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Speech recognition


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Rachel Fernandes & Katie Bryson

Published in: Technology
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Speech recognition

  1. 1. Speech recognition By: Rachel Fernandes and Kaitlyn Bryson
  2. 2. What is speech recognition? Speech Recognition (SR) is the ability to translate a dictation or spoken word to text. Also known as “automatic speech recognition” (ASR), “computer speech recognition”, or “speech to text” (STT)
  3. 3. How it works... Spoken communication is delivered via a microphone Sound waves are converted into digital format Software analyzes input and breaks down message Software gives an output based on what it perceives and it will be displayed on a computer screen or phone screen
  4. 4. Process Here’s another look at how SRS works...
  5. 5. The many uses of SRS
  6. 6. pros of speech recognition Faster than “hand-writing” Allows for better spelling, whether it be in text or documents Helpful for people with a mental or physical disability Hands-free capability
  7. 7. Cons of speech recognition No program is 100% perfect Factors that affect the accuracy of speech recognition are: slang, homonyms, signal-to-noise ratio, and overlapping speech Can be expensive depending on the program For example, MacSpeech Dictate had the lack of a transcription feature for recorded voice dictation
  8. 8. programs Now let’s take a look at a some of the many SRS programs...
  9. 9. Dragon Speech Recognition for the PC Speech Recognition for the PC Designed to turn your talk into text faster More accurate than ever before Ability to capture ideas, go through email, search the web & control your PC
  10. 10. Siri Ability to dictate texts or emails Interact with maps and calendar Ability to ask a question and have Siri google the answer Can understand a variety of languages
  11. 11. Microsoft SYNC Featured in all the newest Ford vehicles Powered by Microsoft Can tell program to: Search through contacts and make phone calls or texts Get directions Search through music library
  12. 12. MAC SPEECH Dictate • Developed for Mac OS X • Used the Dragon speech recognition engine • Best known for its speed and accuracy
  13. 13. thank you! Thank you for watching our slideshare!