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CRLE Step 2


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CRLE Step 2

  1. 1. Personal Finance Management Career Related Learning Experience Step 2Now that you have decided what careers interest you, you need to make a plan to getthere. Some careers may not take much education, while others are going to takeseveral advanced degrees. For this assignment you will need to choose one career thatyou wrote about in step 1. Research two different schools or paths to your chosencareer. This assignment may require contacting several schools outside of class time tofind answers to your questions.The requirement for this step is to write two pages (12-POINT FONT, ONE INCHMARGINS, DOUBLE-SPACED) for each school with the following information: • Name of the school • Location of the specific campus you wish to attend • Why do you want to attend this college? • Narrative information (this section needs to be at least ½ – ¾ of one of the pages!) - Tell me about the school, what are they known for, what do they believe and stand in, etc. • Admission requirements – average GPA and/or SAT/ACT scores • Costs – including annual full-time tuition, fees, and books. • Is it required for freshman to live on campus? • What type of student life do they have? What can students get involved in around school? • Are there career services available after graduation? – do they help you get a job, experience in the workplace, etc. • Any other important information about your school