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Shout IT Out loud


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Presented at 2019 Engage Conference in Brussels by Keith Brooks, B2B Whisperer discussing internal guerilla marketing to create an affinity among your osers

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Shout IT Out loud

  1. 1. @lotusevangelist 1 SHOUT IT OUT LOUD! (Guerilla Marketing for the IT Department) Bu011 Keith Brooks @Lotusevangelist CEO, B2B Whisperer
  2. 2. @lotusevangelist 2 EXECUTIVE DECISIONS = SQUIRREL! Laugh, if you wish, you know I am right
  3. 3. @lotusevangelist 3 STOP BEING A FIAT AND BECOME A FERRARI Years of quick and easy coding eroded the Enterprise purpose of your solution
  4. 4. @lotusevangelist 4 ROI = SYJ If your product/solution does not make money for the company in some way, shape or form….. you have an expensive migration looming (save Your job)
  5. 5. @lotusevangelist 5 WRITE, TALK, POST….. IT IS YOUR JOB, TO KEEP YOUR JOB
  6. 6. @lotusevangelist 6 POLITICS AND PERMISSION
  7. 7. @lotusevangelist 7 THANKS GO A LONG WAY
  8. 8. @lotusevangelist 8