Where to from here? Career planning for Executive Chefs


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Presentation by Trevelyan Bale from Blacktown Workers Club to the Clubs+ Chefs Tw-Day Management Summit in Sydney, June 2012

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Where to from here? Career planning for Executive Chefs

  1. 1. Where to from Here
  2. 2. Skills in the kitchen Organised Eye for detail Hard working Quality Controls Costing menus / staff costs Training Mentoring Work well under pressure
  3. 3. What is YOUR Next level ? Where is your next step from the kitchen? How do you get there? What other skills will I need? Who will I have to liaise with on what levels?
  4. 4. Important areas of improvement What areas will you need to work on?
  5. 5. Important items Computer skills – Excel. POS etc Budgeting – you need to know this backwards!! Understanding key control & check points in your business, Are they correct? Base rosters / Forecasts Develop your systems and standards and have them clearly defined Run effective meeting with clearly defined outcomes / requirements.
  6. 6. Important items Recognising, Identifying and grooming individuals for future management roles Empowering staff and mangers to do their job with checks in place – clearly defined deliverables Encourage staff and managers to step outside their comfort zone Hold staff and managers to account – be direct and consistent
  7. 7. Important items Comfortable with public speaking  Board meetings / presentations  Manager meetings  Staff meetings  Members Good communication both written and verbal Personal grooming and presentation Be approachable for people with good ideas – staff should be pushing you. FOH -Beverage knowledge – Wines / service etc
  8. 8. Further education / Training Computer courses Do courses to improve the skills that you know you need to improve on CMA CDI Legislative – security and compliance  Gaming  Mandatory signage  Regulations