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  1. 1. Connecting “Great” People, With “Great” Organizations.
  2. 2. FGS OVERVIEW Focus Group Solutions, Inc. (FGS) is comprised of seasoned professionals with extensive industry knowledge and a depth of project management, consulting and professional recruiting experience that is unrivaled in today’s world of professional services industry. FGS is built on the success of more than a decade of professional support services pro- vided by our affiliates. Distinctively, FGS focuses on four areas: We provide contracts and procurement management as well as advisory services to government contractors. • We deliver a comprehensive range of acquisition management support and assistance to federal clients to im- • prove their business operations in acquisition and contracts. We deliver managed solutions for compliance, episodic, and projects that routinely impact the accounting, fi- • nance, and operational departments within organizations. We provide support services over the full life-cycle of your ERP application - strategy and planning, implementa- • tion and integration, and post go-live support. CONTRACT & SUBCONTRACT ADMINISTRATION & MANAGEMENT FGS provides full life-cycle contracts administration services including RFP development, cost estimating, pricing analysis, negotiations, T&C interpretation, contract compliance, contract performance monitoring, contract modifi- cations, subcontract administration, evaluation and management, teaming/NDA development, preparation of finan- cial deliverables, and customer invoicing. ACQUISITION MANAGEMNT Our consultants are recognized experts in acquisition, contracting and procurement and include Certified Pro- fessional Contract Managers (CPCMs), former government contracting officers and procurement managers. FGS ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE PROFESSIONALS DELIVER SERVICES IN THE FOLLOWING AREAS: Accounting / Finance / Treasury Operations Support Project Management Financial Reporting & Analysis Audit Support Tax Support Executive Permanent Placement ENTERPRISE APPLICATIONS FGS is a proven provider of implementation services. FGS provides skilled and experienced functional and technical professionals in financial management, hu- man resources, supply chain and customer relationship management. The key implementation services offered include: Project Management to help establish a clear project definition, set objective and realistic plans, and build the team to properly deliver the benefits expected. Business services to conduct fit analysis, prototype design, business process im- provement, configuration support and training. Technical services to cover customization, data conversion, interface develop- ment, web and portal design and development, database administration and e- business infrastructure and assessment. Transition management to provide a smooth transfer of the new system from the project team to the user and support community. Our Application Software Focus: PeopleSoft (Enterprise) ™ PeopleSoft is the world's leading provider of application software for the real-time enterprise. They offer a suite of best-in-class applications built on their Pure Internet Architecture and designed for the most complex business requirements. FGS focuses on PeopleSoft's applications of Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Supply Chain Management, and Customer Re- lationship Management. Deltek Costpoint™ Deltek Costpoint is the industry-leading financial management and project accounting software designed specifically to meet the business needs of sophisticated project driven organizations. Costpoint’s complete suite of business applications can help you to automate and streamline project-oriented business processes so you can more effectively track, manage and report on critical aspects of your business and meet today’s strict compliance and auditing requirements. Washington, D.C. Office Headquarters, Northern Virginia Focus Group Solutions, Inc. Focus Group Solutions, Inc. 3007 M St. NW, Ste 400 3611-D Chain Bridge Rd Washington, D.C. 20001 Fairfax, Virginia 22030 Office: 202-337-0140 Office: 703-352-7110 Fax: 202-478-2098 Fax: 703-352-7115 www.fgsolutionsinc.com www.fgsolutionsinc.com .
  3. 3. Acquisition Support Services Our mission is to provide clients with cost effective and precise solutions to complex acquisition problems through workforce augmentation. With a staff of seasoned Contracting Officers and Program Managers, FGS can quickly respond our customer’s immediate needs. FGS’ credentialed experts provide acquisition solutions ranging from contract management, source selec- tion and policy support to maintenance and administration of customer’s automated procurement appli- cation strategy. From a technical standpoint, our hands- on contracting professionals can swiftly evaluate and ensure the legal compliance of your automated contracting. FGS’ hybrid experience of both the commercial and gov- ernment arena, positions our employees to accurately inform clients of vital contracting laws, regulations and policies ensuring corporate and agency compliance. Our Services Include: PROGRAM MANAGEMENT SUPPORT Keenly combining people, process, and change FGS delivers program management solutions for your technology, business, systems and enterprise needs. We migrate programs/project risks and ensure that costs are on target, schedules are met, and performance exceed expectations. Our program management services include: Performacne Management • Organizational Change • Strategic Planning • ACAT Program Support • Management Support • Program Integration • PROCUREMENT & CONTRACTING SUPPORT Adhering to Federal Acquisition and agency regulations, FGS contract specialists quickly and accurately source, evaluate, and award agency procurements. Our personnel are experienced in a myriad of procurement systems and adapt quickly to any procurement environment. Our services include: Pre-award services • Award services • Post-award services • Micro purchases • Simplified acquisitions • Formal solicitation and competitive negotiations • Contract closeout • POLICY Despite an emphasis on business acumen and decision-making within the acquisition workforce and contracting process, the acquisition community continues to be overburdened with audits, IG inspections, internal reviews, and unending legislative changes. FGS’s acquisition services includes support to any agency to ensure regulatory and policy compliance with: Federal Acquisitions Regulations (FAR) • Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) • OMB Circulars • Agency acquisition regulation • Internal operating regulation • MANAGEMENT PROGRAMS Management of a customer’s acquisition, business, and training programs is becoming a greater challenge with the downsizing of the acquisition workforce. As a result of this downsizing, greater emphasis is placed on the opera- tional programs and less emphasis on management support. Our management programs include: Strategic sourcing • Acquisition reform • Best practices • Policy and oversight support • COTR assistance • Performance-based services acquisitions • Risk Management • Headquarters, Northern Virginia-Focus Group Solutions, Inc.- 3611-D Chain Bridge Rd- Fairfax, Virginia 22030 Office: 703-352-7110- Fax: 703-352-7115 www.fgsolutionsinc.com