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Creative APP-titude: iPad Multimedia Tools for Creativity


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This presentation gives an overview of apps that can be used in the classroom to develop creative learning projects. Drawing, photography, audio recording, and movie making apps are shared along with examples of student projects in a variety of subject areas.

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  • Thank you so much for this slideshow! I am studying early childhood/childhood at SUNY Geneseo and have been extremely curious about how to incorporate the iPad into a class setting. While I loved all of the ideas this slideshow covered, there were a few in general that stood out to me. I loved the idea of combining art and literacy and the “draw something that begins with the letter…” was very effective doing just that. The iPad can also be helpful with documentation in the classroom and TimeLapse Pro was one app that could record the processes and problem solving of students. This could help teachers see how the students in their class learn to better their teaching methods and could also be sent to the parents to keep them updated on their children’s learning. Lastly, I thought the I am refection video and Animoto (end of the year slideshow) could be a great way to show the students and parents the wonderful learning that the students were getting involved in throughout the year. Thanks again for this wonderful post and for providing me with some great apps to use in my future classroom!
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  • This was a great slideshow! As an early childhood and childhood education major, I enjoyed this presentation because it really showcased the various applications of iPads in an educational setting. I thought this PowerPoint was beneficial in that it was organized in such a way that apps were provided with a short description and information about the price. Then you followed the description of apps with multiple potential uses for those apps. I thought this was a really wonderful way to approach this topic because it gave me a lot of activities that I would like to do as a teacher. For example, I thought that using the iPad as a way to document learning experiences could be a good way to have parents involved. In addition, the idea of using an iPad to have children draw and spell out “something that begins with the letter...” could be a fun and engaging way for children to learn!
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Creative APP-titude: iPad Multimedia Tools for Creativity

  1. 1. iPad Multimedia Tools for CreativityKaren BoschK - 8 Technology InstructionK - 5 Art InstructionSouthfield Christian SchoolSouthfield, Michigan Discovery Star Educator
  2. 2. About our iPadsSouthfield Christian School High School - one to one iPads Elementary School - 12 iPads MACUL Grant - Creative APP - titude Project Also have a set of 13 iPod touch devices (some project examples done on iPods)
  3. 3. Presentation Resource Link: Karen Bosch Twitter: karlyb
  4. 4. iPad Multimedia Tools Photography Drawing Audio Video Digital Storytelling
  5. 5. PHOTOGRAPHY APPSCamera Hints ‣Still / Video ‣Front facing ‣Zoom ‣Focus ‣Grid ‣Screenshot
  6. 6. PHOTOGRAPHY APPS Camera Roll App‣Edit - rotate, enhance, red-eye, crop‣Slideshow‣Share‣Delete/multiple delete
  7. 7. PHOTOGRAPHY APPSPhoto AppHint‣Always allow the app to use“Current Location” on photoapps - they will NOT allowyou to get photos from yourcamera roll if you click Don’tAllow!
  8. 8. PHOTOGRAPHY APPSWordPress ‣Blogging app lets you take photos on your iPad and directly upload them to your blog - huge time saver! ‣Let students photograph and blog class activities!
  9. 9. PHOTOGRAPHY APPS Photography Ideas‣Literacy: colors, shapes, ABCs, vocabulary words‣Writing: sequence, creative writing‣Science: experiments, simple machines, clouds,weather, leaves‣Math: real life problem solving‣Social Studies: field trips to locations, community‣World Languages: vocabulary
  10. 10. PHOTOGRAPHY APPSPhotography - An Apple Eaten ‣Students photographed an apple with iPads or iPods in stages as they ate it. ‣Teacher printed in black and white. ‣Students used as reference for pencil drawing. ‣Use to document learning activities.
  11. 11. PHOTOGRAPHY APPSDocument Learningwith Photography ‣First grade students built words with magnetic letters and photographed the words. ‣From teachers Suzanne Swanson, Meredith Young, and Judy Wilson.
  12. 12. PHOTOGRAPHY APPSPhoto Cams ‣Photo Booth (comes on iPad) ‣CamWow (free) ‣WeCam ($0.99) ‣FaceGoo HD Lite (free) ‣AR Magic Mirror (free)
  13. 13. PHOTOGRAPHY APPSCamWow ‣Creative expression - preschoolers ‣Andy Warhol style pop art photo wall ‣Use for creative writing!
  14. 14. PHOTOGRAPHY APPS iStrips (free)‣Yearbook group photos‣Save to camera option helpful!‣Contains ads (some might not beappropriate for students) ClassicBooth ($0.99)‣Photos of students with projects‣We used a free version (no longeravailable)
  15. 15. PHOTOGRAPHY APPSPhotography with Text ‣Labelbox (free) ‣Phoster ($1.99) ‣Phonto (free) ‣A+ Signature (free/$1.99) ‣DecoSama (free/$0.99)
  16. 16. PHOTOGRAPHY APPSAnnotate Screenshots ‣Skitch (free) (also is a free piece of software for your computer, Mac only)
  17. 17. PHOTOGRAPHY APPSBalloon Stickies Free ‣Add cartoon balloons to an individual photo ‣Variety of styles, colors, fonts ‣Email or save to camera roll ‣Ads in free version
  18. 18. PHOTOGRAPHY APPSPhotography Apps‣Six Word Story -project by HSEnglish teacherDiane Allenduring first weekof school.‣Use any appthat combines aphoto and text.
  19. 19. PHOTOGRAPHY APPSPhoto Collage Apps ‣PicStitch (free) ‣Pic Collage (free) ‣PolyFrame Lite (free) ‣Layout ($1.99) ‣Shape Collage ($1.99)
  20. 20. PHOTOGRAPHY APPSUsing Photo Collage Apps ‣Sequence ‣Field Trips ‣Posters (countries, animals) ‣Science Experiments ‣Class activities
  21. 21. PHOTOGRAPHY APPSMy Sketch ($1.99) ‣Apple Still Life Photography ‣Turns photos into sketches right before your eyes!!
  22. 22. PHOTOGRAPHY APPSFun with Filters/Effects ‣BeFunky (free) ‣Pixlr-o-matic (free) ‣Lunapics (free)
  23. 23. PHOTOGRAPHY APPS Editing and Effects Fotolr PS HD (free)• Rotate, crop, resize, adjust brightness and color• Add text, frames, draw on pictures, add crazy hair, lips, and eye stickers• Many beautiful photo filters!
  24. 24. PHOTOGRAPHY APPSPhoto Self Portraits‣Middle Schoolers use the front facingcamera‣Add creative effects to photos usingFotolr app
  25. 25. PHOTOGRAPHY APPSUsing Photo Collage Apps ‣PicStitch app ‣One photo, four ways ‣Sequence
  26. 26. PHOTOGRAPHY APPS Using Multiple Photo Apps‣Stretch studentcreativity‣Photo expresses astory‣Used Fotolr,MySketch, andLabelBox apps
  27. 27. PHOTOGRAPHY APPS PaintMee andSketchMee Lite (free) ‣Turn photos into paintings or sketches right before your eyes!!
  28. 28. PHOTOGRAPHY APPSPhoto Transfer ‣Photo Transfer ($2.99) ‣Simple Transfer Lite (free, limited to first 50 photos on camera roll) ‣PhotoCaster ($1.99) ‣Bump (free) transfer photo from device to device by bumping!
  29. 29. DRAWING APPSBASIC DRAWING TOOLS ‣Drawing Box (free/$1.99) ‣Drawing Pad ($1.99) feature to add text coming soon! ‣Doodle Buddy (free) - also add text! ‣WowPaint (free) - simple! ‣Hello Crayons (free) - great for early elementary
  30. 30. DRAWING APPSAfrican Sunsets Drawing Box Free (free)
  31. 31. DRAWING APPS WowPaint (free)Students use the app toreplicate art class projects -cardinal project
  32. 32. DRAWING APPSDraw a Picture thatBegins with a ....... (art and literacy) Hello Crayons app • Simple drawing apps - draw with crayons, marker, paint, pencils • Includes a paint bucket fill option • Can open and save images from and to camera roll • Shop includes additional in app features and coloring pages for purchase
  33. 33. DRAWING APPSDoodle Buddy (free)Combine photo, drawing, and text toillustrate a concept.
  34. 34. DRAWING APPSDoodle Buddy (free) French Class - students drew a picture that matches a description that they heard teacher Renee Wood give in French. Also uses drawing apps to draw and label over top of photos.
  35. 35. DRAWING APPSAdvanced Drawing Apps ‣ArtRage ($2.99) ‣Brushes ($7.99) ‣Auryn Ink ($3.99) watercolor paint app!
  36. 36. DRAWING APPSCool Drawing Effects ‣Spray Paint (free) ‣Doodle Dandy (free) symmetry paintings ‣SplatterHD (free) painting liKe Jackson Pollack
  37. 37. DRAWING APPSTypeDrawing ($2.99) ‣Second grade students create an outdoor picture using words. ‣Combines art and literacy.
  38. 38. DRAWING APPS Faces I Make ($2.99)Junk FoodFaces -Kindergartenerscreate fun facesas part of ahealth unit.
  39. 39. DRAWING APPSDigital Slates ‣Chalkboard (free) ‣Glow Paint (free)
  40. 40. DRAWING APPS3D Art Apps ‣Sculptor (free) ‣BlockArt HD (free) ‣iDough! HD (free) ‣Pottery Lite (free) view video ‣Carve the Copper Relief (free) ‣UKITOE Woodcut (free)
  41. 41. DRAWING APPSScreencasting ‣Show Me (free) ‣Screen Chomp (free) ‣Explain Everything ($2.99) Has many features not available in free apps ‣Educreations (free) ‣Visual Talks ($2.99)
  42. 42. DRAWING APPSShow Me Math Tutorials ‣Fifth grade students created as review for MAP testing ‣Free account ‣Publishes directly to ShowMe website
  43. 43. DRAWING APPSPopplet Lite Word Maps ‣9th grade history students create word maps comparing cartoons of French Revolution ‣From History teacher Alisa Ruffin
  44. 44. AUDIO APPSAudioMemos SE (free)iTalk Recorder (free) ‣Fluency/Vocabulary (Ruth Benefield) ‣Reader’s Theater ‣Create/record commercials ‣Recordings for band teacher (Jon Busch) ‣Mail/transfer recordings to teacher EXAMPLE: National Park Commercials
  45. 45. AUDIO APPSiAmRingtones (free) ‣Thanksgiving Raps with Apps ‣Used 2 devices ‣Created beats using iAmRingtones on iPod ‣Recorded raps using iTalk on iPad while playing beats on iPod
  46. 46. AUDIO APPS Audioboo (free)‣Easy way to publish audio filesdirectly to the web, files can beembedded on a blog‣Record files up to 5 minutes long ‣Can record longer files in iPadioand Cinch apps.
  47. 47. AUDIO APPSQR Code ListeningGalleries withAudioboo and Scan (free) ‣Superheros (4th grade) ‣Pink Pigs (Kindergarten)
  48. 48. AUDIO APPS Songify (free)‣record talking and itautomatically turns it into a song!Fun!‣comes with 3 song styles for free,additional styles for purchase‣Note: can block public publishedareas‣Similar apps: Talkapella, AutoRapExample: Computer Lab Rules“Songified”
  49. 49. AUDIO APPS Garageband ($4.99)‣record audio, add voiceeffects, combine with music‣record instruments, createsongs from loops, or use"Smart Instruments" to makemusic‣save or email files, sync toyour computer using iTunes‣example: Verse Recordings
  50. 50. AUDIO APPSI Tell a Story ($0.99)‣record multiple audio clips‣add sound effects (included in app)and music from your iTunes files‣email file as .m4a
  51. 51. AUDIO APPSCopyright FriendlyMusic‣Imcompetech - music from KevenMcLeod, free to use with attribution‣Purple Planet - royalty free music touse and remix with attribution‣CC Mixter - Creative Commonsmusic, free to use with attribution‣Vimeo Music Store - tracks availablefor free and for purchase
  52. 52. VIDEO APPSDiscoveryEducationMobile Site
  53. 53. VIDEO APPS Video Camera Hints‣Use horizontally, likethe shape of a TVscreen!‣Take short clips ofstudents in action, editinto a simple video atnight while watching TV.‣Assign students to takevideos of class activities.
  54. 54. VIDEO APPS Create Video Tutorials‣Easy way to givemultipledirections forprojects.‣Use iPad case asa tripod whenrecording.‣Can replayvideo as students link to view videowork.
  55. 55. VIDEO APPSVideo “ConfessionalBooth” ‣Use the front facing camera to record a “reality TV style” video with students reflections on a concept or after a lesson. ‣Quick and easy! ‣from teacher Phil Ackley
  56. 56. VIDEO APPS iMovie ($4.99) ‣Full featured, easy movie editing on the iPad! ‣Add text, transitions, and effects to your projectslink to video ‣Save projects to camera roll or upload directly to Youtube or Vimeo
  57. 57. VIDEO APPSPhysics Lab Report ‣Students in Gary Faust’s high school physics class use iMovie to document a physics lab activity.
  58. 58. VIDEO APPSPhysics in Real Life‣Students in GaryFaust’s high schoolphysics class usemovie and drawingapps to show anexample of physicsin real life.
  59. 59. VIDEO APPS Splice (free/additional features for purchase)‣Easy and fast app to editmultiple video clips and imagestogether‣Add simple titles, transitions,record audio, and add music‣Free version contains ads‣Export projects to camera roll
  60. 60. VIDEO APPS Splice (example)‣Have students filmand edit a class activity link to video
  61. 61. VIDEO APPS Silent Film Director ($2.99) ‣Record videos with old- fashioned silent film effects! ‣Edit multiple clips together, add titles, and add music appropriate to a silent movie. ‣Use to create realistic movies/ slideshows of historical events.Computer Lab Rules video linkField Day video link
  62. 62. VIDEO APPSPersuasive Writingfrom English teacher Katie Beth HofsettlerCommercial by Hannah‣Combination of iMovie and Silent Film Director
  63. 63. VIDEO APPSVideo Effects ‣Cartoonatic (free) ‣DoodleCam (free) ‣Movie FX Cam (free) ‣Super8 ($0.99)
  64. 64. VIDEO APPS iAm Video‣Student self-reflection video using video effect apps‣Part of the iAm project on iTunes
  65. 65. VIDEO APPS Animoto (free)‣Use this app to combineimages and video clips intoa movie with music andcool effects.‣Direct upload online toAnimoto site or downloadto camera roll. Link to video‣Free full featured accountfor educators!
  66. 66. VIDEO APPS iTimeLapse Pro ($1.99) iStopMotion ($9.99)‣Create timelapse movies!‣Great way to recordprocesses - art projects,science experiments.
  67. 67. VIDEO APPS OSnap Lite (free) ‣Free version is built for iPhone but works fine on iPad. ‣Good editing tools to clean up the recording.Link to video
  68. 68. VIDEO APPSVimeo (free) ‣Simple video editing - upload clips. add titles, transitions, and audio ‣Record in app and directly upload to Vimeo account ‣Use this app to upload videos from your camera roll to Vimeo
  69. 69. VIDEO APPSManaging Video Projects ‣Create Vimeo account, give students login/upload privileges. ‣Create a public Dropbox folder that students where students can upload videos. ‣Create an Edmodo community for your class to post their photos/projects/videos. ‣Use email to post to a Posterous blog (short videos).
  70. 70. Digital Storytelling on the iPadKaren BoschK - 8 Technology InstructionK - 5 Art InstructionSouthfield Christian SchoolSouthfield, Michigan
  71. 71. Why iPads for DigitalStorytelling? Audio Drawing Photography Video Text
  72. 72. DIGITAL STORYTELLING APPS Fotobabble (free)‣Snap a photo andrecord a one minuteaudio description.‣Instantly uploadonline to freeFotobabble account,simple publication!‣Easy for kids to use.‣Students reflect ontheir artwork
  73. 73. DIGITAL STORYTELLING APPS StoryKit (free)‣Create storybooksthat include photos,drawing, text, andaudio‣View on the iPad‣Easy to upload tofree internet page asimages with buttonsto listen to audio Link to Penguin Stories
  74. 74. DIGITAL STORYTELLING APPS French Haiku using StoryKit‣From French teacher ReneeWood‣Adopt an Escargot project‣Easy way for students topublish photo, audio, andtext
  75. 75. DIGITAL STORYTELLING APPSBook Creators with Audio ‣My Story - Book Maker ($1.99) ‣eBook Creator ($3.99) ‣Writer’s Studio ($3.99) ‣Story Buddy ($4.99) ‣Story Patch ($2.99) ‣Creative Book Builder ($3.99) ‣Demibooks Composer (free)
  76. 76. DIGITAL STORYTELLING APPS Book Creator for iPad ($4.99)‣Add text, pictures(from camera roll),record audio‣Export as epubdocument directly toiBooks or to Dropbox‣ Link to ourelementary collectionof eBooks
  77. 77. DIGITAL STORYTELLING APPSBook Creators - no audio ‣Scribble Press (free) - geared for kids with templates, text, clipart, and drawing tools! (Share via their online gallery or can order actual book.) ‣Duke Pen ($1.99) ‣Paper Desk Lite (free) ‣Keynote ($9.99) - think creatively about how you use this presentation maker/viewer!
  78. 78. DIGITAL STORYTELLING APPS Sonic Pics ($2.99)‣Create a slideshow using your images‣Record an audio narration‣Email finished project, transfer via wifi, or upload to Youtube Blurb Mobile (free/$0.99)‣Add audio and text to images (8 images/1 video in free version)‣Save finished project to camera roll, Facebook, free onlineaccount, or email‣Additional features and larger projects in paid version
  79. 79. DIGITAL STORYTELLING APPS Mudcloth Myths‣Art work and storycreated in art class.‣Photographed artwork‣Recorded story‣Example: MudclothMyths
  80. 80. TALKING CHARACTERS FaceJack ($1.99)‣Upload a picture and recordaudio to create a talking face!‣Download finished video toPhoto Library or upload toYoutube‣Free version includes ads andwatermark at end of video‣Uses: biographies,autobiographies, personalnarratives, book characters,creative writing
  81. 81. DIGITAL STORYTELLING APPSPresident CampaignSpeeches ‣Created by 5th graders in Carrie Fair’s class. ‣Searched and downloaded images from the internet to use in project.
  82. 82. DIGITAL STORYTELLING APPSI am Brave like a Lion ‣Photographed lion face created in art class. Then used FaceJack to record a way they are brave (with teacher help). ‣Clips combined by teacher using Splice video editing app.
  83. 83. DIGITAL STORYTELLING APPSBethlehem Eyewitness ‣Bethlehem Eyewitness project ‣In art class, created portraits using construction paper and chalk ‣Wrote story, then recorded in FaceJack
  84. 84. TALKING CHARACTERSMorfo (free)‣Create animated 3D talking faces fromstill images!LipMe (free)‣Use a video of your lips to create a talkingface
  85. 85. DIGITAL STORYTELLING APPSAnimated Talking Stories ‣Toontastic (free, additional features for purchase) ‣Puppet Pals (free with Wild West theme, additional themes $2.99) ‣Sock Puppets (free, additional features for purchase) ‣Art Maker ($2.99)
  86. 86. ANIMATED TALKING STORIES Puppet Pals‣Record audio as you move the characters with yourfinger to animate them‣Comes with a small selection of characters andbackgrounds‣Need to purchase the Director’s Pass ($2.99) to addyour own background‣Can add student photos as the characters.
  87. 87. DIGITAL STORYTELLING APPS Story Elements using Puppet Pals‣Project by 5th gradeteacher Carrie Fair‣Students wr0te scriptand created cartoonvideo of the climax ofbook‣Background created inDoodle Buddy
  88. 88. ANIMATED TALKING STORIES US Regions State Tour using Puppet Pals‣Project by 4th gradeteacher Denise Bourque‣Students researched astate and wrote script‣Backgroundsdownloaded from webusing Safari app
  89. 89. ANIMATED TALKING STORIES Toontastic (Free/$9.99 All Access Pass)Animated stories brokendown into easy to followdirections with audio.Comes with manysettings and characters,including option to paintyour own.Share finished videos toToontastic’s website with Tall Tale Story -free account. The Forest Fire
  90. 90. ANIMATED TALKING STORIES Sock Puppets (Free/additional features for purchase in app)‣Talking Socks! Crazyvoices!‣Second grade teachersMark Steer and RuthBennefield use to reviewmath facts andvocabulary words.
  91. 91. DIGITAL STORYTELLING APPSComic Creators ‣Comic Touch Lite (free/$2.99 for full version) ‣PhotoComic ($1.99) ‣Halftone($1.99) ‣Comic Life ($4.99) - many features! ‣Kabaam ($0.99)
  92. 92. DIGITAL STORYTELLING APPS PhotoComic ($1.99)‣Used Safari/Googlesearch to locate animalpictures‣Downloaded picturesinto camera roll‣Uploaded pictures intoComic Touch and addedcaptions‣Animal and FamousAfrican Americans comicprojects
  93. 93. DIGITAL STORYTELLING APPSTeacher AppreciationEmails‣First graders learned aboutemail and worked with apartner to write a thank youmessage to their teacher.
  94. 94. iBooks - iPad Multimedia Tools for Creativity, Collaboration, and Publication‣‣my ePub guidethat will open iniBooks if youopen the link onyour iPad.
  95. 95. Presentation Resource Link: Karen Bosch Twitter: karlyb
  96. 96. Karen Creative-APPtitude - iPad Multimedia Tools for Creativity by Karen Bosch is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution- NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.