Urgent care capstone


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Urgent care capstone

  1. 1. URGENT CARE CAPSTONE Kourtney Bowyer, ATC, LAT
  2. 2. PURPOSE OF U.C. Provide quick and convenient care  See a wider variety of patients  Help current patients get from “visit to visit”  Available for check ups on those “I’m not sure” issues patients have 
  3. 3. WAYS TO IMPROVE  Patient Care  Make sure patients feel confident with their provider  All braces and casts properly fit  Patient leaves understanding what is wrong, and they have follow-up appointments set up when necessary
  4. 4. WAYS TO IMPROVE  Efficiency x-ray tech and assigned A.T.’s  Have an idea of the equipment the patient will need  See more than one patient at a time, (i.e. see another patient while one is waiting for xray, being fitted, etc.)  Utilize
  5. 5. WAYS TO IMPROVE  Administration  Make sure all UC staff are aware of patients, what room they are in, and what they need  Have X-ray tech or student start filling out DME paperwork when braces/equipment is needed  When work/school notes are needed make sure they are properly filled out and signed
  6. 6. HOW TO MARKET URGENT CARE One of the biggest problems with having an Urgent Care is getting the word to the public that the service is available  In Raleigh there are over 25 Urgent care/medi-quicks  While we are set apart from the others by being an Orthopaedic Urgent Care it is important that the population know what we can do. 
  7. 7. S.W.A.T. ANALYSIS Strengths •Easy to access •No appointment needed •Covered by most insurances •Quality care quickly •Able to order lab work Opportunities •Reach more patients •Refer patients to OSNC doctors •Resource for Athletic Trainers Weakness •Not always on time •Patients can wait over an hour •Not always a clear diagnosis •Some visits require other appointments before patent can leave Threats •Other Medi-quick clinics •5 within ten miles of Wakefield •Mostly PA’s, some patients want to see Doctor
  8. 8. RECOMMENDATION While OSNC has many Athletic Trainers and team doctors for local schools, not all of the schools are aware that we have an Urgent Care specifically for Orthopaedic injuries.  On several occasions I have had patients tell me that they came to Rex U.C. but saw our sign and came to ours instead. 
  9. 9. RECOMMENDATION Have advertisements in school programs, local newspapers, internet blasts, social media, and have outreach clinicians hand out flyers.  These ideas are relatively easy to accomplish, and would let future patients know that we even exist. 
  10. 10. HOW CAN WE CHANGE  By offering the best service, make sure patients understand their injury, and help patients to feel confident when they walk out the door will set OSNC apart from other clinics where often times patients leave confused and unsure of their direction of care.