BYOD: Rebranding Mathematics Instruction with Global Projects and Cell Phones - CAMT 2014


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This presentation was for the Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics Teachers (CAMT) 2014 in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.

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BYOD: Rebranding Mathematics Instruction with Global Projects and Cell Phones - CAMT 2014

  1. 1. Kim Caise, NBCT, M.Ed. CAMT 2014 BYOD: Rebranding Mathematics Instruction with Global Projects and Cell Phones
  2. 2. Acceptable User Policy (AUP) • Be certain that your campus/district’s AUP allows for the use of mobile device including cell phones • If not, let these ideas and lessons open the doors and serve as models lessons for your principal, district officials, IT personnel, etc. • Be BRAVE and an advocate for your students when necessary and possible!
  3. 3. Why Bother? • These may be simple tools but these tools can jazz up lessons and really motivate students. • Instead of doing something with paper/pencil you can do the same thing with a cell phone and one of the web tools or cell phone apps. • Students tune out and we need them to tune in - cell phones can help engage then with the content in a new, meaningful way.
  4. 4. Tumblr • P
  5. 5. audioBoo • Record, save and share audio files • Accessible on many mobile devices • Free account is limited to 3 minutes per Boo • Follow and subscribe to other audioBoo-ers’ channels • Link your Boo to many online platforms
  6. 6. Evernote • Store notes and search notes using keywords • Store pictures, documents, emails, etc. and send/share to your Evernote account via an Evernote email address • There is so much more to explore using Evernote including apps from the ‘trunk’ for free to enhance using Evernote
  7. 7. • Multiple choice options only • Class polling option • Immediate responses • No limit of responses • Generates a QR code for each poll • Free!
  8. 8. Do you use polling in your classroom with students? 1. 2. Enter code 793869 3. Select your answer. A. Yes, sure do! B. No, not able to do. C. No, not yet! D. What is polling? Please feel free to answer the poll question at
  9. 9. • Group texting that is secure and private • You can poll your groups with no member limit • No downloads, free and students can take notes and quickly send to a group • Join groups based on topics, hashtags, keywords, etc. • CAMT 2014 members feel free to join the Cell using the info on the phone above
  10. 10. • Group messaging system • Phone numbers are kept private • Join group using a code after calling phone number • CAMT members feel free to join the Remind101 so we can experience these tools together
  11. 11. Animoto • Create musical slideshows using uploaded photos from a computer or cell phone. • Videos can be viewed on a cell phone. • Teachers’ account can create unlimited videos, no time limit and download the videos for offline use for free • Add your own images demonstrating how to solve a problem or narrate how to find ‘X’. Example:
  12. 12. Socrative • Runs on tablets, smartphones and computers • Teachers login and select an activity • Students login and interact with the content • Import and share quizzes with other teachers • Limited to 50 users per activity
  13. 13. Infuse Learning • Assessment tool that allows you to poll the class and seek responses that are open ended text answers • Translation is available on questions • Students are able to draw responses to quiz questions • May be used on iOS, Android and desktop/laptop computers
  14. 14. QR Codes • Scan or generate codes associated with any URL • Showcase student work, announce campus events, or share classroom/school newsletters • I-nigma for qr code - • Microsoft tags -
  15. 15. QR Stuff
  16. 16. Global Projects for the Math Classroom
  17. 17. Projects by Jen
  18. 18. Voicethread •Free personal account or $79/year or $15/month for 50 student accounts •Comment using computer microphone, cell phone or typed text •Take and upload images using cell phone of a math process •Example: (feel free to respond to theVoiceThread slides) 162/
  19. 19. Civil War Sallie/Patriot Pete
  20. 20. Kids Go Global
  21. 21. Skype in the Classroom
  22. 22. Projects by Jen
  23. 23. Civil War Sallie/Patriot Pete
  24. 24. Kids Go Global
  25. 25. Skype in the Classroom
  26. 26. Classroom 2.0 LIVE – Mystery Skype 1/category/skype/1.html
  27. 27. “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” - William Arthur Ward
  28. 28. •Email: •Blog: •Resource LiveBinder: id=364126 Contact Information
  29. 29. Images • •