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Interlibrary loan (ILL) in Denmark, Poul Erlandsen


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Interlibrary loan (ILL) in Denmark. Poul Erlandsen, Det Kongelige bibliotek/KUBIS, Danmark.

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Interlibrary loan (ILL) in Denmark, Poul Erlandsen

  1. 1. Why am I Presenting in English?•First of all because the organizersasked me to do so•Secondly because my Swedish isterrible•But let’s take a little test:
  2. 2. Interlibrary Loan in DenmarkPoul ErlandsenThe Royal Library / CUL
  3. 3. New Building - Interior
  4. 4. New Building – Reading Room
  5. 5. Old Building – Library Garden View
  6. 6. Old Building – Reading Room
  7. 7. ILL Staff at Work
  8. 8. Receiving ILL Borrowing Books
  9. 9. the library closesit sometimes turns intoa disco- And the staff gets anew role:
  10. 10. Presentation Overview• ILL Framework in Denmark1. Library Law2. Principles & Guidelines3. Volume4. Transportation System5. Article Delivery to End Users• Library.dk1. Automation2. New User Interface• Example of Local Implementation
  11. 11. Map of Denmark
  12. 12. Map of Denmark
  13. 13. Interlibrary Loan Is Free
  14. 14. Keywords…•Cooperation•National Union Catalogue•The Danish Agency forCulture•Library Acts since 1920
  15. 15. Act Regarding LibraryServicesPublic Libraries:Through participation in the generalinterlibrary loan service the publiclibraries must endeavour to provide theusers with such material as the libraryitself does not possess.University / Academic Libraries:(2) A government library is at thedisposal of anyone for use on thepremises and for loan of material andparticipates in the libraries’ generalinterlibrary loan co-operation in so far asthe task forms part of the prerequisitefor the grant to the library.(3) A library which receives subsidy fromthe government is at the disposal ofanyone for use on the premises and forloan of material and participates in thelibraries’ general interlibrary loan co-operation in so far as the task forms partof the prerequisite for the subsidy to thelibrary.
  16. 16. New Principles andGuidelines for InterlibraryLoan in Denmark –Pulished December 2012Based upon the sevenprinciples in the RethinkingResource Sharing Manifesto
  17. 17. Principles•Fewer restrictions•Imposed only as necessary•Lowest possible barriers tofulfillment presented
  18. 18. Principles•Users can choose from options•delivery format•method of delivery•fulfillment type•loan, copy, digital copy, andpurchase
  19. 19. Principles•Global access•Use both formal and informalnetworking agreements•Goal is lowest barrier tofulfillment
  20. 20. Principles•Libraries and cultural heritageinstitutions•Resources from all typesavailable•Expertise from all types utilized
  21. 21. Principles•Reference service facilitatessharing•Use reference expertise to aidfulfillment•No findable object should betotally unattainable
  22. 22. Principles•Everyone a library user•Registration should be as easy assigning up for commercial webservices
  23. 23. Important Statement•However, no library can beexpected to have any materialneeded by a user available in itsown physical collection, and thenumber of purchased copies maysubsequently prove not to meetthe needs of the users of theindividual library.
  24. 24. ILL Borrowing Requests Through DanBib05000001000000150000020000002500000ILL Requests
  25. 25. Library CourierLorry arriving at loading dock Plastic bins used for transport
  26. 26. Library CourierMaterials awaiting courier pick up Address paper slips + rubber bands
  27. 27. Test of Service
  28. 28.
  29. 29. Search Result
  30. 30. Request Screen
  31. 31. – End User Interface
  32. 32. Search Results
  33. 33. Availability Check
  34. 34. Request Book on ILL
  35. 35. Choose Pick Up Library
  36. 36. Your Details or Register
  37. 37. Automation•In 2012 more than 850.000 ofthese requests made in library.dkwere fully automated•New plans for automation comingin 2013
  38. 38. New User Interface Coming 2013
  39. 39. All records and holdings in WC
  40. 40. Info to users from abroad
  41. 41. QUESTIONS?POER@KB.DKThank you for your attention!