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Breaking the Data Management Barrier


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Slides from the 2016 Aug 1 Digital Science webinar. I spoke about how data management does not need to be a barrier and gave my top 5 tips for managing your data better.

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Breaking the Data Management Barrier

  1. 1. Breaking the Data Management Barrier Kristin Briney University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  2. 2. andrius.v, (CC BY-NC-SA) 10 years ago…
  3. 3. camknows, (CC BY-NC-SA) The average researcher?
  4. 4. data management plans != data management
  5. 5. Example: metadata
  6. 6. Open Grid Scheduler (CC0)
  7. 7. Open Grid Scheduler (CC0)
  8. 8. Ingo (CC BY) Data management should not be a wall, rather a door to better things…
  9. 9. US Army Materiel Command (CC BY) Data management makes for happier researchers
  10. 10. Chuck Coker (CC BY-ND) Data management streamlines open data
  11. 11. A Crash Course in Data Management Br3nda (CC BY-NC-SA)
  12. 12. Follow the 3-2-1 Rule • 3 copies of your data • In 2 locations • On more than 1 type of storage hardware
  13. 13. Take Better Notes • Data without documentation are often unusable
  14. 14. Organize Your Files • Pick a system • Get in the habit • Work out a system with your coworkers • Also helps to name your files consistently
  15. 15. Review Your Data Security Plan • If you have sensitive data, make a plan • Who has access? • Strategies to limit access • Who’s responsible? • Make sure everyone knows the plan
  16. 16. Check Your Old Files • Do you know where your old data are? • And the documentation? • Do you still have the software to read the files? • Is the hardware old or becoming obsolete?
  17. 17. Chris Hoving, (CC BY-ND) Slow and steady wins the race
  18. 18. Thanks! @KristinBriney