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See the Change

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See the Change

  1. 1. See the effects of change in your school today.
  2. 2. education The primary goal of SchoolEffects is to enhance education. Use My Homework or My Lesson Plans to put everything you need to teach a class online—making it more fun for both you and your students.
  3. 3. technology Increasing your use of online media will in turn increase your students use of it. Our easy to use system allows you create and manage your own content on your own classroom website.
  4. 4. communication AllofE knows that communication is more essential in education than any other field and is dedicated to improving communication between teachers and students. Discussion boards, message board and blogs increase communication between you and your students, their parents and the community.
  5. 5. innovation Technology is changing the way teachers teach. AllofE will help teachers stay ahead of the curve with the newest technologies and applications.
  6. 6. empowerment Our products empower teachers to create their own classroom Web sites. And, we make it easy.
  7. 7. unlock potential Not only will you rise to teachers rise to their own potential, but watch as your students do too.
  8. 8. excellence We know you want the best for your students. So do we. And we’re ready to prove it.
  9. 9. Learn more at www. schooleffects .com