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Horoscope of Shri RAM


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IMPORTANT: Please do not deceive and present false claims about date of birth of Shri Ram. This is the information age. Further research will throw more light on astronomical data of Treta Yug. Shri Ram was born at least 500,000 years earlier. We will have his exact date of birth in some years to come.

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Horoscope of Shri RAM

  1. 1. RAMAYAN AND HISTORY <br />In view of the growing popularity of TV channels, lot of serials on Ramayan are being made, people want to know, how much of this can be classified as facts. Since the period of Shri Ram is at least 500,000 yr old by some and much older as per Surya Siddantha, the result is CONFUSION.<br />For instance, no one tells an average Hindu believer why Shri Ram, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, came on this earth and what Dharm(s) he established? <br />Some of the questions that a modern viewer asks are? <br /> <br />What was so important about Yagna that King Dashrath was persuaded to send his sons to assist Sage Vishwamitra?<br /> <br />Why did Shri Ram proceeded to Janakpuri after the Yagna?.<br /> <br />How did Kaekai manipulate the entire royal family of Ayodhya for awarding vanvaas to Ram? The answer is important since Hindus worship Shri Ram to ward off such untimely obstruction, and there Ram was present in person yet the manipulation succeeded.<br /> <br />Why did Bharat after making so much of noise, return empty-handed from forest and could not bring back Ram?<br /> <br />Later, when Hanuman was bringing Sanjeevni & when Bharat came to know about it, why did he not send any help or assistance to Shri Ram?<br /> <br />Where is Vibhishan now? He is supposed to live till the end of KALP.He is not in Lanka.<br />Blog: Agni Pariksha of Sita<br />URL:<br />Post:RAMAYAN AND HISTORY <br />URL:<br />
  2. 2. Hindu History..START OF A NEW KALP<br />“However human civilization has always been cruel on other beings. They started exploiting these two legged animals as slaves, and as animals. They refused to recognize them as human beings although they were now developing into same. The exploitation was cruel and inhuman to say the least. Here was the first batch of human beings of the new kalp-very pure and innocent (Aryans as one would like to call them in Sanskrit), and the batch of survivors of the older kalp-whose antecedents were not known, were torturing them instead of welcoming them”.<br />The first avatar of Lord Vishnu was MATSYAAVTAR. This took place when at the end of Kalyug, the entire life, as existed on this earth, was destroyed earlier by man-made calamities and subsequently the survivors, THAT WERE LEFT, faced the wrath of natural calamities. The sea water rose significantly covering almost the entire land mass. Manu, the last king on the earth then started his journey on ships along with survivors. Vishnu in the form of fish escorts them. This journey continued for about 250,000 years. Several generations of survivors, as such, spend the life over water. Slowly with the phenomenal rise of water levels, the sea water also became stationary .All the turbulence and so called churning of water was gone. The water became still, very still. This was never witnessed by mankind before. Even sea life started slowly vanishing .They were at the end of the kalp.<br />There in the extreme hostile conditions survival was difficult. Certain rules were made to make them easier. It is only in this context Manu’s Smriti is to be looked at. <br />Rules regarding caste, behavior thereon, would start making sense in that context only. It, however, is not relevant in today’s world. It is not meant to be. <br />Blog: Agni Pariksha of Sita<br />URL:<br />Post:HINDU HISTORY... START OF A NEW KALP<br />URL :<br />PLEASE READ THE POST BY CLICKING THE LINK<br />
  3. 3. AGNI PARIKSHA OF SITA – FACTS<br />After becoming ChakravartiSamraat, Shri Ram ordained that humanity, present and future, would never ask any female to undergo this test. Perhaps this was the first Dharm of the much cherished RAMRAJYA.<br /> <br />The main objection of people regarding Sita, was that Ravan approached Sita in the form of a ‘Bhikshuk’ and as a ‘Brahmin’ he was perfectly eligible to do that, and Sita, after transgressing LaxmanRekha  went with Ravan on her own free will. As such Shri Ram had no reason to attack Lanka, kill unaccountable people and then ‘forcibly’ bring Sita back.<br /> <br />In the court which was presided by Shri Ram, the representative of Royal family pleaded that Sita was forcibly abducted by Ravan who came in the guise of Bhikshuk for that very purpose and that she was coeresed in transgressing the LaxmanRekha. Sita also personally testified the same. As a further proof they cited the example of Jatayu who died fighting Ravana. Laxman gave this evidence because Jatayu, of course was dead. They further provided evidence, as how Sugrive had seen Sita being forcibly taken in the southern direction by Ravan and wailing the name of Ram she threw her ornaments were Sugrive was. They also made Hanuman testify, how in pathetic condition Sita was living in Ashok Vaatika waiting for Ram to rescue here. <br />Blog: Agni Pariksha of Sita<br />URL:<br />Post: AGNI PARIKSHA OF SITA – FACTS<br />URL:<br />PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE POST BY VISITING THE BLOG<br />
  4. 4. HOROSCOPE OF SHRI RAM<br />Shri Ram was born in the month of Chaitra, in Treta Yug, at Ayodhya on the ninth tithi of ShuklaPaksha. According to Maharishi Valmiki, Shri Ram was born at mid-afternoon, and at that particular moment, sun was exalted, Moon was in Punarvasu Nakshatra and all the planets were either exalted, benefic or in their own rashi. Karka(Cancer) rashi was rising at lagna.<br />Since it is difficult to visualize the mathematical astronomical data of that time (we know that the mathematical data is generated by computation of actual movement of heavenly bodies at that time, and since we, at present have very little information about Treta Yug, we have to wait for further research), it will be difficult—rather impossible to mathematically (or, should we say astronomically) calculate and compute the horoscope of Shri Ram. We can therefore make a rough sketch of Shri Ram’s horoscope and leave it at that.<br />Blog: Agni Pariksha of Sita<br />URL:<br />Post:HOROSCOPE OF SHRI Ram<br /><br />Please click on the link to read the full post<br />That precisely is the reason for writing this article—lot of people are claiming on TV channels that they have , using computer, casted the horoscope of Shri Ram and have determined the exact date of birth. This is not possible, using the existing mathematics and parameters, and we all have to agree that they are doing a great disservice to the Hindu community and religion by staking such false claims. <br />