Delivery Room. 13:00 Departure to the Crescent Lake. 15:30 Arrive at Lake Crescent. 18:30 Departure to the restaurant on the Shack. 19:30 Dinner and end of activities. 22:00 Departure.