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Reading Teacher Survival Kit for Summer Clinic 2011 Graduates

Published in: Education
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Readingteachersurvivalkit 110720085300-phpapp01

  1. 1. Reading Teacher Survival Kit 2011 Congratulations on your hard work, dedication and academic achievement! Professor Brooks Congratulations on your hard work, dedication and academic achievement! Professor Brooks Reading Teacher Survival Kit 2011
  2. 2. Reading Teacher SURVIVAL KIT   Flower Pot - For planting seeds of knowledge and strategies to help make better readers Flower Seeds - For all the student’s you will help blossom into readers Mounds Candy Bar - For the mounds of reading strategies you teach Crayon - To color your student’s day bright with books Puzzle Piece - Without your help in the educational community as a reading teacher, things wouldn't be complete Lifesaver - For all the children you have helped become literate and get hooked on reading Pearls - To remind you that your pearls of wisdom will unlock the world of reading to many students Wiggly Eye - An extra eye to help observe all your students to discover how best to help them learn to read Smiley Face Sticker - o remind you to wear a happy face – Yours may be the only friendly face a child sees. Clothespin - To help you and your students "hang in there" when it gets tough and help reinforce and hold together the efforts of your students and other teachers you work with in the educational community Star Eraser - To remind you that everyone makes mistakes. That's okay; we learn by our errors. Plus, to shine and always try your best in all you do. Paper Clip - To attach the qualities of an Excellent Reading Teachers (by the IRA) to you. Sticker - To remind you that we all stick together and help each other in the educational community Light & Compass - To help you guide your students on their reading/literacy journey Ribbon - To bring things together and help make connection Confetti - For showing that reading adds sparkle to our lives Pencil - To help all children to learn to read and write Calendar - To remind you of your continued reading assessments and benchmarks Bookmarks - To mark the variety of reading strategies you know, will continue to learn and will model and teach Rubber Band - Help hold together all the flexible grouping strategies used to tailor individual instruction Whistle - For being a good reading coach by providing help strategically Smiling Graduate Bubbles - To celebrate both – you and your student’s successes