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Offline: How to get the Most out of Traditional Marketing


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How to Choose & Optimise the Top 8 Offline Marketing Tactics. Offline Marketing can be expensive so it pays to choose wisely.

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Offline: How to get the Most out of Traditional Marketing

  1. 1. Read more on our blog
  2. 2. Read more on our blog
  3. 3. Read more on our blog o Choose only those that ideal buyers attend o Define clear goals & measure cost vs benefit to choose those that are worthwhile o Focus your stand, promotion & emails on problems you know they have o Don’t attend because you ‘have to be there’ (you don’t)
  4. 4. Read more on our blog Trade shows, industry conferences & investor events can be: • Essential for profile-building • Great for new product launches • Useful for reaching new contacts
  5. 5. Read more on our blog You control who attends so: • Invite contacts who fit your ideal buyer personas • Focus on solving their specific problems • Co-host to double exposure & halve costs
  6. 6. Read more on our blog • Focus on business benefits (technology strengths, advances, strong management team, growth potential, value and ROI) • Link to/hand out technical details (don’t elaborate on the day)
  7. 7. Read more on our blog Read more on our blog .  Popular in IT  Invite existing users + prospects  Update both on technology advances  Let users tell your story to prospects in their own words  Encourage questions (vet in advance)  Break into separate groups for specific actions
  8. 8. Read more on our blog  Nothing more powerful  Nurture customers so referral is natural  Show them extra value or new functions  Invite them to customer-only events  Don’t ignore them once they’ve signed  Don’t focus all attention on prospects
  9. 9. Read more on our blog • Choose a network with similar interests & industries • Ask open questions (don’t begin talking about you) • Listen to their answers (and they’ll remember you) • Keep talk about you brief & impactful (elevator pitch) • Give them your business card (if there is resonance) • Follow up (if appropriate)
  10. 10. Read more on our blog With email overload, post has made a comeback: I. Use for ‘peer to peer’ cold calling II. Follow meetings with a useful printed resource Post is unusual these days; at least you'll stand out
  11. 11. Read more on our blog  Very difficult to reach targets  Very expensive to build lists  High opt out rates  Not effective in B2B hi-tech except for people you know  Use for surveys, event confirmation
  12. 12. Read more on our blog Advertising in print media: • Higher cost • Fewer use it • Difficult to measure ROI • Best if part of online campaign
  13. 13. Read more on our blog • Be really selective • Make your message super-specific to the audience • For best results, back it up with online marketing
  14. 14. Read more on our blog Get the details in our post Offline: How To Get the Most out of Traditional Marketing Find out How we do marketing in the High Tech sector Get to know us Follow us