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Product Evangelist Pitch


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My personal slide deck used to pitch product evangelist efforts.
Includes client guidelines and KPIs.
Pulled from various sites and ideas not specially formatted just here to help others.
If you need my advice or help as a product evangelist please contact me.

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Product Evangelist Pitch

  1. 1. Product Evangelist and the KPIs Pitched September 9, 2015 By Keith Brooks Twitter: @Lotusevangelist
  2. 2. Premises/Details • Zero budget • Not PPC or Ad Campaigns “Just awareness” • Break down of average weekly activities • Topics/Industries to target • KPIs to track • What do I need from my manager
  3. 3. Week 1 – Lay of the Land • Get logins, equipment, charts, graphs, data • Get to know everyone, everything, everywhere • List existing links, socmed, analysts, blogs, microsites, conferences • Narrowing scope, verticals, clients, outreach areas • Pitch emails and topical ideas for blog posts and articles
  4. 4. 1. Analysts Outreach/Research – Find, Feel, Fuel, Flip 2. Periodicals Outreach/Research – Track, Talk, Trial, Translate, 3. Verticals Outreach/Research – Purpose, Plans, People, Post, Promote 4. VBlog/Podcasting/Defined Webinar (1-2 a month) 5. Blog Writing (2-3 a week) 6. Article Writing (1-2 a week) 7. Infographics (every 2 weeks) 8. Socmed – Tweets/Linkedin Buffer and Live QA/Replies (open time) 1. Facebook - TBD 2. Reddit /Mashable and other “peer reviews” 3. Internal meetings/administration 4. WebSite links and landing pages for the content 5. Followups with existing clients 6. Followups with potential clients 7. Slide Decks updated or produce new mini decks, no more than 5 slides highlighting key points. 8. Pass Decks to customers via short (15m) webinar about what they may be missing 9. White papers or Position Papers if/when we feel the need
  5. 5. Industry Prospects • Identify the customer segments, and the problem being solved. • When you offer to help people solve problems and learn from your mistakes, bloggers and writers will be a lot more interested. • More importantly, readers will be more interested in the news you want to share because first you helped them—and that gives them a great reason to be interested in your business. – Dharmesh cofounder HubSpot
  6. 6. Industry Prospects 1. Security/Background Checks 2. Credit card/Banks/Financial 3. Human Resources 4. Airlines 5. Government/Military 6. Libraries 7. Insurance Company 8. Sales People 9. Genealogy 10.Lawyers nt-be-scared-to-follow-up-with-prospects/
  7. 7. Topics• API to startups and other companies • Is your Prospect an Axe Murderer? • Beer is Better With Friends, Find Some You Lost • Sort Bad Guys Faster Than a Speeding Bullet • What else do we not do yet? • Watson vs. Our app, who wins • Use the Force for Good • Contacts Bingo Cards • Finding Family • Airline Master list • Sales CRM Boost • Vulcans Don’t Lie • Politicians/Rock Stars • Sports Heroes • Outlook/Notes/FB/Twitter etc.. Contact Fill ins
  8. 8. • Start from day 1 with volume, sales, client base #’s. • Look at past 3 years growth and numbers to have a base. • 2 Primary ones: • Create and Deliver Content • Increase sales/Involvement of customers • Basic Social Media numbers, while #’s don’t matter, retweets, forwards, tags, likes do as it means we are doing something right.
  9. 9. KPI - Distribution • Followers • Fans • Number of mentions • Reach • Social bookmarks • Inbound links • Blog subscribers
  10. 10. Interaction • Retweets • Forward to a friend • Social media sharing • Comments • Like or rate something • Reviews • Contributors and active contributors • Page views • Unique visitors • Traffic from social networking sites • Time spent on site • Response time
  11. 11. Influence • Share of conversation vs competitors • Satisfaction • Sentiment positive, neutral or negative • Number of outside the company evangelists
  12. 12. Action and ROI • Conversions (email subscriptions, downloads, install widget or tool) • Sales revenue • Registered users • Issues resolved and resolution rate • Number of leads (per day, week, month) • Cost of lead • Lead conversion rate • Cost of sale • Revenue (per follower, lead, customer) • Lifetime value of customers • Support cost (per customer in social channels) • Share of repeat customers (from social media vs other channels) • Transaction value per customer • Money in the bank, net profit, etc
  13. 13. Internal • Blog posts • Infographics • Presentations • Videos/Podcasts • Facebook updates • Tweets • Forum posts • Social media marketing Budget/Expenses • Social media related development costs
  14. 14. Goals Long Term • Maintain marketing plan for posts, articles, interviews • Events/Conference Speaking • Plan some marketing events in NY/CA/UK Mid Term Review what is working and gaining traction and what is not. Focus more on the positives and reducing the negatives.
  15. 15. Required from Management • Please keep an open mind • Keep me in the loop • Fix the website/SEO or let me do it • Experimentation is free usually, we will try it often • Review and Approve or at least provide input • Tell me when I am way off or wrong • Don’t expect everything to change over night • Send me to conferences for industry knowledge and connections, I need to keep learning and meeting people who need us question-tell-me-about-a-time-you-disagreed-with-a-subordinate/
  16. 16. Product Evangelist and the KPIs Pitched September 9, 2015 By Keith Brooks Twitter: @Lotusevangelist