Indoor Water Parks


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Indoor Water Parks

  1. 1. Indoor Water Parks Subjects covered  History of Water Parks  Filtration Systems Water Park Project Everyone goes to the water park fairly often, but have you  How water parks are designed and ever stopped and thought about what all really went into made. making it and what it takes to keep it running but most  Future innovations importantly safe and clean. Well we did! And we were very surprised about what we found out along the way  Interviews with and hopefully you will be too staff members of Country Springs and WTI  And more… .ContentsHistory 2Creating a Water Park 3 History of Indoor Water ParksCreating a proposal 4 The first indoor water Polynesian Resort in the eclipsed by the giants thatUnderstanding the client’s park was built in 1985 Wisconsin Dells, to make followed such as theneeds 5 Edmonton, in Alberta, it a year round tourist Kalahari and The Canada at the West destination. Before its Wilderness. It still operatesProject Managers 6 Edmonton Mall. It was construction the within the Dells but is nowBuilding the park 7 called The World Water Wisconsin Dells season a cheap sideshow next to Park and was over only ran from Memorial the huge resorts that haveKeeping it safe and 200,000sq ft which is Day to Labor Day. This conquered the Dells.Healthy 8 fairly big for and Indoor new type of Water Park However since the first Water Park. It was a allowed them to continue Water Park in Canada theFiltration systems 9 huge success for the mall operation all year and water park business hasH.A.V.C 10 and is still operating, allowing them to skyrocketed with over (although with some add- maintain a constant flow 1,000 water park resorts inWhat the future holds11 on’s) to this day. The of income throughout the North America and with success of the World year. Unfortunately the Europe and Asia followingFun Facts 12 Water Park in Canada Polynesian Resort did not all in all the future looks prompted the first indoor experience the same pretty good for the Indoor water park in America to success as the World Water Park business. be built in 1989 by the Water Park and was soon
  2. 2. 2 TYPE TITLE HERE Indoor Water Parks Creating a Water Park Now everyone just assumes that if somebody wants to build a Water Park they just do some sketches gets the money and calls the builder right? No, wrong! It turns out that there’s more to it than that so my partner Gabe and I went to WTI, (a water park design firm based in Beaver Dam Wisconsin) to find out how it’s really done.Interviews with the staffWhile we were at WTIwe talked to several Creating a Proposal There are two main types a bid. Then the will send to a water parkemployees and asked of Water Parks that WTI government chooses who company. The proposal designs private and to hire. In a private one includes schematics,them a few questions. municipal. Municipal is the company can only drawings, estimations for the government and look at one persons offer. on cost, numbers of1.What is the Biggest is generally smaller. However most of the bolts, and various Private is a company time private ones willproject you have ever other materials and choosing to hire you and look at more than one things that will beworked on? 2. What’s are generally bigger. The person’s proposal to find the best one. necessary to build the main difference betweenthe smallest? the two is that by law a park. If it is accepted So what is a proposal? those are the plans the municipal project has toAmin 1. A 150,000 m2 be open to all companies water park will be A proposal is a document and allow them to submit based off of. that a firm such as WTIwater park in Dubai2. A $100,000 pool Understanding The Clients needs When it comes to East if you just but rows sense. Unlike us people overAdam 1. A $150,000 designing a water park of chairs in front of a there will not let another person or family ride with one of the most wave pool people would notsplash pad. like it. Instead you must them on a slide so it would important things to design earthworks to make make more sense to build a understand is the client’s private areas with 4-5 chairs 2-3 person ride.2. A 13 million dollar needs as well as the each. Also if you build a regions cultures. For slide in the Middle East withproject in Canada. instance in the Middle 5-6 seats it would not make
  3. 3. Indoor Water Parks 3 Project Managers/ Management Before the park can models of the park. as theme and size. even be made complex But the people who They help the owners and the water set really lead the project choose the site to put flowing the water park are the project their parks on based needs to be planned managers. They are on soil and landforms down to the piping. the ones who deal with (such as hills valleys, Everything even the the clients as travel to ect…). They also take number of bolts the site during things such as bus Interviews (continued) necessary must be construction. They also routes, neighborhoods, calculated. This is done put together the plans, and accessibility into What changes have by the Auto-Cad, schematics, drawings, consideration when you noticed to water department they use and other materials planning it. And in parks over time? programs such as Cad necessary for the some cases a Project and Revit to as well as proposal. They talk to manager will work on Photoshop to make the owners to up to 15 projects at Amin- Things such as schematics and 3-D determine things such once. wave pools and lazy river havent changed over time however things such as the flow Building the park rider, water coasters, and family slides are Okay, now the plans Filtration systems that They said that they fairly new additions, have been made the clean the water and originally wanted to also people’s slides planned but it is heating and cooling run the river faster but expectations of water still a long way to go systems. Once one is some the turns were parks have grown in until the park can open chosen let’s just say sharper than they were past years and simply to the public. Now the it’s, Neuman Group. supposed to be and repairing old facilities Owner has to choose They send construction they caused problems no longer works. who will build it. Firms workers to the site. It when it was ran at the such as the Nueman is very important that original speed. As a group submit bids to they follow the result they had to redo the water park owner. designer’s plans down the pumps and piping Each tries to either be to the nearest inch. for the Lazy river. faster, cheaper, or For instance when we better in one way or were at Country another. They also sell Springs we asked and install the about their lazy river.
  4. 4. 4 TYPE TITLE HERE Keeping it safe and healthy Once the water park is up and neutralize each other. It chloramines the gasses you and running there is still the also means having or smell. In several studies it issue of keeping it healthy upgrading ventilation has been shown that and safe. This includes systems to remove lifeguards and guests simple things such as hiring chloramines. You know staying in a water park with lifeguards and putting down when you enter a pool and higher amounts ofLiquid Chlorine and sulfuric non-slip flooring in pools think wow they put way too chloramines are more likely and in areas such as much chlorine in here! to experience stuffy nose,acid is mixed into the water entrances. But this also That’s actually wrong the eye irritation and colds than includes things such as chlorine smell comes from those who are in a wellby a series of mini pumps chlorinating the water and the chlorine breaking down ventilated park. adding various chemicals to the oils and stuff in the the Country Springs the water to balance the pH The byproducts areWater Park. Employeescheck the water twice a Different types of Chlorine/ pH controlday to make sure the right There are three different expensive than gas added to the water it types of chlorinating but less dangerous. makes it to acidic soamounts are being added. substances used to Solid chlorine/ Co2 is added to balance chlorinate pools. tablets often used in it. Chlorine gas, dangerous home pools but are Liquid acid is also added not used on many jobs, almost never in water fairly often to balance is highly explosive, parks. out the pH too. poisonous and very When Gas is used it hard to use, however it makes the water to is very cheap. basic so sodium Liquid chlorine, bicarbonate is added to Pumped into pools even it out during filtering easy When liquid chlorine is to use, more Filters Different water parks use different kinds of water through a a UV filter which kills filters. This is because of size, efficiency, or layer of sand several bacteria and removes cost. When we went to Country springs we feet thick. The sand chloramines from the were able to tour their underground filter/ traps all of the water. pump room, here’s what they had contaminates in it and the sand it 1. 4 Iron Filters (to remove the Iron removed from the from the city water before it went water by several into the water park) iron filters cartridge filters in There is another type of filter that expose the iron in the water to air the pipe.) Country Springs doesn’t have called a (oxidizing it) so it becomes rust. The regenerative media filter. It’s rust is then removed from the water 3. Cartridge filters basically a bunch of rods coated with by filters. (commonly used in a chemical called Perlite which makes home pools but not 2. A lot of sand filters at least one for dirt and debris stick to them. Not in water parks.) each pool/slide ( sand filters remove only is it more effective than a sand impurities from water by forcing 4. Country Springs has filtering it also takes less water to clean it.
  5. 5. 5 H.V.A.C Systems/ Heating the waterCountry Springs keeps their water unlike some systems it has down in filter room it is ranpark a little warmer than most no air conditioning. through thing called a heatstandard water parks. But to even exchange it is basically a largekeep the pools from freezing in the Now even if you don’t think insulated pipe in which thewinter they must have a H.A.V.C about it the water has to be heated water and the Above: the inside of thesystem. It works by heating a heated too so it doesn’t chlorinated, filtered water freeze in the pipes or make H.V.A.C system at thesheet of metal and then blowing air runs side by side. The heatacross it. The heat from the metal the pools ice cold. To do this from the heated water Country Springs Waterheats the air in a process called the park has several boilers, transfers to the filtered waterConduction. Theirs is actually here’s how it works. The and then it is sent to the park. Park.underneath a stairwell and outside. water is run through pipes The reason that theIt is a very big one measuring over the flames, the heat chlorinated water doesn’t get from the flames are Below: Boilers in the backeasily over 20-30 ft. and is 12-15 run through the Boiler isft. tall. It contains the parks air transferred into the water in because they don’t want room of Country springsfilters, heating elements, and some a process called conduction. chlorine buildups in the pipesof the fans that are used to move Then they are taken down to which possibly if overheated heat the parks water.air around the park. However the filter room. Once it is combust. Future rides and attractions As time goes on new rides a new idea called the and automated fish, and attractions are Hydrodome. The Hydrodome dolphins and manta rays to developed and eventually is not so much of a ride but make the experience lifelike. replace earlier attractions. more of a separate area of There is currently a Examples of this are things the park. In it participants hyrdodome in Fort like the Flow rider and would be able to get into a Lauderdale Florida. things like the Tornado B.O.B (breathable slides and Water Coaters. observation bubble) and Not only will there no doubt dive into a pool. In it there be new slides and other would be several separate things but one of the big areas (one for each depth) things being looked into. Is as well as artificial choral Fun Facts  There are over 1,000 water parks in North America.  Over 78 million people attend water Above: the Hydrodome is an parks throughout North America every interactive underwater environment in which users year. can B.O.B’s (Breathing observation bubble) to explore the undersea world.  To be considered “big” in the Indoor Water Park world you must be over 50,000 ft2
  6. 6. 6 TYPE TITLE HERELeft: This graph showssome of the, but not all ofthe biggest water parks. Infact some of them aren’teven that big but they areon there for comparison. Water Parks So from making the bid, to hard it is to make a water me think about water parks deciding on a theme, there park as well as little things a little bit differently. I and I are many aspects that go such as how to make a Prezi hope now that you have into building a water park, and even how to make this read my report you can say much less maintaining one. report. All in all I feel this the same. This project has really project has been very shown me and Gabe how interesting and really made