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Content Marketing Creating Junk at the Speed of Light


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Learn why Henry Ford should not be the model for content creation. Why less is much more. Why quality marks you as a thought leader not a follower. Get more hints on writing and content creation at

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Content Marketing Creating Junk at the Speed of Light

  1. 1. Content Marketing creating junk at the speed of light How did Henry Ford become the model for Content Creation?
  2. 2. The quantity of online content is exploding yet original content is getting really hard to find. Why? Teams are being encouraged to crank out content against the clock e.g. Beat The Content Clock: Write A Blog Post In An Hour Or Less* Quantity vs quality *
  3. 3. Retweet the same content under different headings Set Tweetdecks on autopilot and churn out tweets all day long Re-publish old blog posts under new headings The easiest way is recycling
  4. 4. They re-spin, regurgitate, reprocess, reproduce, reprogram, regenerate, renovate, rework, rebrand, restate, reword, rephrase, reformulate, refresh, rejuvenate, reinforce, refine, re-imagine, redesign, redeploy, reconstruct, recollect, reclaim, recapitulate, recast, rebirth, reassemble, reactivate, repurpose, revise, rehash, reorder, reorganise, repackage, re- release, re-route, reschedule, repair, repeat, replicate, return, represent, reposition and retrofit. It’s what most people do
  5. 5. The result’s predictable
  6. 6. The problem is all these eager little beavers with pretty faces and big smiles fresh out of Marketing Courses in Content College employed by the big Marketing Houses to sit there day after day and churn out words as if their lives depended on the volume and the speed and the number of junk mails that pollute the internet and end up in our inboxes and make us mad because we hate all this mass-produced junk. Does it peeve you too?
  7. 7. ‘Because creating a constant stream of engaging, quality content is a challenge, there will be times when your marketing team will scramble to get blog posts written and ready to publish. And even the best writers can suffer from blogger’s block, making it tough to crank out posts when you need them.’* Marketing on a treadmill *
  8. 8. Could it be: You’ve nothing of interest to say? You’ve run out of ideas? Everything’s been said 100 times? Everything’s been said 100 ways? Blogging to a schedule kills your creativity? If you have Blogger’s Block?
  9. 9. The tyranny of the Content Production schedule Henry Ford territory Creativity abandoned What’s next?
  10. 10. …not a mandate for mass production ‘So, what do you do when you need a post right away? Just write one! Seriously, it’s that easy… It’s possible to write a useful, informative blog post in the time it takes you to have lunch. Here are five surefire ways to crank out a post in an hour or less.’ * Publishing is a privilege *
  11. 11. It’s here already: Fill-in-the-blanks blog templates so more bloggers can mass-produce more stuff. Production line content
  12. 12. ‘For every blog post I publish, there are five or six others that never see the light of day, because they just aren’t good enough. I only publish what I am proud of … My Brandsavant blog became much more important to me when it became a showcase for my best thoughts, and when it became important to me it became a better blog.’ Tom Webster at Brandsavant: How about a different take? Now there’s a novel idea…
  13. 13. ‘Let's be honest. The majority of content produced by brands through blog posts, e-newsletters, social media posts, print magazines and webinars is flat out awful. In many cases, the content is self-serving, not useful and, maybe the worst, pointless. Even when you ask marketers themselves, just one in three believe that the content they develop is effective.’ Joe Pulizzi - Why Most Branded Content Is Just Awful Less is more
  14. 14. Give us content that adds new insights, ideas or research Give us content that makes us think, smile, laugh or cry Give us content that’s original Give us some breathing space Show some respect for your readers Respect our time Stop serving up derivative stuff Image:
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