Learn internet marketing with 7 free ebooks


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Learn to build an online business for free today with free ebooks and start to make money with in 24 hours.

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Learn internet marketing with 7 free ebooks

  1. 1. ==== ====Free Internet Marketing Libary. Kick start your online income for free.www.kenridings.com==== ====We are on the verge to see the new Internet marketing promotion strategy. It happens thanks toGoogle and its latest innovation.Pehpars, you have heard that Google had long aims to display video in usual search results.Finally Google made this step and started to display videos in their results, posting a tiny videosnippet next to the typical entry with page title and description.Why Can It Provoke Any New Internet Marketing Promotion Strategy?It can indeed. Do you remember that heatmap tests that were tracking the eye action of a typicalsurfer on Google page? According to these tests most of the eye attention (hence, most of theclicks) go to the first results of Google page. So, if your site is even on page 1 in Google results,but very close to the bottom of the page, you are likely to receive only tiny bit of traffic incomparison to sites that are at the top of the page.But this eye attention pattern gets critical changes with the tiny video screenshot in the results. Itinstantly triggers the attention of the surfers eye, no matter where you stay on the page, top orbottom.Do You See the Potential Now?This has very big future for Internet marketing SEO and Internet marketing in general. SmartInternet marketing business promoters will do their best to create at least tiny video, describingtheir product or service or company. And will publish this video to see it indexed on properkeywords by Google and catch the attention of potential customers.This is really worth the efforts. Submitting video to YouTube.com is great because you can getnice traffic. But with Google the situation becomes even better. Having or not having video as partof your free Internet marketing promotion strategy can cost you extra hundreds or thousands ofvisitors from Google. No one would like to lose this extra trafficMaking Video for Getting Snippet in Results = New Internet Marketing Promotion and SEO Trend!And if you agree about that, then hurry up to apply this new strategy. Right now not so manypeople have noticed it. When doing the tests I started with keywords + video to see that. And lateron tried just search for keywords without adding video and in some niches the video is already upon page 2 or 3. It is already in life!I think soon we will see the flood of "video for SEO" Internet marketing courses. But before this
  2. 2. happens, right now as you are reading this article, this trend is hot and new. And you have thechance to be in the first line to reap the fruits of using it!Congratulations with the advent of new Internet marketing promotion strategy! More goodstrategies on the way!Learn what free AdSense templates are converting better.Improve your online selling tips now.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Nickolay_Bokhonok==== ====Free Internet Marketing Libary. Kick start your online income for free.www.kenridings.com==== ====