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How to Pitch to Non Technical Decision Makers - Turning Tech Talk into Business Benefits


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Speeds and Feeds are a real turn-off Senior Managers, so we need to translate these into bottom line benefits that get their attention.

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How to Pitch to Non Technical Decision Makers - Turning Tech Talk into Business Benefits

  1. 1. Extracting business benefits from data & jargon* * e.g. how to explain splitting the atom
  2. 2. Read more on our blog George Bernard Shaw describing the British and the Americans It’s much the same with technical vs business decision makers
  3. 3. Read more on our blog
  4. 4. Read more on our blog • What's in it for me? • How does this product help me solve my problem? • How does it help my team become more efficient? • How does it increase our revenues and profits? • How does it save us money?
  5. 5. Read more on our blog • Not always easy with complex technology solutions • Many marketers won’t attempt it • One of the most powerful tools (let competitors try to dazzle speeds & feeds)
  6. 6. Read more on our blog* Contact us for details and references
  7. 7. Read more on our blog Why should I invest in your technology? How will it be affected by projected market changes? 1 2 3 4 How long before I see a return? What do analysts say about your technology?
  8. 8. Read more on our blog • Don’t assume you know them • Ask - and you’ll know for sure • Do your homework on their industry
  9. 9. Read more on our blog Focus on big, solid benefits Avoid technical detail but link to it Chose 1 key point per slide, + 3-4 proof points Use arresting images & graphics
  10. 10. “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.” E.F.Schuhmacher Statistician & Economist
  11. 11. Read more on our blog • Fastest to lose a business audience • Includes your supporting documentation (web pages, sales collateral, white papers and videos) • Use plain English for complex concepts (Let competitors turn them off with jargon)
  12. 12. Read more on our blog A good technical copywriter can explain even complex technologies like this in plain English: An atom is the smallest particle in a chemical element such as hydrogen or oxygen. When an atom splits in a process called ‘nuclear fission’, a great deal of energy is released that can be harnessed for nuclear weapons and nuclear power generation.
  13. 13. Read more on our blog
  14. 14. Read more on our blog Atoms are made up of neutrons, protons and electrons. At the centre of every atom is a nucleus. Elements with large nuclei, such as uranium and plutonium, lend themselves to nuclear fission. When an atom’s nucleus splits or fissions, many neutrons are released. When these hit other atoms, they cause them to split, which starts a nuclear chain- reaction which releases huge amounts of energy. In a nuclear bomb, the chain reaction must be sped up to cause an explosion. In a nuclear reactor, the chain reaction must be slowed, to create heat to turn water into steam for power generation.
  15. 15. Read more on our blog If you cut through to your targets in plain English focussing on business benefits you'll: • Attract, engage and convert them more quickly • Reduce acquisition costs • Reduce sales team churn. (i.e. risk minimisation for marketers)
  16. 16. Read more on our blog The Australian Technology Marketing Blueprint 10 Rules for Great Copywriting from David Ogilvy
  17. 17. Read more on our blog How we do high tech marketing Check us out Contact us + 61 (0)2 9909 0246 Follow us