Learn free internet marketing with a free keyword generator


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Learn to build an online business for free today with free ebooks and start to make money with in 24 hours.

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Learn free internet marketing with a free keyword generator

  1. 1. ==== ====Free Internet Marketing Libary. Kick start your online income for free.www.kenridings.com==== ====As you begin your search for new free internet marketing software and free keyword generatorprograms there are certain things that you must do to maximize your efforts. Remember that timeis your most valuable commodity as an internet marketer and simply put we as marketers do nothave time to waste looking at, reading about and testing new software programs that offer thefollowing;1.) Trial Use2.) Limited Use3.) Timed Use4.) Demo Only5.) Light VersionIm sure that from time to time you will find a truly wonderful program that defies all of the odds,but lets look at this from a practical point of view here. How much time was spent getting to thepoint where you found that software program? Was it really worth all the hassles? More oftenthan not Im sure that youll agree that it would be better if you could simply find a website thatreviewed these so called "free internet marketing software programs" and "free keywordgenerators". And of course finding such a site that also offered a blog or forum for viewercomments would be even better.To prove this lets do a brief study on free internet marketing software and high quality freekeyword generators. For the sake of argument lets run a search on Google for a "free keywordgenerator".Case Study #1:Free Keyword List Generator by Stomper Net - My first thoughts were WOW another GREAT freeor low cost promotional tool being offered by Stomper Net! Then I realized that I had to sign up fortheir email list AGAIN and register to use the tool. Once Id jumped through these initial proverbialhoops I was shocked to find that Id overlooked the fact that this software uses Word TrackerKeywords.This means that my software would need to be upgraded to unlock its full potential, which ofcourse would cost money. Worse than that I might need to sign up for the Word TrackerKeywords program and that means I could possibly end up paying for a monthly or annual
  2. 2. subscription to their service.* Before I offend anyone I do realize that Stomper Net and the Word Tracker Keyword programare both well respected staples in the internet marketing niche. However, in this case it is my goalto help people find completely FREE full version internet marketing software and keywordgenerator software that they can use to promote their products, services and affiliate programswith.Case Study #2:Good Keywords - At first site their website looks very well organized and professional. They offerfree full version keyword research tools and keyword generator software that looks like it will doexactly what weve all be looking for. At one time this may have been a state of the art programback when Yahoos Overture worked reliably on a consistent basis.The problem with this free internet marketing software group is that it is completely reliant on aprogram that is so over used that the mere traffic to the Yahoo Overture website alone bogs downtheir system so badly that youre lucky if you can even get their website pages to load from onevisit to the next.* Also sadly in this internet marketers humble opinion the results that are pulled with the freeYahoo Overture tool has proven to be unreliable and unstable at best. Again, I dont mean tooffend anyone and Im sure that at one time this was a GREAT program, but there are newer andbetter things.Case Study #3:Global Promoter - The first thing I noticed on their website was this;"Please be patient. This may take up to 2 minutes because it compiles the results of 6 majorsearch engines. Sometimes no results are returned even though there are queries performed onthe keywords you typed in during the given month. If this occurs, just hit submit again until thecorrect results are returned."In theory this looks GREAT if theyre really using this free internet marketing software program, orin this case, free keyword generator software, to search on SIX major search engines! However,what I found next really bothered me."No Searches Done in March 2008 on the Overture network of search engines for your keyword."This only left me thinking that there I was again using a program that was completely reliant onYahoos Overture, which again in my humble opinion was outdated, unreliable and inconsistent.Case Study #4:Google AdWords Free Keyword Generator Tool - With this free internet marketing softwareprogram I thought that Id finally struck oil. After all no website is more revered, searched andused online for things of this nature than the mighty Google themselves! With that in mind I typedin my favorite set of keyword search terms;
  3. 3. "free internet marketing software"Unfortunately the results that were returned consisted of 3 targeted keyword phrases and 11 otherkeyword phrases that had NOTHING to do with any form of internet marketing software.Case Study #5:Traffic Zaps Free Keyword Generator - Let me cut this one short by telling you that when I tried touse it the first thing I got was a POP UP with something that looked mildly semi-pornographic. Itthen appeared to be processing for some time only to return an error message that once againleads back to problems that weve already discussed regarding the long list of free internetmarketing software programs that rely on Yahoos Overture.At this point weve researched ALL of the top 5 unique listings on Google for "free keywordgenerator" and we have yet to find a truly reliable free internet marketing software program that wecan use to promote our products, services or affiliate marketing programs.....other than ones thatwe would most likely have to PAY to upgrade, such as the program by Stomper Net mentionedabove.Final Case Study:Free Keyword Generator by IM Software 4 Free - This program checks for a list of popularkeywords by searching on Google, Yahoo and MSN combined to come up with a more completestarting point for internet marketers to use. It also runs a search on these 3 major search enginesto find out how many competitor posts show up for each of the chosen keywords.While no free internet marketing software or free keyword generator is going to be perfect this toolis truly a GREAT program to use and best of all its completely FREE to download and use. Thereis no trial use, limited use, timed use, demo or light version that leads to a paid upgrade or leavesyou out hanging in the wind to PAY if you want to use the software after a specific time frame.Free Keyword Generator Software Now Available[http://www.imsoftware4free.com/keyword-generator.html]For More Great Free Internet Marketing Software[http://www.imsoftware4free.com/internet-marketing-software.html]Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jeffrey_Wyrick
  4. 4. ==== ====Free Internet Marketing Libary. Kick start your online income for free.www.kenridings.com==== ====