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Startup Elevator Pitch


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simple 1 page elevator pitch for startups

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Startup Elevator Pitch

  1. 1. Team 1 Line Pitch ( Short , Compelling message to convert casual visitors to suspects) Problem Statement: 2-3, of the format: ____<Customer Segment>_________ needs ____<benefit>__ because | however ____________________ ____<Customer Segment>_________ needs ____<benefit>__ because | however ____________________ ____<Customer Segment>_________ needs ____<benefit>__ because | however ____________________ Channels ( How do you reach customers) Business: Technology: Product: Others: Startup Name Existing Options: list how the problems are solved today Option 1 – 1 Line Pitch Option 2 – 1 Line Pitch Option 3 – 1 Line Pitch Solution: outline your solution ____< Startup Name>_________ helps ____<customer segment>_____ <benefit>__________ by ________ <how is the benefit delivered>________ High Level Concept ( X for Y analogy for example Zappos is Amazon for Shoes Customer Segments ( List of Customer Segments) Defensibility (Something difficult to build or buy) Key Matrices: status as on date Cost Structure (Fixed and Variable) Revenue (Sources of revenue)