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3 Ways to Energise Your Writing From Twitter


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Learn the key lessons you can apply to any writing - SEO copywriting, Google Adwords, web content, White Papers, video scripts, brochures - the lot. Get more hints about writing with more power and precision at

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3 Ways to Energise Your Writing From Twitter

  1. 1. 3 ways to ENERGISE your writing - from Twitter
  2. 2. Psst…they work for all types of writing slogans & taglines web content blog posts white papers video scripts brochures
  3. 3. Maximum readability Maximum re-tweetability Use of ‘you’
  4. 4. 140 characters is all you need
  5. 5. e.g: compare these Advanced Persistent Threats are the latest form of cyber attack. They usually include social engineering, phishing emails and Trojans Advanced Persistent Threats: if you hold valuable data, you’re a target. Designed for cyber attacks on nation states, APTs are now mainstream. vs
  6. 6. CLEAR CONCISE COMPELLING 2. Observe the 3 Cs
  7. 7. e.g. taglines that work iiNET connect better Procept powering innovation NYT all the news that’s fit to print
  8. 8. 3. Use great headlines The 80-20 rule of reading 80% might read the headline, and 20% the content Strongheadlines: Connect with emotions Convey urgency Suggest you must read
  9. 9. Strong words are like strong colours they stand out…
  10. 10. 3 short lessons: 1. Make your messages short and punchy 2. Headlines have to sell the content 3. 3 Cs: clear concise compelling
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