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Dayton Dutch Lions FC


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A mission and vission of development and professionalism

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Dayton Dutch Lions FC

  1. 1. <ul>Business Plan </ul>
  2. 2. <ul>CONTENTS </ul><ul><li>Market Analysis
  3. 3. Dutch Lions FC
  4. 4. Objectives
  5. 5. How to get there
  6. 6. Stadium Complex
  7. 7. ROI on player Sales
  8. 8. Dayton Dutch Lions FC
  9. 9. Youth Development – Dutch Lions FC Academy
  10. 10. Community Approach
  11. 11. Structure in the United States </li></ul>
  12. 12. <ul>1. Market Analysis </ul><ul>USA </ul><ul><li>18 million soccer players, the most in the world
  13. 13. Nobody playing for the top teams in Europe while dominating almost every sport besides soccer
  14. 14. Holland has about 1 million and has about 25 players playing for the top teams </li></ul><ul>Cause analysis We feel a lot has to do with the lack of the “fundament” in soccer: the technical and tactical development at the young ages (especially between 7 and 12). Something the Dutch school is known for. And which we want to combine with the mental and physical strength the US is known for. By coping the best Academy of Holland (FC Twente) and bringing it to Dayton. OHIO-Dayton Facts and Figures </ul><ul><li>OHIO is one of the top 10 States in the US as far as active youth soccer players; amount has doubled since 1990
  15. 15. OHIO ranked 8th nationally as far as registered youth players (*p4)
  16. 16. Soccer largest sport in Dayton and still gowing (pased baseball recently)
  17. 17. Three Dayton tournaments are one of the largest in the East Coast and generate over $8 million per year </li></ul><ul>But who plays in the National youth teams or has gone professional? And who do they have to look up to? A lot of clubs in the Dayton region offer a good youth soccer product but no one is offering a “Gateway to professional soccer”. And this is exactly what the Dutch Lions FC stand for. It is our ambition to make Dayton “Leading in soccer in the Great Lakes region”. So in a few years people will say: “for top soccer (development) you need to be in Dayton”. </ul>
  18. 18. <ul>Figures active competative youth sport participation soccer USA </ul><ul>Rank </ul><ul>State Assocation </ul><ul>FY Registration </ul><ul>1 </ul><ul>California </ul><ul>420,000 </ul><ul>2 </ul><ul>Texas </ul><ul>310,000 </ul><ul>3 </ul><ul>New York </ul><ul>280,000 </ul><ul>4 </ul><ul>Massachusetts </ul><ul>270,000 </ul><ul>5 </ul><ul>New Jersey </ul><ul>230,000 </ul><ul>6 </ul><ul>Virginia </ul><ul>180,000 </ul><ul>7 </ul><ul>Washington </ul><ul>170,000 </ul><ul>8 </ul><ul>OHIO </ul><ul>145,000 </ul><ul>9 </ul><ul>E. Pennsylvania </ul><ul>140,000 </ul><ul>10 </ul><ul>Florida </ul><ul>135,000 </ul><ul>11 </ul><ul>Michigan </ul><ul>135,000 </ul><ul>12 </ul><ul>Illinois </ul><ul>130,000 </ul><ul>13 </ul><ul>Connecticut </ul><ul>125,000 </ul><ul>14 </ul><ul>Minnesota </ul><ul>120,000 </ul><ul>15 </ul><ul>Colorado </ul><ul>115,000 </ul>
  19. 19. <ul>2. Dutch Lions FC - who are we? </ul><ul>In 2010 majority shareholders Mike Mossel (graduate from Xavier University in ’93) and Erik Tammer (former pro player for Ajax Amsterdam) registered the Dutch Lions Capital Group USA LLC and the Dayton Dutch Lions FC LLC . Both companies consist of shareholders from both Holland and the USA. There are currently (June 2010) 14 shareholders in the Dutch Lions Capital Group USA LLC and 4 shareholders in the Dayton Dutch Lions FC LLC. Companies or private investors can purchase shares of the Dutch Lions Capital Group USA LLC for $82,50* per share, with a total of 20.000 shares being issued ($16.500 per 1%). Shares of the Dayton Dutch Lions FC LLC can be purchased for $135.* per share, with a total of 10.000 shares being issued ($13.500 per 1%). As of September 1 2010, there is only 3% of the shares left in the Dayton Dutch Lions FC LLC and 20% of the shares in the Dutch Lions Capital Group USA LLC. *there is a minimum purchase price in each LLC; prices might have changed between making this document and tody Dayton Dutch Lions FC The Dayton Dutch Lions FC is a Dutch American soccer club with a European styled model with both a prestigious Youth Academy program (Dutch Lions FC) as well as a professional team (Dayton Dutch Lions FC) that played in the Premier Development League of the United Soccer Leagues (USL) in 2010. In 2011 the team will play in the USL Pro League (1st Division after MLS) and also have a women’s team. The Dayton Dutch Lions FC is a mix of 9 Dutch professional players (7 played for the Dutch National youth teams; one even played for the Dutch National Team) and 14 US players, mainly local and former graduates of colleges in or around Dayton. Head Coach for the 2010 team was Sonny Silooy, who played for Ajax Amsterdam in Holland and won the Championship 7 times, the Champions League Trophy, the European Super Cup, the World Cup and he also played 25 games for the Dutch National team. Dutch Lions FC The Dutch Lions FC Premier Academy is a copy of the structure and philosphy of FC Twente, current (2010) Champions of Holland. During May-July 2010 FC Twente had an Advisor in Dayton to set up the Dutch Lions FC Academy and train the Dutch Lions FC coaches according to their development model. </ul>
  20. 20. <ul>3. Dutch Lions FC – Objectives </ul><ul>Dayton Dutch Lions FC has three objectives for the coming years: </ul><ul><li>Provide the Dayton soccer community with a very professional, high quality and entertaining game of soccer </li></ul><ul>through their professional team </ul><ul><li>Give Dayton kids an opportunity to become a professional soccer player (in Europe)
  21. 21. Put Dayton on the soccer map as “leading in soccer youth development” </li></ul><ul>The Dutch Lions Capital Group USA LLC and Dutch Lions Real Estate Group USA LLC has one objective for the coming 10 years: </ul><ul><li>Give shareholders a maximum Return on Investment through annual dividends from soccer operations as well as stadium development* </li></ul>
  22. 22. <ul>“ Dayton leading in soccer” </ul>
  23. 23. <ul>4. How to get there Grow through great feedback on “product” vs soccer specific stadium </ul><ul>QUALITY COACHES ACADEMY LARGE CROWDS MEN’S AND WOMEN’S TEAM PROFESSIONAL BRANDING </ul>
  24. 24. <ul>5. Dutch Lions FC – Stadium Complex </ul><ul>To really make Dayton number one in soccer in the region we would have to built a soccer specific stadium in a Dutch style, with 5000-6000 seats with covered stands, 4 fields behind the stadium and a clubhouse located in the centre where all players and parents meet. The stadium would have both retail and office space for rent. With approximately 50 teams in 3 years we would have 1500-2000 people visiting the stadium 5 nights a week for practices and in the weekend anywhere between 1000-6000 for (exhibition) games, tournaments, concerts etc. It is an ideal location for supermarkets, stores, health care etc. While practicing the parent(s) can do the shopping they needed to do etc. Example calculation: </ul><ul><li>20 retail spaces for $ 5.000,- per month ($ 100.000,- per month, $1.200.000,- per year)
  25. 25. 20 (small) office spaces for $ 1.250,- per month ($ 25.000,- month, $ 300.000 per year)
  26. 26. 20 VIP boxes/office space for $3.000,- per month ($ 60.000 per month, $ 720.000 per year)
  27. 27. Rental of stadium/fields for $ X </li></ul><ul>The stadium would also attract top (international) teams to come to Dayton for training purposes and/or tournaments . </ul>
  28. 28. <ul>3-4 fields, 2 astro </ul><ul>office space </ul><ul>retail and office space external parties </ul><ul>parking </ul><ul>indoor astro </ul><ul>clubhouse </ul>
  29. 30. <ul>Dutch Lions FC – Stadium retail option </ul>
  30. 31. <ul>7. Dutch Lions FC – ROI from player sales </ul><ul>Most clubs in the USA (and OHIO) are focussed on making money through membership fees. Most clubs in Europe are focussed on making money through educating young players in their Youth Academy and receive transfer fees for them if the perform well in their professional team. In 2005 FC Twente purchased two young players for $200.000 and put them in their Academy. In 2009 they sold both for $24 million . FIFA Regulations Each time a player gets “sold”, FIFA regulation states 5% goes to the club where the player was in the Youth Academy. If he has been in the Dutch Lions FC Premier Academy, the club receives this $ each time he is sold. For instance, Arjan Robben was sold 3 times the last 5 years (Chelsea, Real Madrid and Bayer Munich) for an average of $20 million per transfer. Each time $1 million went to his old youth club(s). Besides that, 30% of the transfer fee often goes to his previous club. Besides getting a return on investment in the 3rd-4th year through membership fees in the Academy, the interesting part will come after year 5-7, when we anticipate bringing our first players to Europe and getting both an “education compensation fee” as well as a transfer fee. </ul>
  31. 32. <ul>10. Attachments </ul><ul><li>Dayton Dutch Lions FC Men’s pro Team 2010
  32. 33. Dutch Lions Fc Youth Academy 2010
  33. 34. Dutch Lions FC Player Development Model
  34. 35. Dutch Lions FC Community approach
  35. 36. Dutch Lions FC Gateway to Professional Soccer Model
  36. 37. Dayton Dutch Lions FC LLC 6 year forecast
  37. 38. United Soccer League set up </li></ul>
  38. 39. <ul>2010 – Dayton Dutch Lions FC </ul><ul><li>Combination of high level Dutch pro players and players from the Dayton area
  39. 40. Very professional branding through Italian styled suits and UA gear
  40. 41. VIP after game discussion after home games at one of the sponsors (Whine Loft in the Greene)
  41. 42. 2010: qualified as only newcomer as one of the 8 PDL teams (out of 64) for US Open CUP, leading the Central Conference League after 4 games over powerhouses Chicago Fire and Michigan Bucks
  42. 43. Finished inaugural season in third place, beating Conference Champions Michigan Bucks and 2009 PDL Championship finalist Chicago Fire twice, unbeaten record at home (5-0-3) and winning record overall (8-3-5)
  43. 44. Over 3000 spectators at opening game against a team of former Soccer Legends (Global United FC); averaging around 1400 each home game, in top 5 of whole USA in PDL soccer, nr 33 in USA (out of 104 clubs)
  44. 45. Employment of 36 people, 11 in office, 25 on field
  45. 46. Great press coverage (Dayton Daily News, FOX, NBC)
  46. 47. Providing business to local companies </li></ul>
  47. 49. <ul>Dayton Dutch Lions FC – Global United Project </ul><ul>On April 30 2010, as the home opener of it’s inaugural season the Dayton Dutch Lions FC played a team of former world stars such as Etcheverry, Dooley, Sanneh, Oliseh, Bobic, Rink, Bosvelt, Clavijo and many more. About 3200 people came to watch the game. </ul>
  48. 50. <ul>2010 – Dutch Lions FC Premier Academy </ul><ul><li>Copy of FC Twente development model
  49. 51. 250 kids at tryouts in first year (5 nights)
  50. 52. Total of 8 teams the first year; 6 teams starting in August 2010, 1 in November and 1 in March 2011
  51. 53. Feedback on tryout: </li></ul><ul>- “this is so different and so much more professional than I have ever seen” - “who would have thought a week ago my son/daughter would be coaches by a Champions League winner right here in Dayton” -“If you have 8 this year you will have 20-25 next year for sure” </ul><ul><li>Feedback after first month of training: </li></ul><ul>- “it has been a while that my son/daughter was so excited to go to practice” - “my kids have learned more in three weeks than in three years at his previous club” </ul><ul><li>Only one team per age category in the Premier Academy
  52. 54. Only qualified coaches, mostly from Holland and pro players
  53. 55. Personal Development Plan integrated in Academy
  54. 56. 3 parental meetings (one on one with coach) per player
  55. 57. 4 Player-Coach evaluations per year
  56. 58. Emphasis on technical and tactical (video analysis every month) </li></ul><ul>development </ul><ul><li>Practice and play at top facilities such as AIA and Bellbrook HS
  57. 59. Chance to be invited to FC Twente in Holland in summer </li></ul>
  58. 60. <ul>Dutch Lions FC – Academy presentation </ul><ul>Tryouts were held between June 1 and 6. On June 19, 2010 the new Academy members were presented to the home crowd during the Columbus Crew scrimmage at Baujan Field. </ul>
  59. 61. <ul>Player Development </ul><ul>Age 4-7 </ul><ul>Game/Fun </ul><ul>Age 7-12 </ul><ul>Fundamentals technically/tactically </ul><ul>Age 12-14 </ul><ul>Learning to train </ul><ul>Age 14-16 </ul><ul>Training to grow </ul><ul>Age 16-18 </ul><ul>Training to win </ul><ul>Age 18+ </ul><ul>Training to excel </ul>
  60. 62. <ul>Dutch Lions FC – community approach </ul><ul>It is the ambition of the Dutch Lions FC to offer the best development possible to kids in the Dayton area. In order to get more involved in the community the Dutch Lions FC organized a number of activities in 2010. </ul><ul><li>Gave free soccer clinics to over 6000 kids at various Elementary schools (between March and June); one home game was designated a special “School Night”, each participating school could win an exclusive visit from the entire professional team (won by Incarnation). The schools that were visited Include: Incarnation – Centerville, Driscol – Centerville, John Hole – Centerville, Stingley – Centerville, Weller – Centerville, Dennis east/west – Springboro, Morain Meadows – Kettering, Medlar View – Miamisburg, Oakview – Kettering, Orchard Park – Kettering </li></ul><ul><li>Players appeared at request to festivals and tournaments in the Dayton region
  61. 63. We developed partnerships with local soccer clubs: the first club that signed an agreement was Bellbrook Soccer club; the Dutch Lions FC will train their coaches at least three times and the kids from Bellbrook SC get a large discount for all the Dutch Lions FC camps and to the home games of the Dayton Dutch Lions FC </li></ul>
  62. 64. <ul>Dutch Lions FC – Gateway to professional soccer </ul>