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This is a presentation I created for my old job at Andrea Obston Marketing Communications. It based off of an online newsroom I created for our firm and clients. I presented the online newsroom at Biz Buzz Social Media Summit in 2010.

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  • KL “Might be asking yourself….” How is this different than a news section? News section usually has PDF versions of things which are NOT searchable! Online Newsroom: already told you what it has…
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  • The Online Newsroom

    1. 1. The Online Newsroom Making the Most of Your Public Relations Program
    2. 2. What is an Online Newsroom?• Central online hub organizing all the information on an organization •Organization profile •Calendar of •Press material events •Financial •Boilerplates information •FAQ Sheets •Digital media •Media contacts
    3. 3. Benefits• Positions you as the expert• Helps you manage your brand• Keeps you on the cutting edge of web 2.0 – 90% of people use Twitter, Facebook and blogs on a daily basis for news – 50% start their news search on Google, Yahoo and Bing Source: TEKGroup
    4. 4. But wait, there’s more!• Extend the life of • Increase visibility press material – Builds online presence – Archive material online – Search engine friendly – Opportunities for – Drive traffic to people to find it newsroom via social• Respond quickly media during a crisis – Portal to company website – Makes you nimble
    5. 5. Reporters Love it• Gives reporters a “one-stop shop” – Days of the printed press kit behind us• Makes life easier for the reporter = good relationship• Encourages new stories• In fact…
    6. 6. Reporters love it 2.0• 97% of reporters use online newsrooms and corporate sites as a source of information• 45% say they visit them more than 1x a week Source: TEKGroup
    7. 7. How is this different than a news section?• News section • Online Newsroom usually has: – More comprehensive – Contact – Cuts down on search – From the company time – In the News – All content is searchable – Nothing is downloadable – Little is searchable
    8. 8. I like what I see…now what?• Representing your company• Representing more than one source
    9. 9. For Your Company• Company profile • About our staff• Press material – Business portraits – Press releases – Executive bios – Feature stories • Financial Information – Long quotes (Optional)• The firm in the news • Press Kits• Digital Media • Calendar of events – Logos • Media contact(s)! – Pictures – Audio clips – Video
    10. 10. For More Than One Source:• About the newsroom • Press material and firm – Press releases• About source – Feature stories – Boilerplate – Expertise letters – Media contact – Long quotes• Source in the news – Pictures• Links – Media contact • Calendar of events • Media – Pictures, videos, audio clips and logos
    11. 11. Want to know more?• AOMC Online Newsroom Fact Sheet•• Online Newsroom examples: – GE – Walgreens – Health Net
    12. 12. Do You Have Any…
    13. 13. Andrea Obston Marketing Communications, LLC @aobston @kblennon