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Social MediaSocial Innovation  &Change
Social Media
Two Schools of Thought
Brings People Together
Lets Make a DifferenceFor Every Tweet….
Tweet:@kbluher#SeattleSocialGood@kbluher you look really pretty todayand you’re teaching me tons on socialgood. #SeattleSo...
Tweet.         Entertain.Act.   Communicate.
You’re Passionate.
You Believe.
You’re Unique.
Together We’re Strong.
One Turns to Three…
Causes on Facebook
Twitter For Good
A Beautiful Mind
How Will You Change The World?
Engage. Act. Change.
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Power Point Social Media
Power Point Social Media
Power Point Social Media
Power Point Social Media
Power Point Social Media
Power Point Social Media
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Power Point Social Media


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My presentation on Social Good for "Stories of Service".

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  • Title slide: Social Media, Innovation and Change.
  • When think many things when I say social media. We may think of the social applications or the social platforms, security, business accounts or your personal accounts. Facebook or Twitter…No matter what you think of usually you feel one of two things.
  • The two schools of thought tend to be you love lovelove social media and are addicted or you hate it. There is usually no in between…Either social media is pivotal in your life and you use it on a daily basis, or its nonexistent. There is however also;
  • But there are also those that are confused. You may fall into the social media overload category. Its confusing at times and seems an uphill battle.
  • Or yourescared. You don’t know which direction to go or where to start. Mainly companies worry “I need to get into social media, but don’t know why”. Without a strategy or goals you should be hesitant.
  • Relax. Here are some of the most popular. Linkedin connects us to professionals, youtube documents life and gives user a place to share cat videoes, twitter is a micro blogging site that helps us share content in real time, facebook is for engaging with friends, foursquare checks us into our favorite places, google + well we’re still getting a hold of but hang outs are pretty cool, and pinterest my current obsession is an aesthetically beautiful platform that pins inspiration.
  • Most importantlySocial Media brings people with similar ideas, passions, loves together. Social media allows us to connect with others and allows us to share our ideas and our dreams. Social media, creativity, and passion can change the world. Which is why I’m here today.
  • Every 3 minutes a child is born with a cleft. If you don’t have a twitter account you have about 7 minutes to create one. For every tweet I’ll donate 30 cents. It takes 240 dollars to pay for an operation. Lets if we can spread a smile.
  • This is a social experiment of sorts. A greater way to understand the connectivity and possibility of social media. Mention me in a tweet and include the hashtag #SeattleSocialGood. Tweet anything! “Hey I’m at stories of service and learning all kinds of cool stuff” or boast my confidence and say “hey @kbluher you look really pretty today and you’re teaching me tons on social good.” if you do we can make a difference together. Lets see if we can bring a smile to someones face in 6 minutes.
  • Social media isn’t just about tweeting, exploring, sharing, creeping on ex-boyfriends. Its about Acting!
  • You have passion. A passion in something. A passion that means something.
  • It doesn’t have to be world peace. But if you’re in this room than you believe in something and I bet its remarkable.
  • That passion and that belief should be a driver that pushes you. Embrace your weirdness. Be the change you wish to see. You’re a star and your ideas should be shared.
  • Together, we’re strong. We can change the world. Social media is our link. It doesn’t discriminate it connects us. It connects the world.
  • The amazing thing about social media is that it starts with one and grows exponentially. It’s a powerful tool. Its how ideas and passions go viral. Its how movements can be started.
  • Non-profits are utilizing social media to cultivate these passions and convert them into something greater. Donating online, shopping online, adopting online. Causes with over 9 millions fans is an app that was built on the beautiful premise that anyone can change the world. Its not just about apps, its about social integration. Utilizing multiple platforms to promote your cause. Your Twitter account links to your Facebook and email campaign linked to a social contest. There are hundreds of ways to make a multy faceted campaign with measurable results.
  • In turkey after the earthquake one tweet saved 2 people buried in rubble. If one tweet could save the life of two people, think of its possibilities. This person asked for help and simply tweeted his address. They were saved in hours.
  • Pinterest is a new social craze that lets you pin the things you love to virtual pinboards. Nonprofits can utilize pinterest to 1. help tell their story visually, 2. share projects, products, and pictures, 3. Inspire, 4. increase traffic. This is another great platform to foster brand advocacy and can integrate with Facebook and Twitter as well.
  • So what would happen if we applied this collectivism to humanitarian causes. We could spread the word, create awareness and raise money exponentially. You can provide clean drinking water to a child for around 10. Some statistics say as many as 6,000 children die every day from unclean drinking water.
  • For 25 dollars you can feed children in need, or provide 80 vaccinations that could save these childrens lives. Measles alone kills more than 600 children every day. Yet these deaths can be so easily avoided. -unicef
  • Can help provide shelter and comfort to a person devastated by disaster.
  • Can help send someone to school. Seattle based Vittana is a great example of an organization dedicated to providing higher education to individuals that want to learn and grow and be something great! It’s microloans, social good and genius all rolled into one company.
  • You can help save a species.
  • You can do anything. That’s what I love about social media. Its connects us.
  • My challenge is simple. Be a spark. Utilize social media to start a conversation. Connect with like minded individuals. Spread the word. Share ideas. Start a change. It can start with a tweet, it can start with a video, it can simply start by joining the conversation. Be change.
  • How we used social media in a disaster. We have 2,705 followers on Twitter. In 5 days during the winter storm that covered the pacific northwest we reached over 33,000 people. We tweet safety tips, we tweeted weather reports, we tweeted where we were opening shelters for the thousands that lost power. 1 tweet the night we opened our first shelter reached over 13,300 people. Social media is awesome!
  • Because social media is more than just creeping on you ex-boyfriends. Social media is what you make of it. Be great! Thank you.
  • Power Point Social Media

    1. 1. @kbluher @SeattleRedCrossCommunication Coordinator
    2. 2. Social MediaSocial Innovation &Change
    3. 3. Social Media
    4. 4. Two Schools of Thought
    5. 5. Confused?!#!@*
    6. 6. Trepidation!
    7. 7. Brings People Together
    8. 8. Lets Make a DifferenceFor Every Tweet….
    9. 9. Tweet:@kbluher#SeattleSocialGood@kbluher you look really pretty todayand you’re teaching me tons on socialgood. #SeattleSocialGood
    10. 10. Tweet. Entertain.Act. Communicate.
    11. 11. You’re Passionate.
    12. 12. You Believe.
    13. 13. You’re Unique.
    14. 14. Together We’re Strong.
    15. 15. One Turns to Three…
    16. 16. Causes on Facebook
    17. 17. Twitter For Good
    18. 18. A Beautiful Mind
    19. 19. @vittana
    20. 20. How Will You Change The World?
    21. 21. Engage. Act. Change.
    22. 22. @kbluherHave questions? Ask meMe: Kathryn BluherEmail : bluherk@gmail.comRantings: wordpress.com/call-me-kathrynSit down and chat w/ me…I’ll buy the coffee