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$24B JSF Shot Down by One Question - Case Study


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Military hardware takes a lot of marketing; when it doesn't work, it takes even more. The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter needs a huge amount of marketing because it's too big to fail - but will it ever fly? Get the full details in our blog post

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$24B JSF Shot Down by One Question - Case Study

  1. 1. A CASE STUDY IN SPIN ACASESTUDYIN SPINWhy are we buying the world’s worst new war plane?
  2. 2. Read more on our blog ‘The F35A’s combination of stealth, advanced sensors, networking and data fusion capabilities will enable the RAAF to maintain an air combat edge.’ RAAF
  3. 3. Read more on our blog Insert Subtitle: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. The F-35 can’t: •Turn •Run •Fly Rand Corporation
  4. 4. Read more on our blog ‘The Joint Strike Fighter is the most expensive weapons system ever developed. It is plagued by design flaws and cost overruns. It flies only in good weather. The computers that run it lack the software they need for combat. No one can say for certain when the plane will work as advertised …’ Will it Fly? Vanity Fair
  5. 5. Read more on our blog ‘The F35's long overdue international debut was aborted last month due to an engine fire during take-off in Florida. Regardless, soon after, an elaborate celebration was staged in Texas to unveil the first of Australia's 72 F35s, the largest foreign order to date for the US aircraft.’ ABC 7.30 Report
  6. 6. Read more on our blog ‘This Map Shows Why The F-35 Has Turned Into A Trillion-Dollar Fiasco’. Business Insider Australia
  7. 7. Read more on our blog ‘The F35 is an inferior aircraft to those being developed by “potential threat nations”.' ‘Once you’ve made a decision like this, it takes more balls to actually say the emperor’s got no clothes.’ ‘This is a bipartisan stuff-up. It is time to end the madness. It is time to scrap the JSF.’ Dr Dennis Jensen, former Defence analyst, now MP Sydney Morning Herald
  8. 8. Read more on our blog "The $12 billion purchase cost has already been set aside.’ ‘The money might be included in forward estimates, but money doesn’t get put aside … it’s not been put in the bank for a rainy day … that’s not how it works.’ Stephen Bartos Former Deputy Head, Finance Department Sydney Morning Herald
  9. 9. Read more on our blog 'The futuristic F35 Stealth fighter bomber is marketed on the promise of being the most lethal predator in the sky. It'll want to be because despite deep budget cuts elsewhere, the Abbott Government is sinking $24 billion into buying 72 of the war planes.’ ABC 7.30 Report
  10. 10. The actual cost of Australia’s F-35s could be much higher than $24 billion. Canada & Denmark may decide against buying the F-35. The fewer F-35s are made, the higher the cost per plane - currently $200 million.
  11. 11. Read more on our blog ‘F-35 needs to work hand-in-hand with the F-22... The F-35 is not built as an air superiority platform. If we don’t keep the F-22 Raptor viable, the F-35 fleet will be irrelevant” Air Force Times
  12. 12. Read more on our blog US Congress voted to stop funding the F-22 Raptor in 2009. No F-22s have been made since. The US air force has a few F-22s but its allies – Canada and Australia among them – have none and won’t get any, ever. Reuters
  13. 13. Read more on our blog ‘Defence Department officials have acted as salesmen for the Joint Strike Fighter rather than doing their jobs and being critical buyers.’ Dr Dennis Jensen Former Defence analyst, now MP Sydney Morning Herald
  14. 14. Read more on our blog Read the full story on our blog
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