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10 Sources of Great Content


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Discover how much content you already have - and how to re-use and re-purpose it. See how customers, partners and colleagues can help. See how to leverage external content. Find other resources like this at

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10 Sources of Great Content

  1. 1. 1 You don’t have to create it all from scratch. Here are 10 easy sources of great content for technology audiences. Only the last one is DIY. 1. EXISTING STUFF Which of your White Papers, presentations and guides could be freshened up with new examples or quotes? What could be re-packaged into blog posts, tweets or slideshares? 2. HOT ISSUES Ask your customers about their biggest issues. Ask your customer service guys about the problems that customers call them about. 3. SUCCESS STORIES Ask customers to tell their own stories. Video them or let them write the stories. Add credibility with short, insightful, real quotes. 4. Q&A Make them real questions that real people ask about topical issues, not disguised informercials for you or your products. That won’t work. 5. EVENT VIDEOS OR PHOTOS Be the first to upload content during an event, and more people will share it. Create a landing page and link it to social media. 6. HOW-TO-GUIDES Source material from proposals, product or training manuals. Extract the gems,’sanitise’ them and re-cast them for new audiences. 7. CURATED CONTENT Collect useful stuff from other people, comment on it, put it into context and be sure to attribute it. It will save your audience hours of reading. 8. INDUSTRY NEWS & ARTICLES Add your interpretation, analysis or context to useful articles or videos, or just share them on LinkedIn or Twitter, and add your opinion. 9. CO-CREATED CONTENT Collaborate with partners to co-author content that showcases you all. Promote it to their and your social media and email channels and get the widest exposure for all of you. 10. ORIGINAL CONTENT Start with new trends or painful problems—the ones that give your audience sleepless nights. Stick to what you know and show your passion. Don’t forget to ask for help—someone in your team is a born storyteller who’s just waiting to be asked. ### 10 sources of great content Whether you’re writing a landing page, a blog post or a White Paper, your content has to be better than good; it has to be great. But don’t panic; it’s easier than you think.