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  1. 1. Objective<br />An entry level nursing position<br />Education<br />Old Dominion UniversityGPA: 3.34<br />Bachelor of Science in Nursing<br />Major: NursingMinor: Psychology<br />Deep Creek High School<br />Advanced Studies Diploma<br />Advanced Placement & Honors classes<br />Related Experience<br />Transition to Professional Nursing PracticeMarch-April 2011<br />Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters<br />120+ hour clinical experience with two nurse preceptors<br />Adult Health Nursing March 2009-November 2010<br />Chesapeake Regional, Sentara Leigh, Sentara Virginia Beach General<br />Clinical courses with faculty presence<br />Previous Employment<br />Applebee’s, Chesapeake, VA<br />Carside To Go Specialist, Server, Expediter, Hostess<br /><ul><li>Prepared food appropriately
  2. 2. Handled customer complaints
  3. 3. Trained future Carside Specialists
  4. 4. Organized duties for different departments
  5. 5. Created informational charts and documents
  6. 6. Assisted other departments
  7. 7. Welcomed guests at the door</li></ul>Girl’s Inc. Center for Youth, Chesapeake, VA<br />Child Care Specialist <br /><ul><li>Provided care for children 5-13
  8. 8. Supervised children’s activities
  9. 9. Ensured a safe environment
  10. 10. Prepared and assisted in creative play and arts & crafts</li></ul>Priority Toyota, Chesapeake, VA<br />Receptionist<br /><ul><li>Welcomed customers
  11. 11. Provided assistance to match customers and salespeople
  12. 12. Prepared customer logs
  13. 13. Assisted in contests</li></ul>References<br />References available upon request<br />