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Outbrain Test Drive - Marketing Technology Review


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We put Outbrain through its paces. Did it boost our traffic or show our great content to new audiences? Not the way we expected. More detail in our blog post

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Outbrain Test Drive - Marketing Technology Review

  2. 2. Read more on our blog • A platform for Native Advertising • Native Advertising is promotional content designed to look like non-promotional content We used to call this advertorial or infomercial
  3. 3. Read more on our blog Why did we test drive it? To find out what it does To test it for clients To see if it did find new audiences for great content 1 2 3
  4. 4. Read more on our blog Geography: yes Topics : not really Publishers: it depends
  5. 5. Read more on our blog Source: Company Name ‘The best way to deeply engage audiences is to … serve up content that is interesting to them but not necessarily related.’ Outbrain
  6. 6. Read more on our blog In his Outbrain test drive, Doug Kessler from Velocity Partners wondered if his ads would appear next to ‘things like sure-fire Abs pills or free Prada handbags.’ Yet, he never saw his ads and we didn’t see ours. Outbrain ads pop up at the bottom of articles in online publications under headings like these ‘from around the web’ or ‘elsewhere on the web’ …see next page
  7. 7. Read more on our blog Like this
  8. 8. Read more on our blog Blog posts on core stuff we do like High Tech Marketing didn’t resonate at all
  9. 9. Read more on our blog … but posts on topical issues with a marketing spin did
  10. 10. Read more on our blog Doug Kessler’s top publishers were: Ask Men, Spry Living, Funchoke & Clear Channel Ours were: Fairfax and News Ltd - 7 out of the top 10 Guardian, Yahoo!7 and ZDNet. Sydney Morning Herald delivered the most clicks.
  11. 11. Read more on our blog
  12. 12. Read more on our blog It wasn’t. Our post on the Joint Strike Fighter was picked up because it was topical… …by mainstream media with mainstream audiences… …not companies selling High Tech products …oh well
  13. 13. • Simple & intuitive • Dashboard is clear, uncluttered • Fill in blanks/tick boxes to define campaign settings (dates, dollars, content) • Change your settings anytime
  14. 14. Read more on our blog Outbrain checks that your content meets guidelines before approving publication This might take days and may require a nudge by email …support is responsive though
  15. 15. Read more on our blog Outbrain does drive traffic to your website but only if: • Your content is topical • It appeals to a general audience Lack of targeting > a quick spike in traffic from visitors who may never return (and you may not want) If you just want Google to see a regular spike in traffic and spend little to get it, maybe it’s worth it. Get the details on our blog
  16. 16. Read more on our blog How we do marketing Check us out Contact us 02 9909 0246 Follow us