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Virupa brief info


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Brief info on Mahasiddha Virupa, the founder of the Lamdre practice of Sakya Order of Tibetan Buddhist Tradition.

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Virupa brief info

  1. 1. Lamdre (meaning: the Path including its result) is the highest teaching and practice of the SakyaTradition, originating from the great Indian Mahasiddha, Virupa. Lamdre contains teachings andpractices covering the whole range of sutra and tantra teachings given by Buddha, but its mainteachings are based on the Hevajra Tantra.Virupa practised Chakrasamvara at night, whilst teaching Sutrayana, debating and composingDharma texts during the day at Nalanda University. After few years of practising without gaining anysigns or attainments, frustrated, Virupa thought he had no connection with Mantrayana in this life.He then decided to spend his time solely in the study and contemplation of the common vehicle. Hemade the pledge that from now onwards he would not teach the Dharma, compose Dharma texts,nor do any YIDAM practice. On the 22nd of the fourth lunar spring month (Vesak) he threw his malainto a toilet as a symbol of his abandonment of the practice.That nigh Nairatmaya appeared in his dream as a blue ordinary lady who said to him, "Noble Son, donot behave improperly. Retrieve your mala, wash it with perfumed water, confess your mistake andpledge not to repeat this, and uphold the practice correctly now on." She continued, "I am the deitywith whom you have a karmic link. I will now bestow blessings upon you so that you will swiftlyaccomplish attainments." She then disappeared.The following morning, on the 23rd day of the lunar month, Virupa woke up with great regret. Hecollected his mala and followed the instructions he received the night before. That night heperceived primordial wisdom in the form of the fifteen goddess mandala of the Nirmanakayamanifestation of Nairatmaya. He received the four consecrations completely and attained the firstbhumi (stages of enlightenment) that very night.For six consecutive nights Virupa achieved increasing realisations and on the seventh night, the 29thday of the lunar month, he accomplished the sixth bhumi, gaining blessings of the four aspects of thewhispered lineage.• Because he received the four empowerments completely from an unbroken lineage, thestream of initiation did not dry up.• Secondly, because he gained realisation of the first to the sixth bhumis, the stream ofblessings did not decline.• Thirdly, he perfectly realised that all of his previous misfortunes were actually signs of theheat of Samadhi of the path of application. Thus the instructions were not disrupted.• Fourthly, he gained the profound confidence that his realisation was equal to that of theBuddha and completely satisfied all of his aspirations.