Creating eBooks on the iPad


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Teachers will be surprised how easy it is to use the iPad to create the books and publish them. This presentation will sort through the many apps that can create eBooks with and without audio and guide you to the best for your needs. We will look at examples of student books from a variety of grades and learn simple ways to create both individual and collaborative books as well as books with rich multimedia content. We'll discuss best ways to manage eBook projects in your classroom and also take a brief look at how iBooks Author can help you create multitouch books for iPads.

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Creating eBooks on the iPad

  1. 1. EMPOWERING STUDENT AUTHORS: Karen Bosch K - 8 Technology Instruction Southfield Christian School Southfield, Michigan eBook Creation and Publication
  2. 2. ABOUT OUR IPADS Southfield Christian School High School - one to one iPads Elementary and Middle School - shared carts
  3. 3. Presentation Resource Link: Karen Bosch Twitter: @karlyb
  4. 4. TRADITIONAL PUBLICATION in the classroom
  5. 5. Text Audio Drawing Photography Video Internet/Research Why iPads for eBooks creation? ALL IN ONE SOLUTION!
  7. 7. Creativity Collaboration Publication Why iPads for eBook Creation? TRANSFORM ATIVE! Go beyond the laminated booklet on the class bookshelf!
  8. 8. Use a variety of digital tools to produce and publish writing including collaboration with peers with multimedia components (graphics, sound, video) in presentations. eBook Creation and the Common Core
  9. 9. BOOK CREATION APPS ‣Use copyright friendly images, especially if you plan to publish your book! ‣Save to camera roll ‣ ‣ ‣ Images for Books - online Note: I put icons on our iPads that connects to these websites
  10. 10. BOOK CREATION APPS ‣Photograph student work and art with your iPad! ‣Scan student work - email to your iPad Images for Books
  11. 11. Images for Books - Drawing Apps ‣Drawing Box (free/paid) ‣Drawing Pad (paid) add text ‣Doodle Buddy (free) - also add text! ‣Hello Crayons (free) - great for early elementary ‣Tayasui Sketches (free/in app purchases) good for older students ‣Flip Ink (paid) - very intuitive, great for older students BOOK CREATION APPS
  12. 12. BOOK CREATION APPS ‣Scribble Press (paid) - geared for kids with templates, text, clipart, and drawing tools! Option to share to iBooks, their online gallery, or can order actual book. Must have account. ‣Story Patch (paid) - share pdf via email ‣Paper Desk (free) - notebook app ‣Bookpress (free) - publish online books ‣Keynote (free/paid) - think creatively about how you use this presentation maker/viewer! Book Creators - no audio
  13. 13. BOOK CREATION APPS ‣Scribble Press (paid) - geared for kids with templates, text, clipart, and drawing tools! Great options to share including opening in iBooks, read online, download as ePub or PDF, or buy a physical book! Link to Liam’s story
  14. 14. Bookpress (free) ‣Must create account to use. ‣Use template or customize. Flexible usage of text. Add photos from camera, camera roll, or clipart. No audio recording. ‣Share to their cloud or via email, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Can also purchase physical copy of book. ‣Read book in app or online. BOOK CREATION APPS BookPress example link
  15. 15. Pages Now available free on new iOS device purchases!! (paid on older devices) Can choose to send completed documents to other many apps including iBooks, Dropbox, Explain Everything, and various notebook apps. BOOK CREATION APPS
  16. 16. How to Send Pages to iBooks BOOK CREATION APPS
  17. 17. Advantages of iBooks • Close reading • Definitions • Highlight • Take notes • Speak Text BOOK CREATION APPS
  18. 18. How to Turn on Talking Text (to speak when highlighted): Settings > General > Accessibility > Speech > Speak Selection BOOK CREATION APPS
  19. 19. Comic Book Creators ‣PhotoComic (paid) ‣Comic Book (paid) ‣Comic Life (paid) BOOK CREATION APPS (No clipart)
  20. 20. Comics Head ‣Comics Head (free lite/full version paid) Create comics with a wide collection of cartoon characters, backgrounds, and props, can also add your own photos. BOOK CREATION APPS
  21. 21. BOOK CREATION APPS ‣Haiku Deck (free) - presentation maker ‣Search for images in app! Beautiful text ‣Save online ‣Export as a Powerpoint/ Keynote file, can import into other apps ‣Link to Jerboas Example ‣From 5th grade teacher Crystal Voytal “Book” Creators - no audio
  22. 22. BOOK CREATION APPS Create an eBook from a Wikipedia article! (use for close reading, definitions, highlighting, notes)
  23. 23. ‣My Story - Book Maker (paid) ‣Writer’s Studio (paid) ‣Story Buddy (paid) ‣Bookabi (free/in app purchases) - includes clipart for younger students, transfer via iTunes or email (no audio on PDF) Book Creators with Audio BOOK CREATION APPS geared for younger learners includes clip art and/or drawing tools
  24. 24. ‣Writer’s Studio (paid) - good drawing tools and clipart for younger students BOOK CREATION APPS
  25. 25. ‣My Story - Book Maker (paid) - excellent drawing tools for younger students, easy BOOK CREATION APPS
  26. 26. ‣eBook Creator (paid) ‣Creative Book Builder (paid) ‣Story Creator (free/paid for full version) ‣Shutterfly Photo Story (free) ‣StoryKit (free) ‣NEW! Book Writer One (free/in app purchase) Book Creators with Audio - (no drawing tools) BOOK CREATION APPS
  27. 27. StoryKit (free) ‣Create storybooks that include photos, drawing, text, and audio ‣View on the iPad ‣Easy to upload to free internet page as images with buttons to listen to audio Link to Penguin Stories BOOK CREATION APPS
  28. 28. French Haiku using StoryKit ‣From French teacher Renee Wood ‣Adopt an Escargot project ‣Easy way for students to publish photo, audio, and text BOOK CREATION APPS
  29. 29. SPOKEnPHOTO (free) ‣Create free account ‣Add photos, record audio for each image (no text) ‣Saves to account, view online or in app ‣Example: Snowmen All Year BOOK CREATION APPS Use projects that you already do, turn into a book!
  30. 30. Collin’s Big Cat Series (free) ‣Create stories using backgrounds, objects, characters, text, record audio ‣ No option to save projects outside of the app BOOK CREATION APPS
  31. 31. Book Creator for iPad ($4.99) ‣Add text, pictures (from camera roll), record audio, add video, hyperlinks, combine books ‣Export as epub document directly to iBooks or to Dropbox ‣ Link to our elementary collection of eBooks BOOK CREATION APPS Let each student contribute one page (now also an Android version)
  32. 32. Our Book Shelf in iBooks BOOK CREATION APPS NOTE: Books created in a previous iOS might not have working audio in iOS 8
  33. 33. eBook Download Page
  34. 34. Poetry Anthology • Compiled in Book Creator app - text and audio • Used multiple apps to create images and video • Published book in iTunes Bookstore Still Images:  Phonto, LabelBox, Comic Life, Drawing Box, PolyFrame Videos: FaceJack, PuppetPals, Tellagami, 30Hands
  35. 35. APPlied Poetry:Multimedia Poetry Anthology LINK
  36. 36. •Link to download the APPlied Poetry Book •FREE!
  37. 37. ‣Download iTunes Producer ‣Step by step upload - tutorials at Book Creator blog ‣Be sure screenshots are correct size! ‣1024 x 768 pixels for screenshots and 1400+ pixels for cover Publishing to iTunes Bookstore - FREE! MANAGEMENT/HINTS
  38. 38. ‣Free to download! ‣Note: must have text boxes, iTunes will not accept books where the only text is part of an image. Winter Books in iTunes 2014 MANAGEMENT/HINTS Snowmen Having Fun - first grade Winter Tales - second grade
  39. 39. Our Newest Books in iTunes! MANAGEMENT/HINTS Do You Want to Build a Playground? - second grade (donations for new playground) Snowmen Having Fun 2015 - first grade
  40. 40. Link to One Best Thing collection FREE!
  41. 41. •Link to Creating Authentic Stories for iPad by Jane Ross
  42. 42. •Link to Student Authored Books on iTunes U by Jenny Grabiec
  43. 43. •Link to Faraway Friends: Collaborative Student Publishing by Carolyn Skibba
  44. 44. •Link to Creating a Spark with Authoring by Andrew Dickson
  45. 45. ‣Design your own multimedia multitouch books from templates! ‣Link: Mystery of the Howling Hoodoos Using iBooks Author on a Mac - FREE! MANAGEMENT/HINTS
  46. 46. ‣Created with iBooks Author on a Mac Computer ‣Free for download worldwide! Jay Bosch’s World War II History BOOK CREATION
  47. 47. Creating Authentic Audience for eBooks BOOK CREATION APPS ‣Share with other classes/grades in school ‣Share with parents via note, email, blog ‣Share via your social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+
  48. 48. ‣Email the project file (note: eBooks are more for viewing, not printing!) ‣Use the app’s website to post the books, then email/post the link ‣Use Dropbox or Google Drive to upload/share ePub books (Book Creator) ‣View ePub books via iBooks (iOS, Mac), ePub Reader (Android), Readium (Chrome) How to Print, Transfer, Publish, View Projects MANAGEMENT/HINTS
  49. 49. iPad Multimedia Resources Link: I would love your feedback and comments!
  50. 50. Contact Information: Karen Bosch Twitter: karlyb elemapptitude/
  51. 51. Creative-APPtitude - iPad Multimedia Tools for Creativity by Karen Bosch is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Karen Bosch
  52. 52. BOOK CREATION APPS ‣Create a document to use with your students for the first weeks of school. ‣Suggestions: About this class, Expectations, a comic giving step by step directions, a note to parents, etc. ‣Use Haiku Deck, BookPress, or Comics Head Lite. Hands On Project
  53. 53. BOOK CREATION APPS ‣Create a book illustrating a subject that you teach during the school year. ‣OR - Make an example of a book project that you would like your students to create. ‣Add text, image, audio, and video. Hands On Project