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  1. 1. Kulbhushan Singhal <br />ABOUT ME: An Engineer, from IT,BHU; working as a Consultant, operating from Mumbai, involved in Industrial, Project Consultancy, and also REVIVAL of sick establishment. I am also writing about problems faced by Indian people and to how they can be sorted out by revival of Hindu religion. <br />ABOUT MY BLOG: As a financial consultant involved in revival of sick establishment, I often have to analyze, and provide solutions to lot of problems. Slowly, it did dwell on me that Hindus, though, highly religious, are not getting desired result as a society. Female foeticide, Lack of education for girls, dowry deaths, suicides among farmers, increase in court cases among relatives, corruption, mistrust and discontent, are all physical parameters to measure the effectiveness or success/failure of RELIGION, in a society. And all this, despite the fact, that spending on religion, by Hindus, has increased drastically after the advent of multiple TV channels. Revival of Hindu religion is the only way forward. This blog is a serious attempt in that direction.<br />Herein under is the list of posts from my blog AGNI PARIKSHA OS SITA; LINK:<br />PLEASE REMEMBER ;<br />THE answers here, are based on physical parameters, as they should be, as Ramayan is history of HUMANS & Shri Ram, and Mata Sita are HUMAN REINCARNATION OF GOD.<br />What exactly went wrong with Hindu religion since INDEPENDENCE of INDIA.<br />THIS BLOG TELLS YOU ALL ABOUT Ramayan; and how Ramayan the history has been coated with MYTHS, making it ineffective, and this myth is increasing the PASSIVENESS in Hindu Society.<br />You will know through this Blog:<br /> Why was it important for Shri Ram to abolish Agni Pariksha and declare it as an ADHARM.<br /> Why is Shri Ram called Maryadapurushottam.<br /> Why SATYAYUG was NOT a HUMAN society friendly YUG?<br /> Why is Hindu society so PASSIVE.<br />=======================================================================<br />REMEMBER: GOD is absolute and has absolute powers. HE can use those powers without taking the recourse of HUMAN AVATAR. HE comes as HUMAN to set examples. What examples HE will set if HE uses SUPERNATURAL or MIRACULOUS powers?<br />======================================================================<br />Remember an average Hindu cannot read and understand VEDAS and other RICH Hindu religious texts. But nevertheless Hindu Saints were great thinkers and ANTICIPATED the problem that the society would face. They knew how serious the exploitation of weaker section of the society and females was, by religious Gurus, during PRE RAM ERA.<br />VEDAS provide a HARMONIOUS way of life with all around growth. How that could be implemented if religious GURUS are more after money and power and not working for growth of Hindu society. It is in this respect ITIHAAS or History of Incarnated God is important. <br />Every event in the history of Incarnated God (in this case Shri Ram and Mata Sita), would provide a Dharm. They would by example tell society what is correct path so that Vedas cannot be misrepresented. Society would thus move forward and NOT be exploited by unscrupulous Gurus.<br />DHARM FROM KAEKAI BANISHING RAM TO FOREST<br />URL:<br />The first thing we have to understand is that Godess Swarswati has had no role in banishment of Shri Ram. Remember to get the maximum out of Ramayan it is important for all of us to understand that Ramayan is History of HUMANS, and NO SUPERNATURAL or MIRACULOUS powers were available to any of the characters.<br />MEANING OF WORDS: SANATAN DHARM, DHARMIC, SPIRITUAL, GURU, SAADHU<br />URL:<br />Many words used in Hindu religion or Dharm create confusion because different people following different Gurus would interpret it differently. The confusion is further compounded by usage of Sanskrit Shlokas, which they would invariably give in support of their interpretation. <br />Remember, every religion or faith promotes the welfare of followers; as such the first simple thing, for any definition to be correct, is that the reference point has to be Hindu Society.<br />DHARM OF SITA LINKING MARRIAGE WITH DISMANTLING OF SHIV DHANUSH<br />URL:<br />Understanding the Dharm, from swambar of Sita, is easy. For princess and queens, the issues can be human welfare, but for an ordinary female this would translate into doing the right thing for the family in which a female is born or married. The Dharm clearly gives strong message that in case of subtle difference in welfare of husband and husband’s family, the female’s responsibility tilts in favor of family. Remember the family links one with the society, the nation and humanity.<br />DHARM WE GET WHEN RAM DISMANTLED SHIV DHANUSH <br />URL:<br />Hindu religion classifies Ramayan as ITIHAAS, meaning History. That certainly means that no Supernatural or Miraculous powers were available to any of the characters of Ramayan. That also means that for humans, GOD SITTING IN HEAVENS WILL NOT LAY DOWN Dharmic rules, but a NORMAL human, as incarnation, would lay down rules.<br />That also means every event in which Shri Ram or Mata Sita were involved would provide a Dharm, yet no religious leader has made efforts to tell Hindus about this. <br />HINDU GURUS RAISED THE EMOTIONAL CONTENT TO MAKE HINDU SOCIETY MORE PASSIVE<br />URL:<br />We do not need terrorists to destroy India. India consists of 80% Hindus, and all one has to do is to increase the emotional content of religion to DESTROY INDIA. Since Hindus are highly religious, and they take their religion very seriously indeed, in case emotional content of religion is increased, the already PASSIVE Hindu society becomes more passive. This alone is sufficient to destroy India, and UNFORTUNATELY, THIS IS HAPPENING. <br />Vimaans, scientific growth during Ramayan distorted by Hindu Gurus <br />URL:<br />Hereinabove we were talking of discovery of first stage i.e. steam engine. Flying m/s requires larger sophistication and multiple stages of growth. Obviously if flying machines, i.e. vimaans were there, then there was much larger growth in other fields. For instance, sophistication in weapons, communication, health and medical, general society welfare, was certainly there.<br />WHY CASTE SYSTEM AMONGST HINDUS ORIGINATED FROM SATYAYUG<br />URL:<br />The problem with Hindus is that they seriously believe that they are the oldest civilization of the world, and then they conveniently forget that, physical realities, as mentioned below can only be constructed through ancient History and NOT by quoting a Shloka.<br />WAS RAVAN EXTREMELY POWERFUL AND INVINCIBLE <br />URL:<br />But Ravan was NOT INVINCIBLE. And this has been proved by History. When Ravan kidnapped Sita, the ruling queen of Ayodhya, Ram had the option of calling for the forces of Ayodhya, Janakpuri, other friendly kingdoms. But Ram preferred to use Vaanars. Though Vaanars were also trained to use modern weapons, they, nevertheless looked less powerful than the sophisticated army of kingdoms.<br />RAM TRAINED VAANARS TO FIGHT AGAINST OPPRESSION DURING 14 YEARS OF VANVAAS<br />URL:<br />Though this period of History is the most important period of Shri Ram’s life, yet not much has been written about it.<br />The confusion is there because we still are NOT in a position to mentally accept that Ramayan is Human History of Treta Yug. We try to glorify Shri Ram and Mata Sita by accepting that they had SUPERNATURAL or MIRACULOUS powers. <br />FOR HINDUS IN INDIA DHARM IS CONFRONTATION<br />URL:<br />Recently social activist, Mr. Anna Hazaare, CONFRONTED the government and succeeded in forcing the government to accept a definite time frame to draft, introduce and pass the Lok Pal bill. Whether it will succeed to end or reduce corruption at the top is another question. However, it is a good beginning of confrontation of civil society, to set things right. WE HAVE TO DO THE SAME IN THE VICINITY WHERE WE LIVE.<br />Remember there are problems in your vicinity too where you can help: Street lights are not working; approach roads are in bad shape though repaired recently; water logging; excessive mosquitoes although municipal person is spraying pesticide regularly; etc.etc.<br />AVATAR VS KALYUG GURUS<br />URL:<br />The first thing that immediately comes to every one’s mind is that Hindus are more close to evolution. That is, they believe that God sitting in Heaven will NOT solve the problems, but humans have to make efforts to do this. And that is where the Avatar comes in. Obviously Avatar will NOT have any SUPERNATURAL or MIRACULOUS powers, otherwise what lessens HE would provide to the world. HE will be a normal human, behave and act within the parameters available to every other human being. An example should perhaps make this clearer.<br />VALUES AND DHARM<br />URL:<br />Values are time specific and they, as we can see with young boys and girls, could keep on changing with time. They may OR may NOT be connected with Dharm. During 1000 years of invaders rule there was serious problem of young unmarried girl being forcibly taken away, and to take care of this, early marriage became the rule. But this could never be classified as Dharm. The Dharm then and now is the same; to ensure that females are not exploited.<br />SANSKAR, PASSIVENESS IN HINDU SOCIETY<br />URL:<br />However there is lot of confusion about what Sanskar is, and what it is not. Sanskar is often confused with the definition of character too. People often blame everything on “wrong Sanskar”. This may not be true. Sanskar is something which is NOT taught but is learnt by observation in your family and acceptance and following of that belief or practice is automatic.<br />WHY DO WE WORSHIP HANUMAN<br />URL:<br />Hanuman was very close to Shri Ram and Mata Sita. Shri Ram and Mata Sita are reincarnation of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi respectively. Together they ensure that humanity moves forward with equal opportunities for every member of the society. This is the Dharm for which they reincarnate. This is the Dharm for which we respect and worship Hanuman. Certainly this is the Dharm which we all must follow.<br />HINDUS, LIVE WITH DIGNITY<br />URL:<br />The infrastructure already exists. The faith in religion is also absolute. The only problem is that no one has DESIGNED and informed the masses that if one accepts corruption in his vicinity, he or she will go to hell; Or if there is a case of female foeticide, dowry deaths, HIS/HER condition would be worst than ASHWASTHAMA.<br />MISCONCEPTION ABOUT SATYAYUG<br />URL:<br />First let us understand the fact that SATYAYUG is the beginning of a new era, or new civilization. It would start after the earlier civilization, towards the end of KALYUG is consumed by man-made calamities and subsequently the survivors face the wrath of natural calamities. The sea water would then rise significantly covering almost the entire land mass. This much we know from ancient history.<br />Difference between AVATAR and GOD<br />URL:<br />“As and when the quantum of Adharm increases to uncontrollable level, I come on this earth as Avatar to set things right”; Lord Krishna from Gita. What are the standards of Adharm or atrocities then, for God to incarnate?<br />IF we think honestly, we will straight away realize that God does everything very fairly. HE would only incarnate as and when the problems faced by humanity are unmanageable.<br />HINDUS, ADHARM CALLED AGNI PARIKSHA, AND SITA RAM<br />URL:<br />The Adharm was established not by Lord Vishnu, but human incarnation of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi, whom we know as Ram and Sita. The amount of their sufferings as humans cannot be described in words. Yet we are not in a position to take advantage of this Adharm (for which Shri Ram and Mata Sita suffered a lot) as our religious Preachers or Gurus do not want any improvement in Hindu Society.<br />Agni pariksha of Sita signifies not only the Adharm that this was; but all atrocities in the name of religion and religious acceptance of exploitation, that the females were forced to undergo. An example is multiple marriages of males’ accepted by religion prior to establishment of Ram Rajya.<br />Other example: saints and accomplished religion stalwarts were awarding drastic punishment (including death) to females in forest on pretext of upholding Dharm. Gautam Rishi and Jamagadni (father of Parashuram), are example of these. One saint killed his wife while other tried to kill his wife. Even serious offence like having forced sex with wife of close relative, like Bhraspati, had NO opposition from Dharm. Shri Ram killed Bali for this offence.<br />RAM SUGRIVE FRIENDSHIP PACT.. AN ANALYSIS <br />URL:<br />We forget that this banishment was arranged by Kaekai, her step mother, who loved and adored Ram. Ram was there on a mission. He had to settle Vaanars, the evolved humans and also destroy the setup of hatred created by combine of Rakshas and kingdoms, so that, in future a smooth transition of Vaanars into the mainstream of civilized world, could happen.<br />Here we are going to concentrate on Ram Sugrive pact, and discuss this strategically.<br />PASSIVENESS, HINDU ORGANIZATIONS, LOYALTY AND NATION<br />URL:<br />Over 100 Crore Hindus live in India, and we have a democracy, yet we as Hindus are no getting desired result as a Society. We are frustrated and this frustration reflects in all our actions. We try to blame the NON Hindus for this, knowing that we are doing this because we simply do not have the guts to accept that we are passive and afraid to take bold decisions.<br />As said earlier, there has always been difference between commitment toward nation and commitment towards an organization. We need organizations who can tell their followers what happened during 1000 years of invaders rule without manipulating facts. And also what was the mistake the Hindu organizations made after independence which has made the attitude of Hindus so PASSIVE. Unfortunately this is not happening. They must tell the Hindu society that during those 1000 years of invaders rule, every kingdom had a Rajguru and a King. A RAJGURU, who lived lavishly and had absolute powers; the history of invaders and invasions is known to everybody.<br />RAMAYAN IS MORE THAN RAM RAVAN YUDH<br />URL:<br />Other example: saints and accomplished religion stalwarts were awarding drastic punishment (including death) to females in forest on pretext of upholding Dharm. Gautam Rishi and Jamagadni (father of Parashuram), are example of these. One saint killed his wife while other tried to kill his wife. Even serious offence like having forced sex with wife of close relative, like Bhraspati, had NO opposition from Dharm. Shri Ram killed Bali for this offence.<br />MATSYA AVTAR IN LIGHT OF GEOGRAPHICAL CONDITIONS<br />URL:<br />The sea water had risen significantly, and a rare astronomical phenomenon occurred, unknown and unobserved by them. The lunar nodes, i.e. Rahu and Ketu are no longer moving in their retrograde motion, which means that moon has stopped changing the orbit, with reference to the apparent path of the Sun. This has resulted in cession of wave movement. The so called churning of sea water has stopped. Rahu and Ketu are dead.<br />They could anchor, as some hill top, as land, were still there, but what little information they were getting from friendly ships was that there the people were fighting amongst themselves, killing each other, and looting. Humans have never learnt the art of sharing. However human is the most perfect creation of God, which can find ways to survive in extreme difficult circumstances. It is in this context Matsya Avatar is to be visualized.<br />Remove INTERPOLATIONS from Ramayan, end PASSIVENESS of HINDUS<br />URL:<br />How many times have we made a wrong assessment that whatsoever is happening in our country is because of corrupt politicians and Not because of our Passive attitude? After all WE ELECT the representatives. No it was Kaekai who asked for banishment of Ram and she only was responsible, and also perhaps Shri Ram.<br />UNDERSTANDING LIFE WITH SATYAM SHIVAM SUNDARAM <br />URL:<br />It is an accepted Hindu belief that one comes empty handed in this world and also leaves empty handed. During ones journey through this earth, one interacts with his family, his foes and friends, his external interaction, both professional and Dharmic, and also with the environment. Now during this journey one has to leave, as far as possible more positive affects; and that is one thing everyone has to keep in mind all the time. That is what is expected of you as Shivam.<br />Sundaram, as the name suggests means beautiful. Life is beautiful. And so is the world where we live in. This is one belief which is important to cultivate. Until and unless one cultivates this belief, there is no way one can understand the Physical meaning of SHIV and Satyam, Shivam Sundaram, which this post endeavors to do. Remember cultivation of believe and honestly accepting its meaning, implication and usage are prerequisite for ending all miseries in life.<br />RAM BASHING AND HOW TO END THIS<br />URL:<br />PLEASE END RAM BASHING; after 63 years of independence there is NO room for Ram Bashing. Shri Ram asked Sita to undergo the fearful and dreaded fire test, popularly known as Agni Pariksha. But then we forget that both Shri Ram and Devi Sita were human incarnation of God and as Human their main purpose was to establish Dharm and end atrocities by abolishing Adharm. SHRI RAM AND DEVI SITA ESTABLISHED AGNI PARIKSHA AS AN ADHARM.<br />Agni pariksha at that time was the finest and noblest Maryada (or tradition) to determine the chastity of a woman. Now how could Ram declare this as Adharm? As victorious army chief he asked Sita for Agni pariksha, but as soon as he became King, he decided the ALLEGED VOLUNTARY stay of Sita at Raven’s place on the basis of physical evidence only, declaring Agni Pariksha as ADHARM<br />.<br />Vaanars were not monkeys but evolved humans in Ramayan<br />URL:<br />We have been deceived in the name of religion for far too long. According to one version, ANJANI the mother of Hanuman was NOT a MONKEY. She was the daughter of Gautam Rishi and Ahaliya. She got pregnant without marriage, and in order to avoid further humiliation she was sent towards Hills, where she gave birth to Hanuman. She handed the child to his rightful father Kesari. It is believed that she was not even allowed to meet Kesari, so she threw Hanuman from a cliff, and Kesari on the ground below caught hold of Hanuman. Since he came by air route, he is also called Pavanputra.<br />Pre Ram Era..Dharm used for exploitation of females..Ram ended this<br />URL:<br />Anjani, became unmarried mother, and was sent to forest, where Hanuman was born. Ahaliya was killed, by her husband, Gautam Rishi. Parashuram father asked his sons to kill their mother. Bhraspati forced his brother’s wife into having sex with him. <br />There were serious problem of Religious exploitation of females, during pre-Ram era, which required Shri Ram to come as avatar and declare Agni Pariksha as Adharm.<br />Once we accept this, we will have no problem in understanding why Agni Pariksha of Sita, a highly explosive event became part of Ramayan. And why Shri Ram and Mata Sita established Agni Pariksha as an ADHARM.<br />We have seriously NEVER tried to access the reason for Lords avatar as Shri Ram. Why? Because then the exploitation of females by religious personalities, prior to the birth of Shri Ram had to be exposed. To access the reason for avatar, we have to first understand the social and geographical condition of those times. Remember one thing; during the initial and early stages of growth of ANY society there has always been exploitation of females and weaker class of persons.<br />MEANING OF SATYAM SHIVAM SUNDARAM<br />URL:<br />SATYAM SHIVAM SUNDARAM is the way Hindus describe Lord Shiv with respect and devotions. However one must understand the exact and practical meaning of the word or phrase so that life could become more meaningful and enjoyable.<br />The statistics is there for everyone to see. After independence, if the increase in wealth is measured, big industrial houses will come first and our religious leaders or GURUS, a proud second. This is when most of these GURUS claim that they do not even touch money.<br />An Appeal to all Hindus and Hindu Society<br />URL:<br />Please note this is an appeal, a humble petition to my brothers and sisters and fellow countrymen. We have inherited a STUBBORN AND PASSIVE ATTITUDE, which is the root cause of the entire problem. And our religious leaders after Independence exploited this further to earn money, and power.<br />The statistics is there for everyone to see. After independence, if the increase in wealth is measured, big industrial houses will come first and our religious leaders or GURUS, a proud second. This is when most of these GURUS claim that they do not even touch money. <br />Please note that there is still serious problem of exploitation of Hindu Society by the Hindu Religious Preachers, or GURUS. Otherwise how can one explain this statistical fact that Hindu Religious Preachers and Gurus wealth has increased manifold and the Hindu society is struggling; even BPL(below the poverty line) families have increased. It is a shame on all Hindu educated persons. <br />Kamdhenu fulfils needs without depleting natural resources<br />URL:<br />Kamdhenu is believed to have emerged from the depth of oceans as a result of churning of ocean. After the great flood, the sea rose to unimaginable levels and the wave formation which is also visualized as churning of ocean stopped. It is said that after a very long period of time, perhaps after lakhs of years, the wave formation or churning of ocean RESTARTED. This is symbolized by Kurma avatar of Lord Vishnu.<br />PARASHURAM came to save Vaanars from INHUMAN exploitation of Kingdoms<br />URL:<br />Before that we have to understand the social and geographic condition of Treta Yug, where EVOLVED HUMAN BEINGS, who were called VAANARS, were living in forest and there were Kingdoms too, were normal humans(as we know them) were living. Now to explain the purpose of Avatar of Parashuram, we have to take the social and geographic condition of Treta Yug into account.<br />What was THE PURPOSE OF PARASHURAM'S AVATAR? Who were these KSATRIYAS or Warriors, against which he has to raise his arms 21 times? Important thing to remember here is that Parashuram’s forces were FIGHTING TO KILL the enemy forces, and NOT just to defeat them. <br />Having ascertained the extent of Barbarianism that prevailed which forced an Avatar as Parashuram, we now have to provide details. There is very little one must admit regarding the details about it in ancient history. The only thing that we have is forcefully taking away belongings of people living in jungle, for instance Kamdhenu was forcefully taken away by warriors of kingdoms. The simple meaning of Kamdhenu is one that fulfils every need.<br />INTERPRETATION and INTERPOLATION in Ramayan<br />URL:<br />Before we move any further everyone has to understand that these posts are based on accepted religious belief that incarnation does not allow for any SUPERNATURAL or MIRACULOUS powers. Taking this into account and accepting that there can be no deviation on this, let us first understand the meaning of INTERPRETATION and INTERPOLATION, by an example so that the difference is understood properly:<br />Serious Sufferings of Sita; reason for Radha not Marrying Krishna<br />URL:<br />Please understand that the explanations that Shri Ram asked Agni God to keep Sita till such time that he could kill all Rakshas, and kept Chayya of Sita instead of Sita, were explanations for earlier age when people were less informed. This was simply an explanation and cannot hold well in today’s world. As far as I am concerned my Ram was neither a criminal nor a hypocrite who would bless the abduction of Sita by requesting Agni Dev for safe keeping, and then ask for Agni Pariksha. As if this was not enough, he would then disown Sita to appease his public and satisfy his hunger for power. No he did no such things.<br />RAM RAJYA was the Rule of Civil and Dharmic LAWS<br />URL:<br />Ram Rajya was the RULE OF LAW where Dharm and Civil Administration worked together, in complete HARMONY, to ensure that the Sanatan Dharm, i.e. the Dharmic laws, and the Civil Laws were appropriate, and harmonious for the welfare of the entire society on equal opportunity basis.<br />God INCARNATES in Human form as RAM and SITA to reduce Adharm<br />URL:<br />Hindu text and Dharm has classified Ramayan and Mahabharat as ITIHAAS; the meaning of which is History. Since Hindus firmly believe that Lord Vishnu incarnates in Human form as and when the proportion of Adharm reaches unmanageable level, Ramayan as Itihaas assumes greater responsibility for proper information about Dharm. History can be narrative and in story form, so that it can be understood by a commoner. No serious interpretation is required. All we have to accept and understand is that important events in Shri Ram’s life will provide Dharm.<br />Considering the above circumstances it is indeed credible that Ramayan did not go through massive misinterpretation. However certain interpretations which were used till now must give way to more realistic and actual interpretations. At places Valmiki Ramayan contains explanations (which has nothing to do with actual event, and as such can be ignored), which were used earlier when less information was available, but why are they being used now is serious manipulation. Ex: During Agni Pariksha of Sita, Agni Dev testified about purity of Sita. Please note this is an explanation and has no use in information age.<br />Hanuman was a VAANAR and certainly not a Monkey<br />URL:<br />There is still some serious confusion whether Hanuman Jee was a monkey or a Vaanar. Before this question is answered, it is extremely important to translate the Sanskrit word Vaanar. Vaanar as the name suggests means person residing in Van or forest. We know that human being have evolved through the long process of nature called EVOLUTON. Hindu history, however, also accepts that the first lot of humans might be called Creator’s or GOD’s gift to this earth.<br />Comments: Though living in the forest and having a tail, Hanuman was able to receive education, was highly intelligent, and was as such respected in Vaanar community. So when Vaanars were being sent to search for Sita, and when they reached the coast, it was Hanuman who took upon himself to cross the sea.<br />It is usually believed that Hanuman crossed the sea by taking a big, long, huge and SUPER NATURAL jump. However this seems unlikely for two reasons<br />PAIN OF BEING RAM AND SITA<br />URL :<br />Shri Ram and Devi Sita were incarnation of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi respectively. They came on this earth at a very critical time, when Hindu Dharm was threatened by sheer magnitude of quantum of Adharm. Vaanars were treated as animals, although they have developed through the process of evolution. The then developed world ,or Kingdoms, as one would like to call them, refused to recognize them as Humans in spite of Lord Parashuram’s fierce combats, and punishments.<br />Shri Ram was banished for fourteen years and Mata Sita accompanied him. Whether the banishment was engineered by Shri Ram could be debatable, but the pain that followed was certainly NOT. Staying in forest for a Prince and a Princess for 14 years is painful by any standard. And then the regular fight with Rakshas. And, finally the abduction of Mata Sita; As if this was not enough, the pain of watching Sita tormented by Agni Pariksha, and then disownment of pregnant Sita, after she came back to Ayodhya and became Queen of Ayodhya.<br />Shri Ram and Devi Sita came on this earth at a very critical time, when Hindu Dharm was threatened by sheer magnitude of quantum of Adharm. Vaanars were treated as animals, although they were evolved Humans. The exploitation of females was unending; with Religious Gurus even using religion for attrocities. Ram and Sita ended all this by establishing Agni Pariksha as an ADHARM. <br />Passive attitude of Hindus….Solutions<br />URL :<br />Do we understand the implication of this? In case, after enactment of stringent laws, cases of female foicsticide are increasing, the obvious conclusion is that certain fraudulent religious leaders or Gurus have blessed this…no other conclusion is possible.<br />HOW to resolve the passive attitude of Hindus<br />URL :<br />One thing everyone must understand very clearly, the solution is simple but it has to be followed by majority of Hindus, to feel the change in attitude. As I said earlier, the change in attitude is statistically measurable behavior. And that is precisely why a Centralized Religious Body of Hindus (CRBH) is required, and it has to have a good numbers of Social Scientists from all regions.<br />ARE WE DOING ENOUGH AS HINDUS<br />URL :<br />During PRE-INDEPENDENCE period stretching over 1000 years, the problems were extremely difficult, and these required extraordinary solution. Our religious leaders and saints did provide the solution which worked well in those circumstances. PHYSICAL performing part of Hindu religion was deliberately diluted by the religious leaders (saints) themselves to make it more sustainable.We all know the history of that period. Young unmarried girls were forcefully, but officially, taken away in the HAREM of rich Muslims. Temples were being razed, and pressure on forceful conversion was severe and intense.<br />We know that from time immemorial religion has always been a seat of POWER. After independence this has become a symbol of POWER, WEALTH and POLITICAL Power. What is being said can easily be verified by everyone. Hindus as a society is doomed. The black warrant has been signed by our religious leaders.<br />CREATION VS. EVOLUTION AND HINDUS <br />URL:<br />Hindus are the only society in the world, who have no conflict of interest with the theory of Creation and as well as that of Evolution. This is one issue which has been addressed in detail in religious text of Hindus. We are the only ones who believe that the CREATOR or GOD, after having created this universe and set out broad and flexible goals for creation, let the EVOLUTION take care of the rest. As such there is no conflict between science and religion. <br />VACCUM IN DHARMIC LEADERSHIP <br />URL :<br />It is important for everyone to understand that ‘Human incarnation of God’ theory totally fails and shall invariably give negative results until and unless we accept that human incarnation form of God would provide Dharm, for mankind, through every important act of their life(Shri Ram’s life , in this instance)<br />DHARM and RELIGION<br />URL :<br />However people, who still want to know the difference between Dharm and religion, may continue reading this. It is not required in real practical terms, and in following your faith, but should in case you still want to know the difference in simple language, you can read on.<br />Every religion essentially has three performing parts:<br />1. Pooja or worship.<br />2. Rituals e.g. Havan, breaking of coconut, marriage rituals, etc..<br />3. Physical performing part of the religion.<br />As and when I, or for that matter anyone else have entered into a discussion, the PURISTS would often try to push the person on the back foot by declaring that what Hindus follow is Dharm and religion is not at all relevant when it comes to Hindu Dharm. Religion is something foreign, we are told, and this has destroyed Hindu Dharm and society. When one asks the simple understandable meaning of Dharm, they will start quoting from various scriptures, making it more complicated and confusing.<br />PROBLEMS WITH MATTH OWNING SADHUS<br />URL :<br />Saffron clad Sadhus, by definition are persons who have renounced worldly wealth and pleasure. But, unfortunately, a good number of these Sadhus amass wealth, usurp wealth, fight for wealth, enjoy wealth, and there are allegations (lot of them), that they commit crimes for wealth. If Government of India publishes statistics of leading wealth owning groups, then group of people owning industries, would definitely lead and Matth owners will be the proud second.<br />LITTLE KNOWN FACTS ABOUT SITA<br />URL :<br />You have to first believe that Shri Ram was a historical figure and an incarnation of Vishnu and your belief MUST be ABSOLUTE. Secondly you must understand comprehensively that the incarnation of Lord Vishnu was to establish Dharm, and as such every important event in which Shri Ram or Mata Sita was involved would provide a Dharm. Sometimes two event clubbed together would constitute a Dharm.<br />“Agni pariksha and disownment of Sita after Shri Ram became King are connected”, he said. “Sita was disowned after Shri Ram rejected the result of Agni Pariksha, and that too after a fair trial”.<br />Shri Ram told him he was here to kill all the powerful and wicked Rakshas, who were tormenting human races, and that he would not rest till his mission is complete. He further told Ravan that there were other subtler Rakshas who need not be killed. He advised Ravan to make sure that the powerful and wicked Rakshas were sent to fight first, and that IF Ravan got killed, prior to this, then the destruction of entire Rakshas tribe was a possibility, which Ravan must avoid.<br />PROBLEMS OF HINDU BLOGGERS..1<br />URL :<br />Lot of peoples are writing blogs about the problems that are being faced by the Hindus in India. Since 80% of the population consists of Hindus, and we are supposed to have a Democracy, the problems, and the feeling “that we are being overlooked because of the government’s policy of appeasement” becomes extremely serious. Since we are living in the information age, we have information, from statistic of Govt. of India, that the Hindu society is moving downwards.<br />HINDU RELIGIOUS BOOKS…MYTH OR ANCIENT HISTORY<br />URL :<br />It seems that after independence Hindus were transferred as a saleable commodity to the new political rulers for exploitation and manipulation. And religious leaders also joined these political rulers to enjoy this fruit of exploitation. Every political party has ruled India, including those who have publicly advocated interest of Hindus paramount in their agenda.<br /> <br />MAHASHIVRATRI: <br />URL :<br />If one collects statistic of number of temples of various deities in India, one will find that the maximum percentage of temples are those of Shiva (Destroyer) followed by Vishnu (PALLAN-KARTA or caretaker of creation), with Brahma (Creator) falling way behind with, perhaps, one designated temple at Pushkar. Conclusions, as to why we worship God (because we are afraid, or for personal gains, or because we love HIS creation), is personal choice of readers.<br />WHY ARE WE NOT CONTACTING VIBHISHEN NOW?<br />URL :<br />And we know that Vibhishen did shift to Pataal Lok, ie on the other side of the globe opposite to the Indian subcontinent. Knowledgeable people who have studied the Mayan culture and civilization feel it has originated from India and Tibet. Whether it is some coincidence or connection to settlements there, this part of the world has witnessed some strange catastrophic events, including disappearance of ships and airplanes on several occasions. <br />DURATION OF A KALP <br />URL :<br />The problem with these figures is that they are not based on real time—by real time, one means, the time the modern world can understand. We understand that one year consists of 365.25 days (approx), we understand that one day shall have 24 hours, and so on and so forth. Unfortunately no one could yet fully comprehend and define the time used in Surya Sidhanta, and reconcile it with the time we use and understand. This has deprived the usage of information in Surya Sidhanta and Puraans for determining the age of earth and generally for all other research in astronomy.<br />It is extremely important that the oldest culture of the world must contribute in modern day research in astronomy. It is true that we have contributed a lot in various astronomical researches, but because of the problem of real time and time used for computation, our astronomy is not contributing much in determining age of the earth and other related issues. <br />PLEASE WAIT AND PONDER<br /> URL :<br />The one religious book that has widely been misunderstood is GITA– the MOTIVATION speech that Shri Krishna gave to Arjun on the battle field. GITA HAS ADDED A NEW AND ADDITIONAL DIMENSION AS TO HOW RELIGION CAN ALSO BE PREACHED IN KALYUG. One must know and understand that Arjun was the toughest man ever to be born on earth. When at the start of Mahabharat, Arjun decided that he will not fight Mahabharat war, it required the caliber of Lord Krishna, and the motivation speech of Gita, to motivate him to fight the war.<br />A REVIEW OF RAMCHARITMANAS<br />URL :<br />Before Ramcharitmanas became popular, the entire Hindu scriptures were available, only in Sanskrit. During that period, Hindu religion was fighting a losing battle for survival. Temples were razed by Muslim rulers on the plea that in their religion, destruction of places of worship of other religion had religious sanctity, forceful conversion was taking place, and unmarried young girls were forcibly taken away. To add to their woes, heavy “jizya” tax was also required to be paid by Hindus.<br />PLEASE REVIVE RAM RAJYA<br />URL :<br />We have written history of more than 3000 years, and if we go through it, we will find that the decline of Hindu religion had started due to regular invasions of outsiders; initially for plundering, and later, not only for plundering but also staying in India and enjoying its wealth, and, by force enforcing their culture, religion. These regular invasions of more serious nature started from Khyber Pass, and the different kings ruling India at that time, at various places could not unite to face this onslaught. <br />RAM RAJYA… THE FORGOTTEN DHARM<br />URL :<br />The other part, too, was also simple. One had to work, with honest and sincere intent, for the progress of his family, his larger family and the society (one can say mohalla, sector, sub sector, area) in which one was living, and show highest respect and regards to females. AND THAT WAS ALL. While the first part (prayer or worship) may or may not guarantee a ticket to Heavens (depending on one’s performance on other part, or one can say outward performance part), a sincere and honest effort in discharging ones duties for the progress of his family, his larger family and the society, guaranteed a ticket to Heavens<br />But one thing becomes absolutely clear; our God does not interfere in the matter of human beings, though he is Almighty. If HE feels certain corrections are required to contain Adharm, HE comes on this earth as Avatar. Rests of the time, we earthlings, have to move ahead, following the DHARM. In other word, put in more simply, Hindu gods, or God will not interfere in our life. We are on our own. To understand this a bit further, that simply means Goddess Swarsati did not, and will never manipulate the mind of Manthara. Yes, since Shri Ram wanted to go to forest, it was left to him to arrange his passage for forest. And he did this with the help of Kaikai. Then the question that remains to be answered is; why did Goswami Tulsidas, brought the name of Manthara, as the prime culprit?<br />BALI VADH and MARYADAPURUSHOTTAM Ram<br />URL : must remember that for God there is never any Maryada, but a person is bound by traditions, customs and rituals. Maryada is a component of history and once we start judging a person on the bases of Maryadas of that period, we are doing this after we have accepted him as a historical figure of that time. In the case of Shri Ram this confusion must be cleared once and for ever. Some people believe that he was a historical figure, some feel otherwise. This article has been written with full belief and faith that he was a historical figure.<br />A person who follows the Maryadas of his time is called Maryada Purush. But a person, who goes beyond that, i.e. a person who not only follows Maryada, but is even willing to break them for the sake of larger cause such as humanity and nation is called MARYADAPURUSHOTTAM. Shri Ram is justly called MARYADAPURUSHOTTAM RAM.<br />BHARAT MEETS RAM<br />URL :<br />Bharat understood that there was no way it was possible as per existing Maryada, and also values dear to Shri Ram, that Shri Ram would even consider returning back, as his stay in forest was decided and (although unwillingly) endorsed by king Dasrath. Bharat was then told by Shri Ram, that similarly he must go and rule Ayodhya, as king, to satisfy the ‘Vachan’ of their departed father.<br />KAEKAI AND RAM<br />URL :<br />Several time this had been asked why Kaekai? Why not Manthara with Goddess Swarsati?I have picture of Shri Ram at my pooja place because I believe that by merely having his picture at my pooja place, I would be relieved of all untimely obstruction in any work I am undertaking / involved in. How can I believe that Goddess Swarsati and Manthara could have done that without Shri Ram’s active participation? Here Ram was present in person and yet Manthara could manipulate the entire royal family. No Ram was actively involved in this and Kaekai did this on behest of her Ram.<br />As earlier said Kaekai loved and adored Ram. She also had the discriminating power to understand what was being asked for. She knew at heart that God does not belong to any one person, one family. HER Ram was on a mission, and HE needed her help for the sake of humanity and she decided to be on HIS side.<br />SWAMBER OF SITA<br /> URL :<br />Janak informed the gathering about an accord which had been concluded recently between Shri Ram, the Prince of Ayodhya, and King Ravan, of Lanka, in his presence and the presence of Sage Vishvamitra (Read my earlier post Ramayan and History).<br />Under this accord Ravan had declared that he had no animosity against any Kingdom. <br />Ravan personally endorsed this and told everyone that he was equally concerned for all humanity and wanted a safe dismantling of Shiv Dhanush.<br />II Shri Ram, accompanied by Laxman and Maharishi Vishvamitra was in Janakpuri for the Swamber of Sita. They are here on a very clear mission. The mission was to ensure safe and proper dismantling of Shiv Dhanush- the ultimate weapon of mass destruction. But before reaching the Swamber site, Shri Ram already fell in love with Sita, when he accidently saw her in a garden, on the outskirts of city.<br />HOROSCOPE OF SHRI RAM<br /> URL :<br />That does not mean we should manipulate, deceive TV channels and people watching them by making false claims. Further research will and should come up with more information so that Shri Ram’s kundli can actually be casted. This is the information Yug, and we can expect answers to all questions pertaining to ancient Hindu history, but please do not make false claims. This is a disservice and has to be discouraged by all concern.<br />AGNI PARIKSHA OF SITA ....FACTS<br />URL :<br />DO you want to end RAM BASHING? If YES, please read on and then comment<br />Agni pariksha of Sita and her subsequent disownment are connected.<br />MY humble submission is that Hindus by and large are afraid to accept Shri Ram as human incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Once we accept Shri Ram as Avatar, who came on this earth for establishing Dharm, we then have to start looking at all important events in which he was involved differently and to find what the Dharm was, which HE tried to establish.<br /> <br />We the mortals know that Shri Ram was an incarnation of Vishnu and Sita that of Goddess Lakshmi. They performed this Leela so that humanity may never have to suffer such dastardly acts in future. IT IS ALSO ABSOLUTELY CLEAR THAT SHRI RAM COULD NOT HAVE DISOWNED SITA WITHOUT REJECTING AGNI PARIKSHA.<br />HINDU HISTORY... START OF A NEW KALP<br />URL :<br />One must remember that, as per Hindu history, Manu was the last king at the end of the kalp and carried the generation of people over sea to the next kalp. Whether one calls him Manu, Manush, or Man is insignificant. The thing to remember is Manu’s Smriti is meant for those DESPERATE people who were locked in extreme condition, over sea, fighting for survival. It has no place in current civilized life. To that extent it has been vastly misunderstood. Rules regarding caste, behavior thereon, would start making sense in that context only. It, however, is not relevant in today’s world. It is not meant to be. As of today, the Dharm laid down by Lord Ram and Lord Krishna need to be followed. But, unfortunately, no one tells us what the Dharm is.<br />However human civilization has always been cruel on other beings. They started exploiting these two legged animals (VAANARS) as slaves, and as animals The exploitation was cruel and inhuman to say the least. Here was the first batch of human beings of the new kalp-very pure and innocent , and the batch of survivors of the older kalp-whose antecedents were not known, were torturing them instead of welcoming them<br />RAMAYAN AND HISTORY<br />URL :<br />Lakshman along with Shri Ram accompanied Sage Vishwamitra in the forest where Tadaka lived along with her follower. They succeeded in enticing her for war where Shri Ram easily killed her and destroyed her fortress. They also incapacitated Marichi another fearsome Rakshas who was an uncle of Ravana and persuaded him to bring Ravana for negotiation.<br />Without going into details, the following decisions were taken during negotiation with Ravana in which King Janak also participated as representative of all kingdoms:<br />