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  1. 1. Special Edition ImPRessions PR 2009-2010 Executive Board Creating Currents: Heather Macdonald President Surfing the Waves Sarah Page of Change Vice President 2009 National Conference Drew Slater November 6-10 Director of Marketing The PRSSA 2009 National Conference, During your free time, be sure to get “Creating Currents: Surfing the Waves of out and explore beautiful San Diego. Lauren Ballard Change,” promises to be a fun-filled educa- San Diego offers a wide variety of tional experience that will leave attendees things to do ranging from the San Director of Special with insight into the profession and new Diego Zoo, Sea World and an array of Events connections with students and professionals beautiful beaches. from all around the United States. National Conference is a chance The sessions and workshops will provide for you to get first hand knowledge of Athena Montes you with a useful and insightful look into the the public relations profession and the Director of Interal different aspects of public relations and the industry it serves. changes that face the profession. Expert and Communications diverse professionals will offer their experi- ence with, media relations and entertain- Yolanda Robles ment, international, fashion, crisis manage- ment and health care public relations. Be Director of Finances sure to bring your resumes and business cards for the career development and net- working workshops. Kimberly Brimm ImPRessions Editor-In -Chief National Conference Special Edition
  2. 2. Getting Around By Metropolitan Transit System By Taxi Trolley • Trolley to downtown stati ons only $1.25 • Trolley to other stops $1.50-$3 Bus The bus systems can get you nearly everywhere in the city. You can fi nd bus stops every few blocks on major streets. You must have correct change or present your day pass when you enter the bus. • Shutt le $1 • Local $2 • Urban $2.25 • Express $2.50 Inportant Things to Know • Premium Express $5 Keep Copies: Photocopy all documents — including By Taxi passport, credit cards and tickets — before leaving San Diego Cab (619) 226-TAXI (8294) home and store copies in the hotel safe. • From SD Airport to Holiday Inn Downtown, approximately $10 (including gratuity) On the Road: Carry only the cash you need in small • $2.60 per mile denominations and never discuss in public your plans or Orange Cab of San Diego (619) 291-3333 the amount of money you are carrying. • Charge by the vehicle, not per person Hotel/Motel Security: Never leave money, checks, Yellow Cab Co. (619) 239-8061 credit cards, jewelry, other valuables, extra room keys •$2.60 per mile and the meter starts at $2.40 or car keys in the room. Take valuables with you or SD Yellow Cabs Inc. (619) 234-6161 leave them in the hotel safety deposit box. Sightseeing: Visitors are major targets for pickpockets in many cities. Stay alert to what’s going on around you. Conferences: Establish a “buddy” system with another attendee of the conference, share schedules and check on each other periodically. Homeless Citizens: San Diego, like every major city, has a homeless population but this need not prevent you from enjoying the city’s amenities. Most home- less people are harmless; however, some transients are chronic law violators. We suggest using a combination of caution and respect around panhandlers and other strangers. Courtesy of The San Diego Convention Center and Visitors Bureau National Conference Special Edition
  3. 3. National Conference: A chance to grow and learn from professionals and peers An attendee from last year’ confernece shares her experience and what she learned When I first joined PRSSA I didn’t know what to relations. I even got to sit in with Brazen blogger expect. I just decided to double major, and was as Penelope Trunk and Craig Newmark the founder clueless as a freshman on her first day of classes. It and CEO of the popular website Craigslist. I cannot was September of last year when I walked into open explain how this experience changed my entire career house and first heard about National Conference in path. Also being a political science major as well, I Detroit. I knew very little about the organization and had no idea what exactly what I was going to do with none of the people but, it was my goal to attend every my major. I didn’t know if I wanted to proceed with meeting and outside event. Within weeks I was one law school or enter political communications. I re- of the sixteen students from USF attending the 2008 member taking notes on my first program with guest National Conference in Detroit, Michigan. speaker Jeffrey Douglas, who was the director of As I was sitting in the back of a taxi cab driving Public relations at Virginia Tech when the massacre through rush hour traffic downtown, all I could think occurred in 2007. His speech was my deciding factor of was “what on earth was I getting myself into!” I on why I wanted to be in public relations and why our had no idea what to expect. I took this opportunity to field is so important. “We must feed something to the get to know the executive board and other members media or else they will find something,” stated Doug- who were on the trip that I didn’t know very well. las. My expectations before national conference When I think back to a year ago, I still have the were very vague. The only thing on my mind was chills remembering how I felt the day I left. My over- to network, network and network! I had no idea all experience leaving Detroit was amazing. I learned this trip was going to change my entire college more about public relations outsidein thoswe four career. My experience at conference surpassed my days, than I have in the last four years of college. I expectations. As a new student to public relations, cannot express why an experience like a national con- there is very little you learn when in college. It’s all ference is so important. My choice to attend national about the experience you learn outside of the class- conference was one of the best decisions I’ve ever room. made in my college career! Over the four days I attended conference I learned about crisis, sports and entertainment public National Conference Special Edition
  4. 4. What to pack What to Wear National Conference Special Edition
  5. 5. From the National Conference Committee California State University, Fullerton, and San Diego State University welcome you to the coastal side of public relations, where the surf is smooth and the skies are clear. We invite you to take full advantage of Con- ference and soak up your public relations potential at our sessions, socials and career exhibition. The 2009 National Conference Committee has devel- oped this Conference with you and your future in mind. The sessions we chose are as diverse as public rela- tions itself. From public affairs to sports and entertain- ment, you will discover new interests as national public relations professionals share their secrets, tactics and advice. Though learning from the pros is top priority at Confer- ence, nothing can beat the memorable times you’ll have at our dynamic socials designed for student network- ing. Be sure to arrive early to the sessions and bring a notebook and business cards to exchange with students and professionals. We hope to provide everyone with the best tools and opportunities to establish relationships and put you in the spotlight for the career of your dreams. We appreci- ate you traveling to San Diego and hope you find your stay as bright as the California sun. Best of luck, and we wish everyone success, The 2009 National Conference Committee National Conference Special Edition