Nonprofits and Social Media


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A November 2011 presentation for Enoch Pratt Free Library.

Interested in the impact of social media on the nonprofit world? Wondering if Facebook, Google+ and the endless number of blogs really have any relevance for your organization? Learn how nonprofits can strategically implement and evaluate social media tools to improve fundraising, build capacity, and most importantly, improve their communities.

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Nonprofits and Social Media

  1. 1. Social Media & NonprofitsKate BladowStrategist, Powered Pursuits
  2. 2. Whos in the Room?
  3. 3. Whos Using Social Media?
  4. 4. What Do YouWant to Learn?
  5. 5. Networking Offline
  6. 6. It Also Looks Like...
  7. 7. Some Examples Quick Stats Vocabulary• More than 800 million Profiles active users Pages• 50% of those users log on in Groups any given day Friends
  8. 8. Some Examples Quick Stats Vocabulary• 190 million users Tweets• 65 million tweets per day Retweets• More than 800,000 searches Lists per day Followers
  9. 9. Some Examples Quick Stats Vocabulary• 120 million members Profiles• 2 billion searches for people Contacts in 2010 Companies Groups
  10. 10. Some Examples Quick Stats Vocabulary• More than 2 billion views Channels per day Uploads• 35 hours of video uploaded Playlists every minute
  11. 11. Some Examples Quick Stats Vocabulary• More than 25 million users Circles Hangouts +1s
  12. 12. Some Examples Quick Stats Vocabulary• Over 155 million blogs have Posts been identified Comments• Almost 2 million blog posts RSS Feeds indexed in every 24 hours
  13. 13. Some Examples Quick Stats Vocabulary• Over 10 million people Check Ins• Millions of check ins per day Mayors Badges
  14. 14. Getting Starting• Dipping Your Toe In• Listening• Talking With Your Community• Sharing Information• Getting People to Take Action
  15. 15. Respondingto Negative Comments
  16. 16. Getting Your House in Order● Clean Up Your Website● Put a Strategy Together● Think About Staffing● Set Aside Time
  17. 17. Measuring Your ROI● Important!● Not everything is worth measuring
  18. 18. ExamplesFacebook ● HSUS - ● Red Cross –● Rolling Dog Farm -● OSI Baltimore -
  19. 19. ExamplesTwitter● Kevin Lindamood (HCHMD) -● BVU Maryland –!/bvumarylandGoogle+● National Wildlife Federation –● Visit Baltimore -
  20. 20. ExamplesFoursquare ● Baltimore Heritage –● Enoch Pratt –
  21. 21. Questions?
  22. 22. Last Words● Integrate your online and offline networking.● Social media opens up opportunities, but you have to recognize them● Get to know people.
  23. 23. Resources● Idealwares Social Media Decision Guide● Beth Kanters Blog● Frogloop● Tech & Social Change Baltimore
  24. 24. Contact InformationKate BladowFounder &