The Boss is Anti-Social HELP!


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Midwest Lotus User Group session on helping executives to become more social. Aimed at executives and the the people that report to them.
You can get social, just think about your business in a new way and make it happen in a frame of mind of your executives.

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  • No TimeMeetings and more meetings Too many filters on the data they seeTo focus on urgent matters first No interest in blogging, tweeting…usuallyBroad plans on their minds No one to help them learn something new
  • Why sales people/executives say they do not use social media.
  • Don’t be fooled by the younger people vs. older people as you can see from the graphic at least 60% of everyone is being social.Your boss? Hopefully not part of the 40%.
  • Changing your tunes means changing your views and that corresponds to direct money/sales.
  • You can not change their perceptions and bias until you fully understand them.One you do this, you need to have a plan for them. Find out if they like any specific holidays or sports or events and work around those with them.
  • Golf is an excellent example of how to speak to your execs, if you know what you are after
  • Use cases work with executives because you need to describe in business terms what you want to accomplish or in this case maybe look to as a guide
  • A marketing pitch for IBM Connections as an example of some ways to work with your executives
  • You need to know what there is and why you are doing it.Read anything and everything, outside your comfort zone and industry. The more the better.Data is important, never underestimate the power of numbers.
  • The Boss is Anti-Social HELP!

    1. 1. MWLUG 2013 The Boss is Anti-Social…HELP! Keith Brooks 954-653-2517 Skype/Twitter: Lotusevangelist Background PHB Graphic
    2. 2. Who am I? an for ICS and Websphere Blogger: Previous MWLUG Sessions "If You only If You Only Knew What Your Server Was Saying“ Lotus Layers - Making your URL's Play Nicely I AM Admin I manage Customer Relationships via Social Enterprise Networks for <- Co-Authored this book
    3. 3. Culture Trumps Social In order to succeed, social needs a social culture. If your nature is silos and fiefdoms you may be out of luck. If your nature is open, sharing and caring, you probably went to another session.
    4. 4. Meet the Executives
    5. 5. Help the CEO look …
    6. 6. Today’s Topics 2) The CEO Billboard 4) Happy Endings 3) CEO Plan 1) CEO Evasion
    7. 7. Executives have … no-facebooking/
    8. 8. Maslowe’s Hierarchical View Did I miss anything? Let me know via Twitter @lotusevangelist
    9. 9. A Social CEO?
    10. 10. Sales People’s View docs/social_media_sales_quota.pdf
    11. 11. The Future Social CEO
    12. 12. The Future Social CEO (Page 2)
    13. 13. Age is NOT the Barrier
    14. 14. Today’s Topics 2) The CEO Billboard 4) Happy Endings 3) CEO Plan 1) CEO Evasion
    15. 15. Playing on Management’s Jukebox Recognize Anyone? Yourself Included? Jukebox Title Strip Creator -
    16. 16. Don’t Become a Ghost Town 17
    17. 17. Embraceyour CustomersIndividuality
    18. 18. Management’s Social Jukebox 19 Think Visually, Think Differently Metaphors Change Easily, PEOPLE DO NOT!
    19. 19. Today’s Topics Up Next 2) The CEO Billboard 4) Happy Endings 3) CEO Plan 1) CEO Evasion
    20. 20. Not always easy is it! The execs trust you…well I hope they do! Even Darth Vader could er, maybe not… Does your CEO email, newsletter, blog, Lipstick on a Pig or Comic from
    21. 21. 6 Steps for Execs…and you It’s our job to steer CEOs and management in the right direction when it comes to how to communicate via social media. How can you do this? 1) Speak in business language 2) Fit the audience to the channel
    22. 22. 6 Steps for Execs…and you (con’t) 3) Limit their Options 4) Provide the data/analytics or research Created by Rachel Jones of Wink Design Studio using: © Wordle by Keith Brooks:
    23. 23. 6 Steps for Execs…and you (con’t) 5) Know your Executive 6) Have a Plan for them
    24. 24. Prime Example, Golf
    25. 25. • Do you report or track every shot? No? You should • Do you have a plan before you hit the course? • Decide who to play next? • You have all of the information on your device • Better knowledge of the hole/course equates to a better score, same with customers • GPS, not included in IBM Connections ... yet Golf Explained
    26. 26. The Pizza Wheel of Leadership ternet/six_social-media_skills_every_leader_needs
    27. 27. Social Business Use Cases
    28. 28. IBM Connections Practical Example IBM Connections can help managers tackle daily work challenges 1. What do you want to accomplish? 2. How would you typically approach that challenge? 3. What options are available in IBM Connections to help you tackle that challenge faster, more efficiently or more collaboratively? Find experts outside of your team in order to be successful on a project or with a client Profiles Reduce your email inbox by attaching files in Connections, and stay out of ‘mail jail’! Files Network with other teams in IBM important to your team’s success. Stay current on what’s happening in your network Homepage Micro-blogging Easily communicate your strategy and priorities with your team in an open space where they can respond and communicate with one another Blogs Manage projects, assign tasks and due dates and get an overall view of the project’s status – in real-time Activities Share valuable web links for others to use Bookmarks Used by permission of Luis Suarez of IBM from slides of Ross Mauri
    29. 29. One Example exercised-great-crm-following-hurricane-sandy/
    30. 30. Last Topic 2) The CEO Billboard 4) Happy Endings 3) CEO Plan 1) CEO Evasion Today’s Topics
    31. 31. Know your boss and speak their language Stop the Confusion, stay focused Do your homework first, pitch it, train for it, show it…repeat READ, READ, READ Take Home
    32. 32. Thank You Keith Brooks ThinkRite (A VoiceRite Company) Social Collaboration Practice Leader Twitter/Skype: Lotusevangelist +1-954-653-2517 Find these slides on